Spring Motif – Show and Tell

Spring is in full swing!  The tulips are done, and so is my peony (it was short but sweet), but thankfully my irises are still going mental.  The next one is the roses and the poppies and lillies.  I do have one lone tulip still holding on, it survived the garden being replaced and is growing up through the new lawn that’s slowly growing in.

But onto what we’re here to see, the motif!

Spring crochet motif by @missneriss using Scheepjes Catona, available from Wool Warehouse http://bit.ly/wwcatona

It’s a super simple tulip motif using Scheepjes Catona.  It can be used on its own with a slipstitch edging like above, or it can grow into a doily like below:

Spring crochet motif by @missneriss using Scheepjes Catona, available from Wool Warehouse http://bit.ly/wwcatona

The motifs can even be used to make a larger project like a shawl or a blanket, but I haven’t had time to do that yet!  Instead I made a set of coasters to add some glorious colour to my outdoor table:

Spring crochet motif by @missneriss using Scheepjes Catona, available from Wool Warehouse http://bit.ly/wwcatona

Here I was, having a cheeky glass of wine last night:

Spring crochet motif by @missneriss using Scheepjes Catona, available from Wool Warehouse http://bit.ly/wwcatona

And then my morning coffee:

I used 4 mini skeins of Catona, and at just over a euro for each 25g ball, if you make a doily and 6 coasters, you can be done for under 6 euros.  When was the last time you made a project that cost so little?!  With my yarn problem, I can’t even remember!

Next week I’ll have directions to make the motif, and also instructions on how to grow it to a doily, and also come up with a join as you go method to make a blanket or shawl.

The colours I used are:

  • 226 Light Orchid
  • 114 Shocking Pink
  • 385 Chrystalline
  • 280 Lemon

Scheepjes has a huge list of suppliers throughout the Benelux, otherwise worldwide you can order from Wool Warehouse* and for North Americans, Knotty House* in Canada is also now stocking Catona!

*Just a note: this post contains a couple of affiliate links which if you choose to use when feeding your yarn habit will earn me a small commission.  This helps me keep up the freebies and doesn’t cost you a thing. Thank you!


Spring Crochet Project: WIP

This time last week I snapped a pic of my garden and my irises which were about to bloom, and this week, after some almost balmy weather, they’re not disappointing!

Irises blooming in the garden

After our fence blew down in the winter I wasn’t sure our garden would ever be the same again, and I’m liking it even more!

The spring feeling is keeping me motivated, and it’s also changing my mind.  My latest design is on about its fourth iteration, so goodness knows what you’ll get next week…

Spring crochet WIPSpring crochet WIPSpring crochet WIP

I do love it though.  I enjoy playing with the mini Catona balls.  They’re just so easy to carry around with me in a little bag and they’re so cheap it’s not a burden to have a bunch in stash just waiting for the perfect moment.

So, back next week with a reveal, I hope!!!

PS. If you are in North America, did you know that LoveKnitting.com and LoveCrochet.com are stocking Scheepjes yarns now?  Check them out here.

Just a note: this post contains a couple of affiliate links which if you choose to use when feeding your yarn habit will earn me a small commission.  This helps me keep up the freebies and doesn’t cost you a thing. Thank you!


Pineapple Garland – Winner!

This time last week I shared with you that three of my designs are in the latest issue of YARN from Scheepjes, and that I was also giving away a copy and the yarn to make my pineapple garland design.

I’ve randomly chosen a winner, Kay Ann on Pinterest:

Congratulations Kay Ann, I’ve sent you a PM on Pinterest, please get in contact so I can send  you your goodies!

Do you have your copy of YARN, yet? You can get it from Wool Warehouse*, or any great Scheepjes stockist.

Thank you so much to everyone who pinned their favourite of my designs from YARN, it is so great to see the pins all over Pinterest.

