Flat Out Fabulous Shawl – Free Knit Pattern

I hope you have your yarn all ready to make this gorgeous squishy shawl, made from Scheepjes River Washed XL! I’m not going to beat around the bush, we’re going to get straight into it.


If you’d prefer a printer/e-reader version, you can purchase it for a small fee on Ravelry.  Extra bonus: you’ll be supporting an indie designer!

What You’ll Need

Colour A: 3 skeins of Scheepjes River Washed XL in 982 Steenbras
Colour B: 4 skeins of Scheepjes River Washed XL in 989 Yarra
7mm circular (80cm) needles
Blocking mats (or a spare bed) and pins
Tapestry needle to weave in the ends


190 (longest side) x 105 (shortest side) cm


14 stitches X 22 rows in pattern unblocked Although tension isn’t crucial, if you knit loosely you may not have enough yarn to match the repeats and pattern


CA (CB) colour A (B)
Rs right side
Ws wrong side
K knit
Kfb knit front back (increase)
K2tog knit 2 together (decrease)
YO yarn over
Slwyif slip one stitch, purl-wise with the yarn in front


This is a beginner friendly pattern, worked back and forth in rows, increasing at one side only. The shawl will become a large triangle.
Repeat instructions between brackets […] the instructed amount of times.
When alternating colours, carry the yarn up the side of the work. Make sure the non-working yarn is in front when slipping the working yarn onto the needle.



1. Cast on 3
2. K to end
3. Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end (4)
4. Ws slwyif, k to end (4)
5. Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end (5)
6. Ws sl1wyif, k to end (5)
7. Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end (6)
8. Ws slwyif, k to end (6)
9. Rs slwyif, kfb [YO, k2tog] to last 2, k2 (7)
10. Ws slwyif, k to end (7)
11. Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end (8)
12. Ws slwyif, k2tog, k to end (7)
*4 stitches increased


Working in sets of 10 row repeats:
13. Rs, slwyif, kfb, k to end (8)
14. Ws slwyif, k to end (8)
15. Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end (9)
16. Ws slwyif, k to end (9)
17. Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end (10)
18. Ws slwyif, k to end (10)
19. Rs slwyif, kfb, [YO, k2tog] to last 2, k2 (11)
20. Ws slwyif, k to end (11)
21. Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end (12)
22. Ws slwyif, k2tog, k to end (11)
*4 stitches increased

Repeat rows 13-22 a total of 16 times. Keep track easily by counting the rows with the holes made by the YO k2tog.

Now we will introduce the stripes. Don’t cut the yarn, instead carry it up the side.

1. CB (holding CA in front of the work) Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end
2. Ws slwyif, k to end
3. CA (holding CB in front of the work), Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end
4. Ws k to end
5. CB (holding CA in front of the work), Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end
6. Ws slwyif, k to end
7. CA (holding CB in front of the work) Rs slwyif, kfb, [YO, k2tog] to last 2, k2
8. Ws slwyif, k to end
9. CB (holding CA in front of the work) Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end
10. Ws slwyif, k2tog, k to end
*4 stitches increased

Repeat rows 1-10 a total of 5 times


Switch to CB, repeat rows 13-22 for a total of 8 times, or until running out of yarn.
Bind off loosely, weave in ends, wet block.


Make sure you add your project to Ravelry so we can all see your colour choices, and share your photos on Instagram with #scheepjes, #missneriss and #flatoutfabulousshawl so the entire Scheepjes community can also enjoy your progress!

Copyright © 2018 Nerissa Muijs


Flat Out Fabulous – Knit Shawl Big Reveal

Here she is, and she’s Flat Out Fabulous!

Flat out fabulous shawl by Nerissa Muijs missneriss.com

At around 2 metres end to end, and nice and deep, she wraps around beautifully.

Flat out fabulous shawl by Nerissa Muijs missneriss.com

And tucks in to keep your neck warm and lifts your outfit – a flat out fabulous winter accessory!


Using the larger than recommended needle size has increased the squish factor a thousand fold.  I hadn’t realised that the Scheepjes Stone Washed/River Washed could be so smooshy!


She’s become my number one shawl since the weather turned.  I can’t get enough of these two colours (Steenbras and Yarra) together, and she’s so warm! The fuzz traps heat like nobody’s business.


She’s also my new favourite dog walking shawl, we have a blast!

So I’ve been busy writing the pattern, and you won’t believe it, but I was halfway through transcribing my instructions, when they just stopped.  The entire second half has just gone poof! into thin air. No idea where I put the notes, but luckily I have all the key points. So the pattern will still be ready next week, I can’t wait to share it with you.

