YARN – NOW Age Launch

Scheepjes has just launched its latest issue of their hugely popular – and beautiful – biannual bookazine YARN.  This issue is called NOW Age and takes inspiration from Eckhart Tolle’s books The Power of Now and A New Earth.

Yarn 9 NOW Age cover

Get your copy

Scheepjes has just introduced an exciting subscription plan so you can get your copy in the post first, twice a year.

For English issues: http://bit.ly/ScheepjesSubsEnglish
For Dutch issues: http://bit.ly/ScheepjesSubsNederlands

Of course you can still buy individual copies via you favourite retailers, here’s the full list. RRP is €8.95/£7.95/$9.95.

NL/Europe: Caro’s Atelier*
UK/Global: Wool Warehouse*

Caro’s Atelier has also put together yarn packs for the designs in the issue, including my Chakra Energy Flags*, which will take all the thinking out of ordering! See them all here*.

The issue explores four themes, exploring creativity in different ways.

In Joyful, bright colours and fun lead the way. I love the Bohemian Bralette, by Cara Medus.

YARN 9 - image SQUARE web 30.jpg

Mindful explores being present and in the here and now. Tammy has designed read between the lines yoga socks which I think you’ll love to knit.

YARN 9 - image SQUARE web 40.jpg

My own contribution is in Spiritual. You can create your own chakra flags and as you work on each, take the time to bring yourself back to the centre and re-balance.

YARN 9 - image SQUARE web 13.jpg


We round it out with Respectful, and take a moment to reflect on our actions and impact on this changing environment with the Earth Day sweater by Lili van Wattum.

YARN 9 - image SQUARE web 51.jpg

I say it every issue, but this is my favourite.  Simy’s challenge is a celebration of life, and my daughter and I will make our festival crowns together. Check out #simyschallenge on socials to see the beautiful creations and add your own.

Which project will you try first?  Tag me @miss__neriss on instagram and add your projects to Ravelry.

I feel like I want to say: namaste, but that sounds a bit silly coming from me, the one who’s usually running around with her hair on fire!  But, we all have to start somewhere right?  So… Namaste 😉

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Crochet Pattern Launch – Memory Throw

It’s been a big week for me! Yesterday I launched the Berry Smash Cowl, and Scheepjes also released their latest YARN, the After Party issue, which is the pattern for my Memory Throw.

Memory Throw

Where to buy?

After Party patterns retail for a euro/pound, and Scheepjes has a list of all their fantastic stockists here. They also have loads of info about the pattern on their website.

Wool Warehouse stocks the English version*
My local yarn store Caro’s Atelier stocks the Dutch version*
Caro’s also stocks yarn packs to make the blanket*! If you buy from Caro’s and want the pattern in a different language, email me @ missnerisscrochet@gmail.com and I’ll gift it to you via Ravelry.

You can get your hands on the digital version in both Dutch and English, plus French, German, Spanish and Swedish on Ravelry here.

This pattern is one of the most special that I’ve made in my crocheting career.  You see, I made this quite a while ago actually.  While I was home in Australia last helping my mum sort all her stuff as she was dying, I found a vintage crochet blanket in a box in the shed.  I remember it being draped over our couch as a kid, but hadn’t seen it for years.

Original throw from 1988

The OG inspiration, circa 1988. That’s my mum there, second from the right.

The brightly coloured motifs and immediately inspired me to use my Scheepjes Stone Washed XL colour pack!

I started working on the blanket in the short two weeks between returning to the Netherlands and when my mum died.  I can still see myself sitting on the couch, working away, waiting to speak to her one more time, praying it wouldn’t be the last, then suddenly she was gone.

The next weeks were spent going through the motions, putting on a face for the outside world so as to not make others feel uncomfortable while I was drowning in my grief, and in that time those motifs were my safe place. I could pick up a ball and disappear for a few minutes, and just be in the moment. I was cast adrift, and working on this throw anchored me again.

Memory throw motifs

When it was finished, packing it up and shipping it off to its new home at Scheepjes HQ was cathartic.  So much of my heart and soul was poured into that blanket and it helped me to move through the stages of grief.

Memory throw super close up

Now, the beautiful styling and photographers from the wonderful team at Scheepjes really hits me in the feels.  I’m transported to that time, but instead of feeling the same sorrow, I feel what can almost be described as joy.  To be cliched, out of darkness comes light.