*affiliate link

Explore Sophie’s Universe

The first time I met Dedri, the Sophie’s Universe CAL was almost finished.  She brought the completed blanket and I was able to see it before the rest of the world!  The first, and only thing I could keep saying to Dedri was: Game Changer.  This creation is a total game changer.  The crochet universe was never going to be the same again, and it’s only a matter of time before we see a Sophie draped over a couch in an American sitcom.

Sophie's Universe by Dedri of Look What I Made

Sophie has become so ingrained in the crochet vernacular now that nobody needs to even bother with the the “Universe” part; like Madonna, Sophie is enough. It’s already at the point where she’s referenced in a bodice ripper!

So it was totally fitting that Dedri should turn Sophie into a book, right?

Sophie's Universe, by Dedri Uys. Available from Wool Warehouse: http://shrsl.com/?gxnh

All of the installments are laid out in sections, the same way that the weekly pattern releases were and there is so much information, with recommended yarn and colour choices and tips and tricks.

Sophie's Universe, by Dedri Uys.  Available from Wool Warehouse: http://shrsl.com/?gxnh

But do you know what my favourite part of the Sophie book is?  It’s the window into Dedri’s universe, with anecdotes of her family and pictures from the CAL community, it’s just so inclusive, and so… Dedri.

Sophie's Universe, by Dedri Uys. Available from Wool Warehouse: http://shrsl.com/?gxnhSophie's Universe, by Dedri Uys. Available from Wool Warehouse: http://shrsl.com/?gxnh

And then I closed the book with a smile on my face, only to see my own face smiling back at me from the back cover!


I am so grateful to have received my copy as a birthday gift from Dedri.  I had asked to buy a copy from her (first rule of publishing a book: friends and family pay full price) and after a bit of discussion she agreed.  Only to wrap the bloody thing up and give it to me for my birthday with a smug little “I win” grin on her face.

So I can only say: get this book.  It’s like a beautiful stitch bible – you’ll learn so many new techniques.  I challenge you to make a Sophie and not learn something new.  I promise you’ll be a better crocheter for this book.

Get your copy from Wool Warehouse (with global shipping) where you can also order yarn packs in colours and yarns for every budget.  In the Netherlands Caro’s Atelier stocks it, in South Africa it’s at Be Inspired (of course).

This post contains affiliate links which help me to run this site and provide free patterns for you.  If you shop using my links, I will earn a small commission, at no cost to you.  

Thanks for your support!

New Design in the Making

I’ve spent the last months only thinking about the latest issue of YARN, but now that it’s released and my designs are out there in the world, I can breathe again.  Not that I was in anyway involved in putting the issue together, but I have been anxious and excited and on tenterhooks waiting!

But, time waits for no woman, and now it’s on to the next.  I’m revisiting my old friend Scheepjes Catona for a spring project.

Scheepjes Catona

As I write this, the tulips in my garden are on the wane and the irises and peonies are about to explode.  It’s my favourite time of year in the Netherlands; the glory of the bulbs, the green of the grass and the blue of the sky (except today!).  It fills me with inspiration and hope for the summer.

Irises in my garden

So I have a lovely little project in the works, which will be great when we start living our lives outside in the garden again, I can’t wait to show you more!

Stay tuned for progress pics next week, I’m hoping the sun will shine until then!

YARN 3 – Tropical Issue (and a Giveaway!)

You won’t believe this, but in the latest issue of YARN, I have not one, not two, but THREE designs!

Can you guess which three are mine?

One is an idea that I had been playing with for about a year, and have been experimenting with construction, so was excited to be able share it with the world.

Sunset Shawl, crochet pattern by Nerissa Muijs - YARN Tropical Issue

The inspiration for this one comes from my years tour guiding at Uluru, and the glorious colours that shoot across the sky during those golden minutes before the sun dips under the horizon.

The Pina Colada shawl is a semi-circle made with short rows, so it’s not it’s for the faint hearted, but once you get going the construction is intuitive and satisfying.  I used Secret Garden in Rose Arch and Summer House, and it makes the shawl deliciously snuggly.

