Crochet Hat Design – WIP

Last week I introduced you to the yarn for a new hat design that I’m working on in collaboration with Scheepjes and their lovely premium acrylic yarn, Colour Crafter.

Scheepjes Colour Crafter, available from

This week I thought I’d share my work in progress.

Scheepjes Colour Crafter, available from Wool Warehouse:

You can see that I’m using the Navajo Plying method I showed you in my video last week for this project, making my hat lovely and chunky.

I’m using the neon pink for the edging and a gorgeous plump pom pom:

Clover large pom pom maker, available from Wool Warehouse:

The pink is SO bright, I can’t get enough of it.

I could never figure out how to use the pom pom makers in the past, but now I have a handle on it I’ll never go back to cardboard circles ever again.  This one was gifted to me by my Fibre Share partner, but you can find them at Wool Warehouse* or most local craft stores stock them too.

If you haven’t organised the yarn already, head to Wool Warehouse* or Deramores* (globally), or from any of the Benelux retailers.  You’ll need a ball of Hilversum and either Eelde or Zwolle (or both if you want to make two hats like I have).

Next week: The reveal!

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A New Crochet Hat Design

This is a new project that came about basically by accident.  I was pulling out all the winter gear a few weeks ago and realised that all the winter hats I made my daughter last year are all too small!  So it means with the colder weather, she really needs a new hat (or two).

I decided to make it using the Scheepjes Colour Crafter, because being a premium acrylic it’s perfect for hats for kids.  Plus, the colours are fabulous!  I’ve chosen Eelde (left), Zwolle and Hilversum – all colours which are perfect matches for my daughter’s personality.

Scheepjes Colour Crafter, available from

Scheepjes Colour Crafter, available from

I’m using a technique which you’ll discover over the coming months is one of my favourite methods of turning a light weight yarn into something more bulky, and it’s seriously one you need in your crochet toolbox. I’ve even created a little video to illustrate it for you:

So for this hat project, you’ll need two balls of yarn.  Well, one and a half really.  I’ve used three of these balls to make two hats – one in a child’s size, and another for an adult.  This means I’m all sorted for winter too!

I’m going to release the pattern in a few weeks, so in the meantime you can get yourself organised in advance by picking up the yarn from either Wool Warehouse* or Deramores* (globally), or from any of the wonderful Benelux retailers.  Oh, and you’re also going to need a pompom maker*

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Piha Shawl in Spirit Yarn

Piha Shawl by Alia Bland, made in Scheepjes Spirit on missneriss,comFinally!

I’ve been waiting to share this one with you for months!

Piha Shawl by Alia Bland, made in Scheepjes Spirit on missneriss,com

It’s the Piha Shawl by Alia Bland (The Little Bee).

I used the brand new beautiful Spirit yarn by Scheepjes.  Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch summed up all the details perfectly, so if you’re after an in depth review head over there – Sarah is your girl!

Some of the basics: Spirit is a 4ply yarn that looks and feels a lot like Stone Washed, plus it’s a centre-pull yarn, which we all know is the best idea ever. Each yarn is named after a spirit animal, and I’ve used Blue Jay and Flamingo.

Scheepjes Spirit. Available from Wool Warehouse:

Scheepjes Spirit. Available from Wool Warehouse:

Scheepjes Spirit

But back to the shawl.  I absolutely loved making this.  The yarn is lovely to work with (although it’s not fun to frog, so do take care) and the pattern is so easy and just beautiful

Piha Shawl by Alia Bland, made in Scheepjes Spirit on missneriss,com

And now the colder weather is upon us it’s a staple in my wardrobe.  Although, I just bought a new – red – coat so I’ll have to make another!

The only change I would make to this is to make it a bit bigger. I think my gauge must have been a bit off, so although it’s wonderful to wear around my neck, it’s not big enough for a shawl for me.  But, you can see that the happiness factor is high!

Piha Shawl by Alia Bland, made in Scheepjes Spirit on missneriss,com

The Scheepjes Spirit yarn is available in all the regular locations, including Wool Warehouse*, Deramores*, and all the great stores in the Benelux.

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Too Cute Spooky Crochet Wreath for Halloween

My daughter is mad about Halloween.  She’s been talking about this year’s costume since last Halloween.  She’s been planning this longer than her birthday party!


We’re away on holidays in the lead up to this year, so I won’t have the time to replicate last year’s epic La Muerte costume so instead this year I’ve channelled my energies into making a Halloween wreath.

Halloween Wreath by @missneriss. Scheepjes Panda Sparkle available from

I used a foam circle which I picked up at my local craft store, and a ball of the new Scheepjes Panda Sparkle and went for it!

Halloween Wreath by @missneriss. Scheepjes Panda Sparkle available from

I first wrapped the foam in the sparkle yarn (using about half of it) and then I made some cute little amigurumi Halloween critters for decoration.

Halloween Wreath by @missneriss. Scheepjes Panda Sparkle available from Wreath by @missneriss. Scheepjes Panda Sparkle available from

I’m especially happy with the spider web and little redback spider in the middle.