Memory Throw close up

The throw embodies my mum.  She was colour personified. I like to think she would have happily draped this over the back of her couch and snuggled under it on chilly nights.

Memory Throw full blanket

Thank you to the creative team at Scheepjes for publishing this pattern and for their ongoing support in my creative journey. I feel nurtured and love that I’m given the space to grow as a designer, especially as I spent the first 30 years of my life believing I wasn’t a creative person.  Now I know better!

*This post contains affiliate links, which support my designs, at no extra cost to you, my valued audience.



Berry Smash Cowl – Free Crochet Pattern

It’s pattern day!

Today I’m launching the free version of my latest design – the Berry Smash Cowl!

I’ve been talking about this for the last few weeks, you can see some more pics here: https://missneriss.com/2020/01/18/winter-cowl-reveal/

I asked on Instagram for your suggestions, and Berry was a recurring theme, and I loved the idea of Berry Smash, so here it is!

Winter Cowl, Scheepjes Whirl Fine Art


Scheepjes has all of their stockists here.

Wool Warehouse** ships to the UK and globally
Caro’s Atelier** ships to the Netherlands and Europe

Note: this version uses UK terms.  If you’d prefer US terms, or a PDF printer friendly version you can find it on Ravelry for a small fee. As always, the Dutch version will appear in the near future.

What You’ll Need

1 (2) cake of Scheepjes Whirl Fine Art in 659 Modernism* (or your choice of colour)
6mm (J-10) hook


40cm wide by 55cm high, laid flat (but worked in the round), blocked


17 sts and 10 rounds to measure 10 x 10 cm over pattern unblocked.


(UK terms)
Ch chain
St(s) stitch(es)
dc double crochet
htr half treble crochet
tr treble crochet
dtr double treble crochet
fptr front post treble crochet
bptr back post treble crochet
Ss slip stitch
Patt pattern
Rep repeat


This pattern is worked in rounds, joining at the end of each round.
Tension is important due to using the entire cake with little leftover. Finish the body of the cowl on a row 7 and begin working the rib.
Repeats are described as (dtr, ch1, tr). When smaller sets of repeats are needed inside your initial repeat, it will be described as (dc in dtr, ch1 [dtr, ch1, tr] in dc, ch1).


Round 1 ch120, join being careful not to twist your chain.
Round 2 ch2 (does not count as a st), tr in each ch around, ss to join.
Round 3 ch3 (does not count as a st), (fptr, bptr) alternating in each st around, ss to join.
Round 4-5 repeat round 3, working fptr in fptr and bptr in bptr from the previous round to create a rib.
Round 6 ch3, (does not count as a st), (dtr, ch1, tr) in the first st, ch1, miss 2, dc, (ch1, miss 2 [tr, ch1, dtr, ch1, tr] in the next, ch1, miss 2, dc) 19 times, ch1, miss 2, (tr, ch1) in the first, ss to join.
Round 7 ch1, (does not count as a st), (dc in dtr, ch1 [dtr, ch1, tr] in dc, ch1) around, ss to join.
Round 8 ch1, (does not count as a st), (dc, ch1, miss ch1, miss tr, [tr, ch1, dtr, ch1, tr] in ch-sp, ch1, dc in dc) rep to last dc, ch1, miss ch, miss tr, (tr, ch1, dtr, ch1, tr) in ch-sp, ch1, ss to join.
Round 9 ch3, (does not count as a st), (dtr, ch1, tr) in the first, ch1, (dc in tr, ch1, [dtr, ch1, tr] in dc, ch1) rep to last, ch1, dc in tr, ch1, ss to join.
Round 10 ch3, (does not count as a st), (dtr, ch1, tr) in the first, ch1, dc in dc, ch1, miss ch1, miss tr, (tr, ch1, dtr, ch1, tr) in ch-sp, ch1, dc in dc, ch1) to last, ss to join.
Rounds 11-36 Rep rounds 7-10 10 more times.
Round 37 Rep round 7.
Round 38 ch2, (does not count as a st), tr in each st and ch-sp around to last, ss to join.
Rounds 39-41 rep row 3 3 times.
Optional round turn, ss in each sts loosely (go up a hook size if necessary) to create the same tension as the first ch round.


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Winter Cowl – Reveal

My winter cowl with Scheepjes Whirl Fine Art (659 Modernism) is here!