Have you guessed the next design yet?

Pineapple Garland - crochet pattern by Nerissa Muijs - YARN Tropical Issue

A pineapple garland!

This one is super easy, each pineapple can be smashed out in 10-15 minutes and the leaves are made stiff and bendy by crocheting around pipe cleaners!  The pattern uses Softfun and you’ll only need a single ball of each colour.

And now for the last:

Espadrilles, crochet pattern by Nerissa Muijs - YARN Tropical Issue

Mojito Espadrilles!

These are such fun, I actually made these while I was on a beach holiday and while lounging under an umbrella drinking a cocktail, I just wanted to hurry up and finish them so I could wear them!

These are made with regular espadrille soles and using Sugar Rush triple stranded with my handy navajo plying method.  I shared a Youtube tutorial a few months ago because I just love this trick.  They’re easily customisable for any size, and look fantastic!

So, Wool Warehouse will have copies in English, or if you’d rather Dutch, there are a host of retailers who have it for you.

And exciting news: Love Knitting in the US will also be stocking YARN, along with loads of the best Scheepjes yarns!

YARN - Tropical issue. Available at Wool Warehouse http://bit.ly/scheepjespublications

Now, to the giveaway!  Thanks very much to Scheepjes, I’m giving away an English copy of YARN, Tropical Issue away, plus the yarn to make my pineapple garland!  To be in with a chance to win, what you need to do is pin your favourite of my three projects on Pinterest, and mention me @missneriss with the following (or a variation of) text: “This is my favourite @missneriss design in Issue 3 of YARN, Tropical Issue from @scheepjes.”

Pin all three to triple your chances!

The giveaway is open to everyone, globally, so get to pinning!  I’ll announce a winner here on the blog next week, on the 12th of May.

The photos I’ve shared in this post are from Issue 3 of Scheepjes Yarn Bookazine – Tropical, republished with permission.

This post contains affiliate links which help me to continue to provide free patterns.  Thanks so much for your support!

Cast-On: Tank Stream

That’s quite the title, right?  I mean, what does it even mean?

A couple of weeks ago I was watching the Dingo Dyeworks video podcast on Youtube (it’s one of my faves, by the way.  Petah creates the most unbelievable colourways!) when I saw Petah showing off Meg Gadsbey’s new shawl design – Tank Stream – my eyes almost popped out of my head!

Tank Stream shawl, by Meg Gadsbey: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tank-stream

Image thanks to Meg Gadsbey

I immediately bought Meg’s design on Ravelry and then the mission began to find the right yarn.  Dingo Dyeworks have put together gorgeous packs that I really wanted, but I didn’t want to wait for the postage, and I didn’t want to be hit with customs charges at the door, so I went to Love Knitting and ordered some sweet georgia superwash DK in Mist.

sweet georgia superwash DK in Mist: http://bit.ly/TankStream-sweetgeorgia

As soon as the yarn arrived I couldn’t wait to start.  It was one of those days when I was counting the seconds until I could finish work so I could wind the yarn and cast on.

sweet georgia superwash DK in Mist: http://bit.ly/TankStream-sweetgeorgia

I just noticed that my needles match my yarn!  Those sorts of coincidences give me the warm fuzzies.  I do love my zings, especially the colours.  They’re all bright and colourful.

So now I’m busy listening to the S-Town podcast while knitting Tank Stream.  Life is good!

Tanks Stream is available on Ravelry

Get the sweet georgia yarns from Love Knitting/Love Crochet

And check the Dingo Dyeworks 20% off sale to get some glorious hand dyed Australian yarns.

Love Crochet


This post contains affiliate links.


Eliza Bed Socks!

That’s right, I’m making more socks!


I’m making some yummy soft bed socks using another (I know, right. I can hardly keep up!) new yarn from Scheepjes.