Halloween Wreath by @missneriss. Scheepjes Panda Sparkle available from

Raina insisted on there being a vampire and a witch, and would have been happy if it had been completely covered in pumpkins, but one has to draw the line somewhere!

Halloween Wreath by @missneriss. Scheepjes Panda Sparkle available from Wreath by @missneriss. Scheepjes Panda Sparkle available from

To make the amigurumis I picked up some Scheepjes Catona 25g balls in Halloween colours and rifled through my Catona stash for anything that I had missed (It’s quite the stash!). I only used small amounts, so this is where the 25g balls are just the best.

The Panda Sparkle is a great decoration or amigurumi yarn.  It’s loads of fun and the wee one is already making more plans for the leftovers.  A spooky spider garland, perhaps….

The Panda and Catona yarns are available from Wool Warehouse* globally, and great Scheepjes retailers in the Benelux  I’ve seen it at Ria’s Style here in Almere actually!

Miriem Shawl Pattern is LIVE!

And it’s 20% off!

To celebrate the launch of this design, I’ve created a coupon for you to use at the checkout on Ravelry until this Friday the 22nd of October.  Enter code miriem and check out.  It’s that simple.

Miriem Shawl crochet pattern by @missneriss. Available on Ravelry

Miriem Shawl crochet pattern by @missneriss. Available on Ravelry

I’m so happy with the results of this design.  Ever since I took part in the Winterlight KAL a few months ago, I’ve been wanting to create a similarly shaped shawl in crochet, showing off the amazing yarn that I picked up from Circus Tonic Hand Dyed Yarns.  I still have four skeins of this glorious yarn that is waiting patiently to become something special, but that’s a story for another day…

I’ve named the shawl after my dear friend Miriem, who has been in The Top Five for almost 20 years now!  This is a girl who has routinely gone above and beyond what you could possibly expect any friend to do.  Let’s just say, if there are bodies to be buried, it’s Miriem that I’m calling.

Miriem Shawl crochet pattern by @missneriss. Available on Ravelry

About the pattern:

It is worked in rows, on the bias.  The base stitch is a half double crochet (HDC). However, it is a deep HDC. Meaning, each HDC stitch goes around the regular top two loops, and also around the 3rd loop at the front of the stitch. This removes the line that rows of HDC stitches tend to create, making the design truly reversible.

What you’ll need:

Almost 800 metres of 4ply (sock) weight yarn. I used yarn from Circus Tonic Handmade; to catch shop updates, I highly recommend following Hannah on Instagram as yarn sells out in a heartbeat. I also recommend checking the sock yarns on both* and Wool Warehouse* as their selections are fantastic.

Miriem Shawl crochet pattern by @missneriss. Available on Ravelry

what are you still doing here?  Get over to Ravelry!

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Move over Kim Kardashian, I’m in Simply Crochet!

Actually, I’m quite surprised I didn’t have to google how to spell Kardashian.  But then, some things are so ingrained in pop culture we learn by osmosis.

Anyway, Simply Crochet!

In the current issue of Simply Crochet magazine, there is an entire feature on the amazing Last Dance on the Beach CAL that I contributed to earlier this year.

Last Dance on the Beach feature in Simply Crochet issue 49.

If you’re not familiar with the CAL, my friend Marinke was in the process of designing a CAL for Scheepjes when she passed away in 2015, and so twelve designers (and friends) banded together to finish what she started.  The result was the Last Dance on the Beach CAL, with each week’s square created by a different designer, based on their own individual experience and inspiration.


Simply Crochet contributor Judy Darley has written a beautiful feature about the journey that the designers have been on during this CAL, and how Wink had impacted our lives through friendship and design.

Last Dance on the Beach feature in Simply Crochet issue 49.

I designed the square for week 5 of the CAL, taking my inspiration from the footprints that birds leave in the wet sand while they’re foraging for worms or snails left behind as the tide goes out.

Footprints in the Sand, image by Katharina Schuetz sourced from Dance on the Beach feature in Simply Crochet issue 49.

For the project, I came up with my own stitch, calling it the Seagull Stitch.  It’s a variation of the spike stitch, creating the shape of footprints.  I created a little video tutorial (for lefties) here:

It has been such a privilege to be involved in this project.  Marinke affected so many of us, in her crochet and even more so as herself.  It’s not too late to join the CAL either.  You can download all of the instructions here.

Issue 49 of Simply Crochet is available now, and image credits for the snapshot of Wink and the title, plus the extract of a quote from me are from Simply Crochet.


Yarn Day: Secret Garden

This week Scheepjes launched another brand new yarn.  Seriously, I can’t keep up with them all, there are so many!  This one is the silk blend Secret Garden.

secret garden.jpg

Among the Blogger Tribe, this one has been much anticipated.  We were lucky enough to be given a sneak peek and there was lots of oohing and aahing and rubbing yarn on our faces.

So I’m excited to give you a little show and tell!

Scheepjes Secret Garden. Available via Deramores - and Wool Warehouse - #scheepjes #missneriss

I have these three colours – Rambling Blooms, Herb Garden and Falling Blossom for a top secret project that I’m working on, but I also wanted to show you how it crochets.  I whipped up this granny:

Scheepjes Secret Garden. Available via Deramores - and Wool Warehouse - #scheepjes #missneriss

It shows off the colours in Rambling Blooms beautifully, don’t you think?