Winter Cowl, Scheepjes Whirl Fine Art

I’ve been showing you pics over the last few weeks, and this is a design I’ve particularly enjoyed making.  The FuzzBuzz™* makes any whirl project addicting – that just one more row feeling is all consuming to see the next shade of the gradient emerge.


Scheepjes has all of their stockists here.

Wool Warehouse** ships to the UK and globally
Caro’s Atelier** ships to the Netherlands and Europe


The pattern is in progress and will be ready soon!  You’ll need a single ball of Scheepjes Whirl Fine Art in your favourite colour, and a 6mm hook.


In the meantime, you can read all about my love for this yarn, and how it’s become one of my favourites here and here.

*FuzzBuzz isn’t really trademarked, but I’m sure Tammy wishes she had slapped one on – it’s become a huge part of the love we all have for Scheepjes Whirl!

**affiliate link

A New Winter Crochet Cowl

Happy 2020!

Late last year I told you about this beautiful new yarn from Scheepjes; Whirl – Fine Art, a merino acrylic blend – the glamorous big sister to Merino Soft.

whirl fine art close up

Get the Yarn

Scheepjes has all of their stockists here.

Wool Warehouse* ships to the UK and globally
Caro’s Atelier* ships to the Netherlands and Europe

I’ve started working on a cowl using colourway 659 Modernism, and I think you’re going to love it.  The gradient is so beautiful I’ve barely paused to snap progress pics – the desire to see the colour evolve makes this a fast project!

whirl fine art cowl WIP

Because it’s so rewarding, you’ll be able to take a moment to breathe after the rush of the holidays, and make something just for yourself. I have another big project in the works, and this is a great buffer of pure enjoyment before putting my head down to work on that for the next few months.

whirl fine art cowl WIP

whirl fine art cowl WIPWhirl Fine Art 659 Magenta

Come back next week, I’ll have more photos, and the big reveal!

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Your Last Slippers – Crochet Pattern

Are you ready to get started on Your Last Slippers?


I know I keep saying it, but these babies truly are the last slippers you’ll need.  I’ve made loads of pairs with different patterns over the years, and they always stretch out of shape, or don’t stay on my feet, or are complicated to make.  These are none of those things.  They’ll always stay on thanks to the firm ankle opening, they’re designed to stretch so they’ll fit all feet, and they’re warm.

The free pattern below uses UK crochet terminology.  There is also a printer friendly PDF version available on Ravelry for a small fee, which includes US terms and a chart.

Again, for the Dutchies, a translation is coming, but it always takes me a bit longer.  Sit tight, I’ll get there.  Thanks for your patience!


Shop the Yarn

Want to get your hands on Chunky Monkey for yourself?

Scheepjes has a comprehensive list of stockists so you can find one near you.
Netherlands and Europe: Caro’s Atelier*
UK and global shipping: Wool Warehouse*, Deramores*
Australia: Yarn Inspired

What You’ll Need

1 (2) balls of Scheepjes Chunky Monkey in your colour choice (samples made in 1435 magenta, 2002 orange and 2018 dark grey)
5mm (H-8) hook
Tapestry needle
Blocking mats and pins


Kids: 20cm heel to toe
Adults: 23cm heel to toe


14 sts and 12 rows to measure 10 x 10 cm over htr3lo st, but tension is not important for this project.


(UK terms)
Ch chain
Sts stitches
dc double crochet
htr half treble crochet
htr3lo half treble crochet in 3rd loop only
dc2tog 2 double crochet stitches decreasing into one stitch
Ss slip stitch
(RS) (WS) right side/wrong side
Rep repeat


This pattern is two sizes fits all, one for kids, and one for adults. The kids sizes will fit between the ages of about 5 and 10, and then the adult sizes should fit. However, it’s easy to customise the fit, by adding or removing stitches and rows for bigger or smaller feet.
The pattern is worked back and forth in rows to make the body of the foot and sole, then the piece is turned 90 degrees to work the tops of the feet, then the piece is slip stitched together and finished.

The kid’s size will be described, with stitch/row counts in parentheses for the adults. Eg. ch21 (31) or rep row for a total of 20 (22) rows.