In preparation for the free pattern, you’ll need 3 balls of steenbras and 4 balls of Yarra.

Grab the yarn from any of your favourite Scheepjes retailers, or from my LYS Caro’s Atelier* in Almere (NL and european-wide shipping), or Wool Warehouse* and Deramores* who ship globally.

YARN Blog Hop: Chunky Knits for Christmas?

Last week I shared my excitement for the launch of Scheepjes YARN – Folk. Do you already have your hands on a copy?


Together with all the other designers who contributed to this issue, I’m joining in on a blog hop to tell you about how my Frida shawl came to life.  Kirsten at Haak Maar Raak posted about her adorable Christmas Cuddles on Monday; if you haven’t seen that, you must ooh and ahh over the adorable Santa and his elf.


You’ll have seen my Frida shawl by now. It’s a chunky grey knit with colourful floral embroidery and a buckle to close.


So how did I come up with it? Well, I love the look of embroidery on knit and crochet, and I love a chunky knit.  And last winter I saw these cool fleecy wraps which had a buckle to keep them in place and thought: what a great idea, that would work so well in knit/crochet!  You can relate I’m sure: I see crochet and knit designs in just about every piece of fabric I come across.

So I put those three ideas together and started knitting.  I knit the shawl well in advance, but then I came up against all sorts of head scratching moments when it came to the embroidery.  It just wasn’t working out for me. The yarn I had chosen for the embroidery was too fine (I had originally chosen Scheepjes Sweet Treat) and was getting lost in the bulky knit.

So I thought perhaps I should ditch the embroidery altogether and try felt appliques:


Again, it just wasn’t working.  The felt was all wrong, and I was starting to feel the stress of the idea not working out how I had intended.  In a fit of frustration I balled the shawl and threw it in a corner for a couple of weeks, while I did something else to reignite my creativity.

When I was ready to come back and try again, I decided to use a heavier weight yarn for the embroidery, and settled on Scheepjes Cahlista.  I also enlisted the help of a soluble stabiliser and they were a golden combination!  All of a sudden it all came together and the creative juices were in full flow.


(The above picture is courtesy of my friend Rebekka, who tested for me.)



After all the frustration and stress, I felt the most incredible feeling of relief and satisfaction to box this up and send it off. And now, seeing it out in the wild I just can’t stop smiling about it!


Do make sure if you plan on making the shawl that you share your project on Ravelry.  The pattern listing is here: Frida Shawl.


Now, Scheepjes is running a giveaway on their Facebook page!  You can be in with the chance to win a copy of this issue of YARN – Folk plus all the yarn you need to make your favourite design!

What you need to do is head to the Facebook post from Scheepjes, comment on that post with your favourite design (Frida, obviously!), then be sure to read all of the posts in this blog hop series to find the ‘secret symbol’ hidden in each blog post which will come together to create a secret message.  Once you you have the message, return to your original comment on the FB post and add a reply to your own comment with the message. The giveaway will run until 11 November, and a winner will be drawn on the 12th.  Good luck!

Tomorrow Jellina is sharing her experience (and her clue), so be sure to visit her blog to read all about it!

Lastly, don’t forget to order your very own copy of YARN (and all the back issues):

Online from:

Wool Warehouse*


Caro’s Atelier*


And your favourite Scheepjes retailers.

*affiliate links

YARN 6 – Folk is Here, and its Glorious


The theme of this issue is Folk, and has a strong, wintery, Christmassy vibe.  It’s all lagom and hygge and maybe for a bit of fun – kalsariokanni – winky face.

In it you’ll find a stuffed Santa, fair isle socks, multiple lacework garments, and a huge embroidered chunky knit shawl I designed.


In a few days I’m going to come back and talk about my design process, because that deserves its own post, but for now let me share some of the lovely patterns you can make from the issue.


These houses are designed by Maria McPherson, and I love them so much that I’ve started working on my own!  The yarn is Cotton 8; you’ll need about 3 balls, and some scrap felt and cute buttons, which we all have lying around the house!


This blanket is by Esther Dijkstra, and the photo really doesn’t do its size and beauty justice.  It’s a firm favourite from this issue.


Lastly, I’ll share Tammy’s Stone Washed/River Washed tunic.  The tunic which evolved from having a ‘little bit of fair isle’ to a full blown mosaic wonder.

You’ll have to get your own copy of YARN – Folk so you can see for yourself. And also add the designs to your Ravelry queue so we can see what you’re making.

