The Carolyn Hat – A Free Crochet Pattern

Close up of woman wearing crochet hat

Today I’m sharing the pattern for The Carolyn hat, a warm hat that will attract many “Where can I get one of those?” comments, speaking from experience over the last couple of weeks out and about!


You’ll need two skeins of River Washed and one skein of River Washed XL (or Stone Washed, choose your favourite).

Scheepjes has a complete list of stockists on their website. Most of their retailers stock Stone Washed and River Washed, but if not, don’t be afraid to ask them to get it in!

Wool Warehouse* stocks both River Washed and River Washed XL and ship all over the world.

Black Sheep Wools* in the UK also stocks River Washed and River Washed XL

Here in the Netherlands, Caro’s Atelier* has River Washed and River Washed XL, plus they’re my LYS (and awesome).

In the US check out DotsYarnDen who also stocks River Washed, plus a bunch of other Scheepjes yarns.

In Australia Little Woollie also stocks Stone Washed and Stone Washed XL.

Below you can find the pattern using UK crochet terms. You can also find a printer/kindle friendly version at Ravelry and LoveCrafts with both UK and US terminology for a small fee.


Colour 1: 2 balls Scheepjes River Washed in colour 956 Avon
Colour 2: 1 ball Scheepjes River Washed XL in colour 956 Avon
3.5 mm crochet hook
5 mm crochet hook


24sts and 15 rows to measure 10cm over htr3lo using a 3.5mm hook.


Will fit an adult head


(UK terms)
Ch chain
Ss slip stitch
Hss half slip stitch (yarn over, insert hook, pull up a loop, pull directly through all loops)
St(s) stitch(es)
Ch chain
Fhtr foundation half treble crochet (yarn over, insert hook, pull up a loop, pull through one loop, yarn over, pull through all loops)
Htr half treble crochet
Htrblo half treble crochet in the back loop only
Htr3lo half treble crochet in the third loop only
Htr3loInc half treble crochet in the third loop only increase (two htr3lo in one stitch)
Htr3lo2tog half treble crochet in the third loop only decrease (two htr3lo decreased into one stitch)
Htr2tog half treble crochet decrease (two htr decreased into one stitch)
Puff-st puff stitch (yarn over, insert hook, yarn over and pull up loop) 3 times, yarn over and pull through all 7 loops on hook, ch1
Miss miss indicated number of stitches
Rep repeat

Pattern Notes

This project is made in two stages. First we make the brim of the hat back and forth in rows, using the River Washed and then we join the River Washed XL and work in decreasing rounds.
When working in rows the third loop is found at the front.
When working in the round the third loop is found at the back.
Starting chain does not count as stitch.
If you haven’t matched tension and find yourself running out of XL yarn in the crown, you can use the leftovers from the brim double stranded. The discrepancy will not be noticeable.

Head to my Instagram to see a bunch of handy short tutorial videos for each section.


With colour 1 and a 3.5 mm hook
Row 1 30fhtr, turn (30sts)
Row 2 ch2, htrblo to end, turn (30sts)
Row 3 ch2, htr3lo to end, turn (30sts)
Row 4 ch2, htr3loInc, htr3lo to last st, htr3loInc in last st, turn (32sts)
Row 5-6 rep row 3 (32sts)
Row 7 rep row 4 (34sts)
Row 8-9 rep row 3 (34sts)
Row 10 rep row 4 (36sts)
Row 11-12 rep row 3 (36sts)
Row 13 rep row 4 (38sts)
Row 14-15 rep row 3 (38sts)
Row 16 rep row 4 (40sts)
Row 17-18 rep row 3 (40sts)
Row 19 rep row 4 (42sts)
Row 20-21 rep row 3 (42sts)
Row 22 rep row 4 (44sts)
Row 23-24 rep row 3 (44sts)
Row 25 rep row 4 (46sts)
Row 26-27 rep row 3 (46sts)
Row 28 rep row 4 (48sts)
Row 29-30 rep row 3 (48sts)
Row 31 rep row 4 (50sts)
Row 32-33 rep row 3 (50sts)
Row 34 rep row 4 (52sts)
Row 35-36 rep row 3 (52sts)
Row 37 rep row 4 (54sts)
Row 38-43 rep row 3 (54sts)
Row 44 htr3lo2tog, htr3lo to second last st, htr3lo2tog over last two sts, turn (52sts)
Row 45-46 rep row 3 (52sts)
Row 47 rep row 44 (50sts)
Row 48-49 rep row 3 (50sts)
Row 50 rep row 44 (48sts)
Row 51-52 rep row 3 (48sts)
Row 53 rep row 44 (46sts)
Row 54-55 rep row 3 (46sts)
Row 56 rep row 44 (44sts)
Row 57-58 rep row 3 (44sts)
Row 59 rep row 44 (42sts)
Row 60-61 rep row 3 (42sts)
Row 62 rep row 44 (40sts)
Row 63-64 rep row 3 (40sts)
Row 65 rep row 44 (38sts)
Row 66-67 rep row 3 (38sts)
Row 68 rep row 44 (36sts)
Row 69-70 rep row 3 (36sts)
Row 71 rep row 44 (34sts)
Row 72-73 rep row 3 (34sts)
Row 74 rep row 44 (32sts)
Row 75-76 rep row 3 (32sts)
Row 77 rep row 44 (30sts)
Row 78-79 rep row 3 (30sts)
Row 80 Turn. Now we will join the working end to the foundation end. Fold in half, holding the foundation row behind with what will now become the right sides facing one another.
Ch2, htr3lo in row 80 and also through both loops of the corresponding ftr st. Rep to end.

We will start working in rounds going forward.
Round 1 Open up the brim you’ve just joined and now fold the brim in half with the wrong sides facing, lengthways. You will have a double-thickness brim with a slanted edge. We will work all the way around, through both edges to close the brim and create the foundation for the body of the hat.
Ch1, work 80hss through both edges. (it works out to be a st in each peak and trough, plus 1 extra st). Cut yarn.
Change to colour 2 and 5 mm hook
Round 2 join colour 2 to where you completed round 1, ch1, htr in each hss around, ss to the third loop of the first st to join (80sts)
Round 3 ch1 htr3lo in each st around, ss to 3lo to join (80sts)
Round 4 ch2, (puff-st in 3lo, miss 1) around, ss to last puff-st to join (80sts)
Round 5 ch2, (htr2tog, 6htr) 10 times, ss to 3lo to join (70sts)
For round 5 (and subsequent rounds that follow on from a puff st round) the htr stitches are made into the puff sts and the ch sts.
Round 6 ch1, 70htr3lo, ss to 3lo to join (70sts)
Round 7 rep row 4 (70sts)
Round 8 ch1, (htr2tog, 5htr) 10 times, ss to 3lo to join (60sts)
Round 9 ch1, (htr3lo2tog, 4htr) 10 times, ss to 3lo to join (50sts)
Round 10 rep round 4 (50sts)
Round 11 ch1, (htr2tog, 3htr) 10 times, ss to 3lo to join (40sts)
Round 12 ch1, (htr3lo2tog, 2htr3lo) 10 times, ss to 3lo to join (30sts)
Round 13 ch1, (htr3lo2tog, htr3lo) 10 times, ss to 3lo to join (20sts)
Round 14 ch1, 10htr3lo2tog (10sts)
Round 15 ch1, 5htr3lo2tog (5sts)

Sew the top closed, cut yarn, weave in ends.

Put the hat on and enjoy the chilly weather!


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