(Make two)
Row 1 ch 21 (31), dc into second ch from the hook, htr to last, dc in last ch, turn.[20 (30)sts]
Row 2 ch1 (does not count as a stitch here or throughout), dc, htr3lo to the last, dc last, turn .[20 (30)sts].
ow 2 for a total of 20 (22) rows .[20 (30)sts].
Row 21 (23) (RS) Turn work 90 degrees, ss in each row across to have 20 (22) sts, turn
Row 22 (24) (WS) ch 1 (does not count as a stitch), dc in all stitches across, turn [20 (22)sts]
Row 23 (25) (RS) ch1, dc2tog, dc to second last, dc2tog, turn [18 (20)sts]
Row 24 (26) (WS) ch1, dc2tog, dc to second last, dc2tog, turn [16 (18)sts]
Rows 25 (27)-31 (32) rep row 24 7 (8) times until the stitch count is 2.
Tie off, cut yarn.

Turn work 180 degrees, and ensuring that you work on the RS, attach yarn to the opposite corner and repeat rows 21 (23) to rows 31 (32). Do not tie off.


Take your work and fold it in half, triangle edges together, RS facing each other. Using the yarn that is not tied off, ss down one side of the triangle, and then all the way to the bottom. Tie off. This has formed the toe.

slipper laid flat

Now working at the heel, join the yarn at the bottom, ss the two sides together to the start of the triangle. Now turn the slipper the right way out, and leaving an opening for the foot, dc in each row around, working a dc2tog at the top of the triangle. SS to join. Cut yarn, weave in all ends.

photo to assemble

There are a couple of points where you can adjust the foot opening in that round; you can skip the dc2tog to make a slightly looser fit, or you can work a second dc2tog at the heel before joining.

To make a larger size, add rows in multiples of two in the first stage. This will also make your triangles larger, but you can skip sts while slip stitching across the in the foundation triangle row to give the slipper more length but a firmer top.

Shop the Yarn

Scheepjes has a comprehensive list of stockists so you can find one near you.
Netherlands and Europe: Caro’s Atelier*
UK and global shipping: Wool Warehouse*, Deramores*
Australia: Yarn Inspiredravelryinstagram

Do connect with me and share your projects on Ravelry and tag me @miss__neriss on Instagram, use hashtag @obsessedwithcrochet

Your Last Slippers – New Crochet Design REVEAL

I’m sharing the reveal of Your Last Slippers today, I’m very excited!your last slippers

your last slippers

Like I said last week, I’ve been wanting to make these slippers for a looong time and I’m so happy that Scheepjes has created the perfect yarn for them!

To get prepped for the pattern, you’ll need 2 balls of Chunky Monkey* for the adult version and just one ball for the kids.


Want to get your hands on Chunky Monkey for yourself?

Scheepjes has a comprehensive list of stockists so you can find one near you.
Netherlands and Europe: Caro’s Atelier*
UK and global shipping: Wool Warehouse*, Deramores*
Australia: Yarn Inspired

The photos you see here are of myself and my daughter – my husband also has a pair, but I haven’t seen him in the daylight for ages – curse the grey Dutch winter (which only officially starts in a couple of days). I’ll share some photos if I ever see him in the day again 🙂


And then there’s the dog, who absolutely cannot miss out!your last slippers

Keep en eye on my Instagram and here for when I release the pattern in just a few days.

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New Yarn – Scheepjes Whirl Fine Art

I’m interrupting regular programming to bring you a peek what might well be my new favourite Scheepjes yarn (big call) – Whirl Fine Art!

whirl fine art close up

Available in a selection of 12 colourways named and inspired by major movements in art history – you’ll be able to find one to match your most beloved moment in time.

whirl fine art shade card

Where to Buy?

Because the yarn is brand new, not all stockists have it listed yet, but Scheepjes has all of their stockists here.

Meanwhile, these shops have it up and ready to go already:

Wool Warehouse* ships to the UK and globally
Caro’s Atelier* ships to the Netherlands and Europe

Whirl Fine Art is a gradient yarn in the style of Whirl, Woolly Whirl and Whirligig.  It’s a composition of 50% Superfine Merino, 25% Microfibre and 25% Acrylic and has a recommended hook/needle size of 4-5mm. The yarn weight is DK and you’ll get 460m for your 515-225g cake. The yarn has an RRP of €33,95 / £29.99 / USD $37.95.

Also fun to know; Fine Art is a sister yarn to Merino Soft – another of my favourites – and Scheepjes has broadened their collection there to make sure that there will always be a perfect Fine Art partner. Scheepjes creative director Simy has shared an informative and inspiring post about pairing the colours, go check it out!

merino soft new shades

I was lucky enough to receive a cake in colourway Modernism from Scheepjes at our latest Bloggers Retreat and I’m squirrelling away on a new pattern which I’ll bring to you in the deepest darkest days of winter.

