Smiles don't get much bigger than this. At the @scheepjes blogger event in Drenthe.I picked up a crochet hook after a long hiatus at the beginning of 2012, right near the end of my pregnancy.  Instead of scrubbing toilets and floors, crochet fulfilled my nesting needs.  Then, instead of abating once I had a baby to care for, a full blown obsession developed which I talk about at great length here:  Obsession

After creating more hats for my daughter than there are days in the week, my husband and family started to push me to advertise and sell my creations.

Here is where I  add my creations, share my inspiration and talk about the joy that crochet has brought to my life.  I’m so happy to have found it again.  Even though it doesn’t fit with the image most people have of me (swearing loud-mouth), I love the way I can bring a ball of wool to life, and I just love the way my husband enjoys that as much, if not more than I.

I hope you enjoy the ride!


Throughout this blog you can find the occasional affiliate link, which means that if you click and purchase via the links in my blogs to Wool Warehouse and Deramores, I will receive a tiny commission.  This helps me to keep producing free patterns which is good news, right?  There’s more info on this here.


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It is permissable to sell items that made using this design (or any other MissNeriss designs), but it is forbidden to mass-produce items.  Please do credit (via backlink or a tagged image on Social Media) missneriss.com.  Without express permission from the publisher, it is not possble to assemble and sell kits from any MissNeriss design.

If unclear on the rules surrounding copyright (although the rules do vary slightly country to country, but the general principle is the same), do read this Copyright Notice produced by the Intellectual Property Office of the UK.

Thank you for your understanding, and happy crocheting!


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