About the yarn; it’s a silk (20%), cotton (20%) and polyester (60%) blend, and the recommended hook/needles sizes is 4mm.  I’ve gone up to a 5mm though, as I think that suits my style much better.  The fabric of my granny is quite dense, so it would be forgiving using a 6mm even.  It’s available in 10 shades, I’m looking forward to trying them all.

I see that this yarn is going to be a knitter’s dream.  I’m already thinking of the beautiful shawls and tops I’m going to be seeing in the very near future!

The yarn goes on sale today, so do keep an eye on your favourite stockists in the Benelux, and Wool Warehouse and Deramores will also have you covered no matter where you live in the world.  If you can’t find it straight away, pop back again for another look.

To find more inspiration, do join the #scheepjes hashtag on Instagram, there are thousands of beautiful gorgeous pics!

Crochet Hook Review – Tulip Etimo

Pink, glorious pink!

I haven’t had the chance to show you my lovely new set of crochet hooks from Tulip.

I picked these up recently and they’ve immediately become my go to hooks.  I mean, you know that I’m a Clover girl, so it takes a lot for me to switch to another brand.

Ok, so there are a couple of reasons why I love these.  Firstly, well, just look at them! It’s the details really. Ombre pink, the shafts and hooks themselves are even pink.  Then there’s the faux leather case and the little zippered notions pouch with its scissors and needles.  The only thing missing is a set of stitch markers.

Then there’s the form and fit in my hand.  The grip is a little slimmer and more contoured than the Clovers, and the it’s also about 5mm shorter.  I have large hands and the Tulip is the perfect fit in my palm.  I can imagine for smaller hands, the difference in length is probably negligible.

How do the hooks crochet? Well, I’m a pretty speedy crocheter and the adjustment phase is minimal.  I don’t have problems with snagging or with splitting.  In this way they are much the same as the Clover.  The smooth neck is great for working with acrylics – the squeak factor is minimal.

Overall, I’m going to say that I really rate the Tulips.  They’re pricey, which puts them out of reach for a lot of us.  However, they’re worth saving for, or adding to your Christmas or birthday wishlist.  Full disclosure; I was given these hooks.  All opinions are my own, so don’t worry, I’m being totally honest with you.

If you’d like to get your hands on a set of these, in pink or in black, you can go to Wool Warehouse* or* internationally, and if you live in the Netherlands there are a bunch of great retailers, like Pera en Pasha and Het Wolhuis.  If you don’t want to splurge on a full set, it’s also possible to buy them separately to give one a try.

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Progress Report – Aquarel Blanket

This one is taking me ages!  Not because I don’t love it, but because I’m also working on a few other designs concurrently – projects I can’t share yet.

3D Chevron Blanket WIP by MissNeriss, using Scheepjes Aquarel:

I love working on it though.  It’s a great project that you can half concentrate on.  Not completely mindless, but enough so I can watch some trash tv at the same time, or listen to my favourite podcasts.

I think I have about seven blocks of rows to go, so I’m more than half way.  It’ll be ready some time in the next month or so I hope.  It already reaches from my toes to my chest and it is soooooo stretchy!  It’s going to be the perfect curl up on the couch and tuck all the edges in so you don’t get cold toes blanket ever!

3D Chevron Blanket WIP by MissNeriss, using Scheepjes Aquarel:

When I asked on Instagram what the fastest anyone had finished a blanket, there were some crazy responses!  Like, four days, less than a week, crazy stuff!   Check out some of the responses below:

What are you working on this week?

Don’t forget: You can get hold of the Scheepjes Aquarel at Wool Warehouse (they ship everywhere)* and Scheepjes retailers throughout the Benelux.

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Sidetracked -Yarn, The After Party

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I’m busy plugging away on my Aquarel blanket (progress report on that this week), but today I’m taking some time out to investigate a new project.

A new fortnightly pattern booklet from Scheepjes has just landed on my doorstep.  It’s called Yarn: The After Party, and complements the twice yearly bookazine – Yarn* – that was launched earlier this year.

The concept behind The After Party is to keep the creative juices flowing between Yarn editions, and each booklet will include a single pattern and a colour chart with all the available yarns.  The styling is amazing, it makes me excited for the next instalment!

The booklet is in English and Dutch (which is great for me to practice my Dutch pattern reading), and for all us Ravelry nerds, it’s also available as a digital download for a euro.  If you buy the yarn for the design from one of the retailers, the booklet is free.

The Linen and Lace Cardigan in this edition was designed by Annelies Baes.  Annelies is such a talented garment designer, she is fully dedicated to figuring out how to create the best fit!

I’m sure it’ll be an enjoyable project, the linen soft is so easy to work with, it was such a pleasure while I was making my Rustic Lace Blanket over the winter.

Right, so the important info:  You can get The After Party at your favourite Benelux Scheepjes stockist, and Deramores* will ship them worldwide.

Still don’t have a copy of Yarn?  Get it here*.

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