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I saw This on Pinterest Today

Beautiful Free Crochet Flower Patterns – time to think spring!

How to Use IFTTT to Share an Instagram Photo to Your Facebook Page

We all have our little tricks to make our social media life easier, and this one is my absolute favourite.  If you haven’t heard of IFTTT (if this then that) then you need to get onto it straight away.  You can connect pretty much any channel thanks to the wonderful world of APIs.

One of the most common themes that came up over the weekend I’ve just had with an amazing group of bloggers (more about that later), is “How do I share my crochet photos from my Instagram to my Facebook page, rather than my own private Facebook?” Instagram only allows you to choose either your timeline OR your Page, and if you’re like me you don’t always want to choose.  I don’t want to bombard my friends with crochet photos – they see enough!  Just like my crochet family isn’t that excited about toddler pics.

So, what you need is an IFTTT recipe.  And lucky for you, I have set one up that works perfectly.

Hashtagged Instagram to Facebook Page album Notes: Change the hashtag and specify the album.



Basically what you need to do is click that image above (thanks for providing it ifttt.com), create an account within a few quick steps, and activate your Instagram and Facebook pages there as channels.  I won’t tell you how to do this because IFTTT is so intuitive you don’t need my help.

All you have to do is check that recipe, double check the hashtag you want to use, and activate it.  I have set #crochet as my hashtag, so whenever I post an Instagram and tag it on the image itself or in the comments, it will automatically upload to my MissNeriss Facebook page.

Here’s an example:

I posted the below photo on Instagram while on holiday, and because I thought those people who follow me on Facebook but are not on Instagram might like it, I tagged it #crochet.

Using IFTTT to upload your instagram to your Facebook page

And here you see it, also on Facebook, with the same caption and a link to the original Instagram.Using IFTTT to upload your instagram to your Facebook pageNow, I know that it’s possible to choose your Facebook page as your connected Facebook account rather than your timeline, but this tool allows you to have both your timeline and your page linked and you don’t have to do anything.  You don’t have to click the little Facebook button on the image editor in Instagram, you don’t have to rely on a good enough wifi connection for the image to upload to both locations (like I was on holiday).  IFTTT is a background rules engine, and will take care of everything for you.

Consider this little how-to an introduction to the engine, because once you dive in, you’ll be hooked.  Trust me. Want to save your Instagrams to your Dropbox?  Want to congratulate yourself when you meet your Fitbit goal? Want a message if it’s going to rain tomorrow?  IFTTT does it all.

I saw This on Pinterest Today

I want one (all) of these so badly!
Candy Shop Crochet Hooks: Choose from Sizes F, G, H, I, J, K and L

I saw This on Pinterest Today

I absolutely love these. Am so making some #crochet #garlands to go in my display cabinet thingimajig.

I saw This on Pinterest Today

#crochet – bunting

I saw This on Pinterest Today

How to: Double Crochet a better square.
I saw this on the mamachee blog today, it is an amazing hack that shows a method to creating a straight edge when crocheting rows of double crochets! In the past I was using Moogly’s Chainless starting double crochet, but this one is even straighter, I just love it!
What do you think?

I saw This on Pinterest Today

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Scotty’s Place: The Sampler Blanket .. #crochet

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Small #crochet #amigurumi piggies, seen at missneriss.com

Small pigs #amigurumi #crochet totally cute!

Pinned today:

Pudge the Pup – pattern on Craftsy. Seen on missneriss.com #amigurumi #crochet