It, along with all the back issues are available from Scheepjes stockists.

You can also order online from:

Wool Warehouse*


Caro’s Atelier*

These retailers may take a few days to get their stock online, so if you’re in a rush, try the new kid on the block: Habbedash* – they store all sorts of lovely luxurious yarny goodies.

*affiliate link

WIP Wednesday – My Knitting Adventure


I’ve made some progress on my latest knitting project, and it’s really a lot of fun!


The 7mm needles and the Scheepjes River Washed XL really are best friends.  It’s so satisfying to watch it grow, and grow so quickly.


Don’t you love the stripes?


Check out my post from last week for all the info on the yarn, and next week will be the big reveal.  I just need to find myself a model…

To get ready for the pattern, you’ll need to get yourself 7 balls of River Washed XL, 3 in Steenbras and 4 in Yarra.

Scheepjes stockists everywhere have River Washed XL, plus my local LYS Caro’s Atelier* here in Almere, Deramores* and Wool Warehouse*

*affiliate link

New Knitting Adventure

I’ve been saving this project for the cooler weather, but I’ve realised that with this extended summer we’re having, I’ll never get it out there!

I’m working on a knitting pattern actually, with one of my universal favourites, Scheepjes Stone Washed XL.  Actually, not Stone Washed, but River Washed XL!


Scheepjes River Washed is essentially the same composition as the Stone Washed, but instead of the white core with coloured fuzz, the core has a complementary, or contrasting colour.


See in the picture above? The two yarns have a contrasting core, but the same fuzz, making them best friends.  Coincidentally, these are my two favourite colourways, Yarra and Steenbras.

River Washed is available in 14 colourways, plus 8 colours with a muted mustard core.river-washed-def

So I mentioned in the title of this, I’m working on a knitting project!  It will be a squishy knitted shawl, using 7mm needles.  I’m breaking out my Prym Ergonomics*, which are probably nearly my favourite needles.  If they were interchangeable I’d use them exclusively. Actually, I see that Caro’s Atelier stock them in a 2.5mm size now, so I’ll have to grab a pair for socks!


Now the important stuff; you need to get your hands on this yarn!

Scheepjes stockists everywhere have River Washed XL, plus my local LYS Caro’s Atelier* here in Almere, Deramores* and Wool Warehouse*

So there’s no excuse, really.

I’ll be back next week with some progress pics, until then!

*affiliate link

MissNeriss Goes to YARNDALE!

What a week I’ve just had.

Each year the amazing team at Scheepjes puts on a couple of yarnie days at their offices for our tribe to hang out together and learn new skills, and a few secrets if we’re lucky, but this year they surprised us all with a trip to YARNDALE!

We all congregated in the Old Swan Hotel in beautiful Harrogate on Thursday evening after most of us flew to Manchester. I could relive my tour guide days by playing bus chauffeur for the journey, although I didn’t force anyone to sing songs (this time).  After a lovely dinner we were all exhausted and most of us collapsed in bed by 10 pm!  This is virtually unheard of, most years the naughty kids (I’ll leave it up to you to guess who they are) stay up until all hours of the night gossiping, laughing and crying.


On Friday we all met in The Penthouse in the hotel for a day of chatting, and getting to know our newer additions (Matt and Christina), and waiting for poor Rachele who had been terribly delayed in the US.  At least this year she actually made it! Last year she was stuck in Texas because of flooding, so we were all very grateful she could be with us after her epic journey. In the afternoon we headed outside to enjoy the glorious Yorkshire weather (I bet that’s something you never read in a sentence).  It was almost hot in the sun!

First thing Saturday morning we all piled into our vans and zoomed off to Yarndale!  We stocked (and re-stocked) all the shelves, and suddenly the masses were pouring in!


I was able to sneak off and do a lap of the festival with Susan where we saw some of the most beautiful and colourful yarns (loads of pics on my insta) before heading back to the Scheepjes stand to meet all of the wonderful people who had come from far and wide to see us. And when I say far and wide, I’m not joking!  Much to my delight, I met no less than two fellow Australians!


For two amazing, energy-filled days, we all hugged and laughed and shared our passion for all things yarn and creative with every single person who dared venture in our direction.  It was a cool opportunity for the many people who have never been able to squish Scheepjes yarns to come in, and receive advice on the types of projects they could make, which colours they should choose, and to meet  yarn-celebs like Dedri, our very own megastar and British Knitting and Crochet Award winner, who’s smack in the middle of the Ubuntu CAL.