In the meantime, Tammy has been swatching, take a look: Whirl Fine-Art: A Closer Look. She’s also working on a knit project, so I’m super curious to know what will come of it!

whirl fine art close up

Keep an eye out over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing more pics as my project grows, I can’t wait to share it with you!

whirl fine art promo poster

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WIP – Winter Crochet Project – Your Last Crochet Slippers?

It’s so cold, I swear!  I’ve lost some weight this year and an unexpected side effect is that I’m cold ALL the time!  I bought a new winter coat, and had to buy a down jacket to go under it, and it hasn’t even frozen here yet!

So to that end, I’m making slippers.  I’m too cold and I need them.

Plus, they’re slippers I’ve been thinking about making as long as I’ve been crocheting. That might seem strange; why haven’t I made them before, you ask.  Well, I’ve tried.  But the truth of the matter is, I haven’t had the right yarn to do it.

Until now.

chunky monkey

This Scheepjes Chunky Monkey is the perfect yarn for the last pair of slippers you’ll ever need.  I raved about the yarn already, go take a look if you missed it.


Want to get your hands on Chunky Monkey for yourself?

Scheepjes has a comprehensive list of stockists so you can find one near you.
Netherlands and Europe: Caro’s Atelier*
UK and global shipping: Wool Warehouse*, Deramores*
Australia: Yarn Inspired*


My neighbour whom I loved as a grandmother knitted me slippers when I was a kid.  They were made with scrap yarn that was truly hideous, but I LOVED those slippers.  They lasted me years and years, until I eventually wore through them and I think my mum threw them away while I wasn’t paying attention.

But I’ve been looking for a replacement pair for literally twenty years!

And now I’ve cracked it.  The slippers are being made and they’re going to fit everyone.  Raina will have a pair, Maarten will have a pair, and we’ll be a family of matchy matchy dutchies.


Stay tuned, I’ll prove it to you in a few days!

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A New Winter Crochet Project

I have yarn for a new winter crochet project with Scheepjes Chunky Monkey – one that will also be a perfect last minute Christmas gift, especially if you’re on a budget!

chunky monkey

I love the Chunky Monkey, it’s a yarn I’ve been waiting for for YEARS!

It’s a good weight (aran/worsted) so works up quickly and is great for instant gratification freaks like me, it comes in about 11 million colours (well, 93, but I don’t like the truth to get in the way of a good story), comes in huge 100g balls, and is seriously cheap. Caro’s Atelier* stocks it for €2.95 which is a massive bargain, you have to agree.

It’s important to note however; cheap does not mean poor quality. The yarn doesn’t split easily, it’s soft – it feels a lot like Merino soft actually – plus it’s anti-pilling which very few acrylic yarns can boast.

Shop the Yarn

Want to get your hands on Chunky Monkey for yourself?

Scheepjes has a comprehensive list of stockists so you can find one near you.
Netherlands and Europe: Caro’s Atelier
UK and global shipping: Wool Warehouse, Deramores
Australia: Yarn Inspired


What I have found to be handy when using Chunky Monkey is, to rewind the balls.  They don’t have the handy centre pull tabs that many other Scheepjes yarns have because they’re not wound tightly.

Because they’re not particularly tightly wound, the balls can start to collapse on themselves after a while rolling around in your project bag as they get smaller.  Do note: you shouldn’t store the yarn wound into cakes for extended periods as it’ll affect the tension of the yarn – this goes for most yarns actually.  They’re better stored in their “relaxed” state in which you bought them.

chunky monkey

Here are some stats on Chunky Monkey:

Meterage – 116 metres (127 yards)
Unit weight – 100 grams (3.53 ounces)
Tension/gauge – 13.0 to 18.0 sts = 10cm
Needle size – US 8 – 5.0 mm
Hook size – 5.0 mm (H)
Fibre – 100% acrylic

Now, what am I making?  Well to be honest, I’m making a lot of things with this yarn, I’m a huge fan!  But right now, for this project, I’m making the last pair of slippers you’ll ever want to wear.  Seriously.  I can’t wait to share them with you.

Come back in a few days, I’m anxious to get this one out!
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