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A Productive Weekend

Hello production line!

Well, not really a production line, but a productive couple of days.  It started on Friday when I decided to tidy the huge cabinet that houses our TV, recipe books, some glasses, and just a plethora of crap.  I emptied two drawers of rubbish, tidied Raina’s books and put loads aside to pass on to other kids and then started on my “miscellaneous crochet stuff” draw.  This drawer housed all my printed patterns and old half finished projects from before Raina was even born!

I managed to chuck the projects – they had all been made using the wrong hook – and sorted out all the patterns.  On that mission I came across the pattern I’d bought ages ago from Etsy for a cute little teddy bear:  crochet teddy bear pattern from Magic with Hook and Needles

Now, because Friday saw the beginning of the Dutch campaign to takeover the world win the World Cup I had an entire evening to crochet to my heart’s content. and here was the result:

I only just noticed right now that I used almost the same backdrop as the original designer, how strange!

I used Drops Paris with a 3.5mm hook, and 6mm safety eyes.  I also made the scarf, but my daughter immediately ripped it off.  What is it with toddlers and their need to rip all and any clothes of dolls and stuffed toys?

So while I was feeling productive, and considering there was even more football on TV, I whipped up one of these Zpagetti hanging baskets that I’ve been seeing for the last few weeks on my Facebook feed.

It’s not quite the same as the original as the yarn I used was slightly lighter in weight than the Hoooked Zpagetti that the pattern calls for, so I made it a bit taller and not as much of a ball in shape.  I think it might well be a great way to store my winter accessories in the hall cupboard, and was an easy project that can be done in an evening on the couch while pretending that the World Cup isn’t happening.

FYI: Holland flogged Spain in their opening match, and Robin van Persie scored what is probably the Goal of the Series.  Check this cool re-creation:



Owl Zpagetti Yarn Basket

This is one of those projects that I am very happy to have finished.  I absolutely love the finished object, but man, it was a mission to get there!

Owl basket, seen on missneriss.com.  Pattern to buy on Craftsy.

When I was contacted to make this basket as a custom order I thought, no problem!  I can do that with two fingers in my nose (Dutch expression).  Ha.  What a fool I was.  It was one thing after another trying to get it done.

Firstly, the yarn was out of stock (and production), so we had to hunt for an alternative, and then halfway through making the basket I realised that I shouldn’t be using the 12mm hook that the yarn calls for, because the basket was just going to sit in a pile and not become anything at all.

Owl basket, seen on missneriss.com.  Pattern to buy on Craftsy.

So I frogged it and started over.  Then I was halfway again, and realised that there just was not going to be enough yarn to complete it, and to buy more was just not feasible.  At 9 euros a skein plus 6 euros shipping, it would make the basket either unaffordable, or I would lose money on it.

So, I frogged most of it to make it slightly smaller.  Then towards the end I noticed it was going to be very tight to finish the basket AND make the eyes and nose, so started making them from the other end of the yarn to make sure.  It was then a matter of crocheting up until I ran out of yarn.

Owl basket, seen on missneriss.com.  Pattern to buy on Craftsy.

In the end, I am very happy with the results.  The eyes look great, and it will be a wonderful addition to its new home.

I bought the pattern on Craftsy, it’s by Deja Jetmir.



An itty bitty basket

An itty bitty basket

On Easter Saturday I had much of the day to myself. Well, as much to myself as I can with a 13 month old child… We were invited to my in-laws for Easter dinner on Sunday (which was delicious, as always. Thanks Geerke!) and I decided that instead of the usual bottle of wine I would whip up a couple of Easter baskets and fill them with chocolate eggs and handmade salted caramels, courtesy of my gorgeous friend Lori of Southern Charm Cupcakes.

These caramels are to die for. The family was lucky that any made it to the baskets; I was sneaking the odd one here and there, absolutely irresistible!

I used recycled t-shirt yarn for this project and the basket is about 10 cm high – perfect for itty bitty girls itty bitty fingers.

What do you think of the basket? Should I turn it into a pattern?

Wow! MissNeriss Featured on Hookin On Hump Day


Imagine my surprise and delight upon waking this morning to discover that my Beautifully Stashed post from last Wednesday has been featured on Hookin On Hump Day by Moogly and My Merry Messy Life.

featured on hookin on hump day

Be sure to check out the other links:

Thanks so much for sharing the love ladies!

Now to think about what I should submit today….


Beautifully Stashed

Beautifully Stashed

Beautiful basket, made from Zpagetti t-shirt yarn. Whips up within an hour or so and looks fantastic, don’t you think?

I’m quite new to using chunky yarn, but am fast becoming a fan. I’m in the middle of making a cover for a particularly ugly footstool, but have run out of yarn! As if I need an excuse to buy more….

I found the pattern at Crochet in Colour (click the image for the pattern), where I find a lot of my favourite projects.

I’ve added this project to Hookin On Hump Day over at Moogly, which is one of the greatest crochet blogs around!