However, the real star of the weekend was Tammy!  I saw at least a dozen Read Between the Lines shawls getting around, and the makers were all so incredibly proud to be able to share their results with her.  And it’s no small feat, at 2km of yarn knitted on 3mm needles!


I felt so proud to see my dear friend shine – although I couldn’t really see her; she was constantly buried in a crush of fans.  It was just wonderful to be able to stand back and watch all my friends experience the love and admiration that the visitors were piling onto them.

I honestly couldn’t tell you what the biggest highlight was.  It was all amazing.  I so look forward to this weekend every year; we’ve become like a family now, fully invested in one another’s lives. And even though we all talk almost daily, there’s nothing like the energy of being in a room together for a weekend to lift your spirits.

All of this is thanks to Scheepjes, who make it all possible.  It wasn’t a small undertaking to get us all to Yarndale, that’s for sure! So, even though I think I said it a million times during the course of the weekend, here’s one more thank you.  This tribe truly brings meaning to my life.

Now, check out my Insta highlights reel from Yarndale, it’s the best!


Is it time for the next one yet?


Delicious Crochet Shawls – Book Review

I’m joining in on all the excitement surrounding the launch of Lisa Cook’s new book; Delicious Crochet Shawls, 21 stylish crochet shawls. Did you see the Peaches and Cream shawl that @angelala242 shared on Instagram yesterday? Gorgeous, isn’t it!

All of September you’ll have seen gorgeous photos and projects from instagrammers and bloggers all over the world sharing their love for this new book and I’m no different.


This book is Lisa’s first; you know her as @lisasattik on Instagram, and you likely have at least one of her gorgeous patterns in your Ravelry library.

You can buy the book on Book Depository (my favourite bookstore) here*, or Amazon here*.


I decided to make the cover girl shawl, Berry Lime Pie, using a skein from my stash (gorgeous 4ply yarn from one of my fave indie dyers, Vanessa at My Creative Garage).


Because this is a single skein pattern, it’s the perfect size for a small person, and I just happen to have the perfect small person on hand to model it!




C’mon, Vogue..?

I love the open stitches and the shape.  This particular pattern worked up very quickly.  It could easily be done during a long car trip or a flight.


I thoroughly recommend this book, it is filled with patterns for beginner through to advanced crocheters, with extensive written instructions and outstanding charts and the sweet eats theme is just a lot of fun.

I also loved that I could stash dive to make my shawl; sometimes it can be so frustrating when you find a pattern you love, but are missing a ball or two, or just don’t have the right weight in the right colour.  As if I need an excuse to go yarn shopping, but still!

Up next in the blog tour is Sweet Sharna.  You know her from instagram, of course.  Be sure to follow her here and check out which shawl from the book she has been working on tomorrow!

And here’s another look at @angelala’s Peaches and Cream:

And check out the beautiful photo gallery on Instagram:


Now go, grab the book.  Here are the links again:

Amazon here*

Book Depository here*

Tulip Mandala – Free Crochet Pattern

Hey there!  Today I want to share a design with you that I’ve been meaning to share for oh, about a year!

This is the expansion of the Spring Motif which I shared in 2017, so if you’ve made that already, this one will be a doddle. I love how mine looks in my living room.


Spring crochet motif by @missneriss using Scheepjes Catona, available from Wool Warehouse http://bit.ly/wwcatona

What you’ll need

1 ball each of Scheepjes Catona Cutie pies 10g balls. I used:
C1: 520 (lavender)
C2: 385 (crystalline)
C3: 222 (tulip)
C4: 101 (candle light)
3mm crochet hook
Blocking mat
Tapestry needle


22cm across


Not important


(UK terms)
Ch chain
Ss slip stitch
Dc double crochet
Htr half treble crochet
Tr treble crochet
Dtr double treble crochet
Dc3l double crochet in the third loop
2trcl two treble crochet cluster



This is a mandala aimed at confident beginners, worked in rounds, using your choice of Scheepjes Catona cutie pies. While tension is not important, if your tension is usually tight, consider going up half or a whole hook size to avoid curling.

When working round 7, work the stitches into the bottom of the post, between the loops (see picture under round 7 instructions).