Scheepjes Eliza, available from Wool Warehouse: http://bit.ly/woolwarehouse

Let me tell you a bit about the yarn; Eliza comes in 36 shades, and 9 of those are gradient yarns.  It’s a 100% polyester yarn and is suitable for a 5mm hook.  I’m using 3.75mm needles for my socks as larger needles were much too big.  It’s lovely and soft, and as well as bed socks I think it would be a great yarn for crocheting or knitting soft toys, or a snuggly cowl.

I’m using – you guessed it – Turquoise Gem (222).

Scheepjes Eliza, available from Wool Warehouse: http://bit.ly/woolwarehouse

To make the socks, I’m using the brilliant tutorials from my fab friend Sarah at Crafts From the Cwtch.  Sarah has created a load of amazing tutorials and they, along with a few frantic texts, have totally taught me to knit socks!

I’m knitting two at a time toe up socks, and will use the afterthought heel method, and Sarah has tutorials for all of them, see below!

A beginner's guide to Two at a time Toe-up socks by Crafts from the Cwtch -http://bit.ly/toe-up-socks

A beginner’s guide to two at a time toe-up socks


Demystifying the toe-up sock by Crafts from the Cwtch http://bit.ly/moretoeupsocks

Casting on and knitting the toe


Placing the afterthought heel tutorial by Crafts from the Cwtch: http://bit.ly/heelplacement

Adding the Afterthought Heel

Scheepjes Retailers in the Benelux stock Eliza, and globally you can order it via Wool Warehouse*.  Go! Run! Get your Eliza on!


*Affiliate link

Nuts About Squares CAL

After being the voice we all hear behind some of the coolest CALs of recent years, including Sophie’s Universe, LDOTB and now the Hygge CAL, Esther from It’s All in a Nutshell is hosting her own CAL, named, you guessed it: Nuts About Squares!

Nuts About Squares CAL in Scheepjes Colour Crafter by Esther Dijkstra

The CAL will kick off on Friday 31st of March, with a new square being released on Esther’s blog each week.  There are 11 fabulous designers involved, including my dear friends Dedri and Tatsiana.

Nuts About Squares CAL bye Esther Dijkstra

There are also three colour packs available, in Earth, Sea and Sky*.  I think my favourite is Sea, but it’s a difficult decision!

Nuts About Squares CAL colour packs in Earth, Sea and Sky

Of course you can put your own colours together, here’s what Esther says:

“To make your own colorway, choose 6 colors you like and that work well together. Then determine which color you want to be color A, which color B, etc. Color A is used the most in the blanket and will be the main color. Colors E and F are accent colors and it works best if colors E and F are lighter or contrasting to color A. Colors B, C, and D are used about equally. Determine the yarn weight of the yarn that you are using to determine how much yarn you will need. The three kits give you yarn amounts for three different yarn weights.”

Nuts about Squares CAL in Scheepjes Stone Washed, by Esther Dijkstra

I’m really looking forward to watching this CAL week to week.  I’d love to make the time to participate, so I’m going to see if I can fit it in to my schedule…

Nuts About Squares CAL in Scheepjes Sunkissed by Esther Dijkstra

Pop on over to Esther’s blog and her Youtube channel, and make sure you hit Subscribe to keep up with the latest.

The yarn packs for this CAL will suit all budgets and are available from both Wool Warehouse* and from Scheepjes retailers such as Caro’s Atelier here in Almere (with European shipping).

And We’re Off! The Noor Shawl

Remember the other day I told you about Berniolie and her Noor shawl?  Well, look!

Scheepjes Sunkissed

My Scheepjes Sunkissed arrived yesterday and I’m very excited to crack on!  So much so that my 3500 other projects are all being shoved to the side while I work on this one!

Scheepjes Sunkissed

You can get the pattern on Ravelry here, or Etsy here and you can get the gorgeous yarn from either Wool Warehouse or any Scheepjes retailer.