Lastly, don’t forget to block! Stretch the points out to 22cm


  1. C1, ch2, 12 tr into a magic ring, ss to join.IMG_0159
  2. Ch3, tr same, 2tr in the next and the next 10 stitches, ss to join.IMG_0160
  3. C2, ch4, tr same, skip 1, [tr, ch1, tr] next. [skip 1, (tr, ch1, tr)] 10 times, ss to join.IMG_0146
  4. C3, join in a ch space, ch2, [tr, ch1, 2trcl] in same ch space, [ch2, (2trcl, ch1, 2trcl) next ch space], repeat 11 times. Ch2, ss to join.IMG_0144
  5. C4: join in ch1 space between 2trcl, ch2, [tr, 3dtr, tr] in the ch2 space, [htr in the ch space between clusters (tr, 3dtr, tr in ch2 space)] repeat 11 times, ss to join.IMG_0147
  6. C1, join to an htr, [dc, ch3, skip 2], repeat 24 times ss to join.IMG_0148
  7. C2, join to a dc two rounds above the clusters from round 4, ch4, tr into the bottom of the same stitch, ch2, skip chain stitches, dc into the bottom of the next dc, ch2, skip chain stitches, [(tr, ch1, tr), ch2, skip ch stitches, dc into the bottom of the dc, ch2], repeat 11 times, ss to join.IMG_0149IMG_0150
  8. C3, join to ch1 space, ch2, tr, ch1, 2trcl in the same ch space, ch8, skip to next ch1 space, [(2trcl, ch1, 2trcl), ch8, skip to next ch1 space], repeat 11 times, ss to join.IMG_0151
  9. C1, join to a dc from round 6, ch4 (counts as 1st dtr), [3dtr in ch2 space from round 6, ch3, skip clusters, 3dtr next ch2 space from round 6, dtr in dc] 10 times, 3dtr in next ch2 space, ch3, skip clusters, 3dtr in the next ch2 space, ss to join.IMG_0153From the back:IMG_0154
  10. Ch5, dtr in the same, tr, htr, dc next 3, htr, tr, [(dtr, ch1, dtr), tr, htr, dc next 3, htr, tr], 11 times, ss to join.IMG_0155
  11. C4, join to ch space, [(dc, ch1, dc) same space, dc next 4, skip 1, dc next 4], repeat 12 times, ss to join.
  12. Ch1, dc3l same, [ch2, skip ch space, dc3l next 10], 12 times, ss to join. Tie off.IMG_0157IMG_8441




I hope you enjoy, don’t forget to share your pics on Instagram with hashtag #obsessedwithcrochet!


Ubuntu – Scheepjes CAL 2018

OMG it’s that time of year again – Scheepjes CAL time!

This year is going to absolutely blow your hair off.  The CAL is called Ubuntu, and designed by the legendary Dedri Uys. You know Dedri of course.  She changed the crochet world a few years ago with her incredible Sophie’s Universe.


I’m going to get straight into it.  The annual Scheepjes CAL will kick off on 12 September (so there is going to be plenty of time for you to order your kits, more on that shortly) and will run through December.

Medium SW

Each clue will be released each Wednesday via the official Scheepjes CAL groups and scheepjes.com.

Join the international group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ScheepjesCAL.International/

Join the Dutch language group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/scheepjescal/

There will be a few language options available, including UK and US terms, Dutch, German and French.  As always, more languages will be added as participants of the CAL translate the pattern as they go, so keep an eye on the groups for that info.

The pattern, OMG the pattern!

large SWXL

This year the design is an amazing hexagon shape, and you’re almost certain to learn new stitches and become a better crocheter as a result of Dedri’s creation.

There going to be three official kits available, in three sizes. There is a small (120cm point to point diameter) in Cotton 8, medium (151cm point to point diameter) in Stone Washed, and large (192cm point to point diameter) in Stone Washed XL.

cotton 8 small

Ok, now we’ve talked about the what and the when, let’s get onto the where.  As in where to buy kits.  As always, kits will be available from the best Scheepjes retailers, find your favourite on Scheepjes.com.

A couple of recommended retailers have kits up for pre-order, including:

Caro’s Atelier*

Wool Warehouse*

Knotty House*

Other sites will have options available in the coming days and weeks, like old faves Deramores* and Black Sheep Wools*

And  for you video crocheters, Esther Dijkstra will be releasing her instruction videos each week in line with each clue, to stay on top of that, make sure you subscribe to her channel.

Are you excited? I’m BEYOND excited!  I saw a sneak peak late last year; this pattern is almost two years in the making.  Two years!  I’ve spent two months on a design once, and that was an emotional rollercoaster.  I can’t imagine two years.  Be sure to give Dedri all the love in the world on this one, she’s earned it.  And the pattern is just astounding, so you won’t be able to help yourself.


*affiliate links