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10 of the Best: Crochet Flower Motifs

10 of the best: Crochet Flower Motifs

Today I want to share with you some of my favourite flower motifs.  All of these are free online tutorials and you can head directly to each by clicking on the designers names or the images.


Crochet Puff Flower Motif

I’m sure I’ve posted about this one before, I just love how delicate it is.

Crochet Flower Puff Stitch Pattern

By MyPicot

These puff stitch flowers are so satisfying and look great in a mercerised cotton.

Blanket in Bloom

By Alice by Day

It’s the way that these all come together to make a shawl that I love the most about this one.

Taanvi’s Flower Crochet Motif

By Pink Mambo

You can easily make this with a chunky or lace yarn and it will be beautiful regardless.

Crochet Pointy Flower

By Cheri’s Creations

The texture is gorgeous.  I’d love a blanket made from this motif.

October Square

By Patricia Stuart

I love all of Patricia’s squares, but this one is my fave.

Japanese Flower Motif

By Happy In Red

The Japanese Flower was one of my first ever motifs when I relearned to crochet.  I skipped the grannies and went straight to this.  Not very well, obviously!  Esther does a much better job.

Egyptian Star Flower

By MissNeriss

I made this tapestry motif, inspired by a trip to Egypt.

Egyptian Star Flower Stool by MissNeriss

Flower Power Mandala

By RedAgape

I love mandalas, but I especially love open lacy mandalas.  This one is a fantastic example.

Sophie’s Universe

By Dedri Uys

The Game Changer. If you haven’t made a Sophie you’re missing out on the Trans Siberian of crochet – glorious surprises with each leg of the journey.

And Dedri has worked tirelessly to turn Sophie into a book!  I’m getting my copy in a few weeks when I see Dedri in person (I must tell her), I can’t wait!  You can get your own copy at Wool Warehouse*.

*Affiliate link


I saw This on Pinterest Today

Beautiful Free Crochet Flower Patterns – time to think spring!

Join my Pinterest Crochet Community?

We all love Pinterest.  You KNOW how much I love Pinterest.  I’ve been happily pinning away for a few years now and I love how I can always find inspiration.  When I first started crocheting it was my main source of patterns (I had never heard of Ravelry) and now I mostly love it for the pure visual pleasure that it brings me.  Bright, colourful images, incredible projects; it just makes me happy.

This is my favourite pin right now (for obvious reasons):

So I decided I want to share the joy, and build a Pinterest community.  Just this week I created a new board, called “Obsessed with Crochet – Community” and I’ve opened it up to everyone who loves crochet.

The concept is that you join the board, either by commenting below with your Pinterest ID or sending an email to and then I’ll add you and together we go crazy pinning all the pins! (Clicking the image below will also take you straight to the board so you can follow it too.)

Obsessed with Crochet - Community

I’d love you to pin your projects, your inspiration, your designs.  The only real rules are that you try to pin from the original source, and not pin too many pins in a row.  Oh, and keep it crochet related.  Over time I’ll see about adding more boards, for knitting and general yarn porn.  But we need to learn to walk before we can run, right?

So what do you think?  Will you join me?

Pinterest Loves The Peek-a-Boo!

Crikey, look at the repins on this baby!

In only a few short weeks it’s been pinned more than 1200 times! I’ve had a couple of other images that have been pinned a lot, but they took months and months to get to hit 1000, not a month!

Can you see me doing the happy dance over here?

Meanwhile I’m very busy dreaming up new projects and searching for the right yarns, alongside working on a couple of WIPs, including this gorgeous design which will become a cushion very soon:

Alize Bamboo cushion

I love the changing colours and the pixel effect that the tiny blocks have.  I’m using the Alize Bamboo which I LOVE.  Bamboo is without a doubt my favourite fibre to work with.  It’s so soft and so light, and can fold up to almost nothing.  AND best of all, it’s completely sustainable!  What’s not to love?

What are you working on?

Crochet Induced Insomnia

Last night I couldn’t sleep.  I’ve never been a great sleeper, but since my daughter was born two and a half years ago, my old friend insomnia hasn’t been around much.  Physical exhaustion has won the day mostly.  But last night I couldn’t switch off.  All I could think about were the mounting crochet projects that I have on the go, plus a mass of life business.

I’m in the process of applying for permanent residency here in the Netherlands, and I have to find the time to fit in a trip to Amsterdam to have my photo taken and to be fingerprinted (that’s new).  Plus a host of my actual career projects that have to be done all at once and some semblance of a social life that I need to keep going – If I don’t, I’ll be out of friends!  There’s only so long you can say “I’m so sorry, I’m just too busy!” before people stop believing you.

So needless to say, last night I was awake with my brain racing and trying to process everything that’s going on in my life while I was frantically adding items to my Must Do list.  In and in an attempt to distract myself, I did what any social media freak would do, I checked Facebook, Instagram and then Pinterest.  I had quite a few Pinterest alerts to check and was gobsmacked when I saw that one of my pins had been repinned 999 times!

I’ve talked about this pin before, back when it had around 200 repins and I was amazed at that number, but now this morning it has cracked 1000 repins, and just won’t stop!

I have a few pins that I see getting a lot of (P)interest daily, including


Incidentally, I’ve never made this monkey.  I just pinned it because I thought it was so cute.

The Dickie Birds are also doing well:

Ok, now I’ll shut up about Pinterest, sign off and go start work for the day.  That To Do list won’t do itself!

Oh, and PS.  If you want to pin the Elephant Snuggle yourself, you can:


Pinspiration – Local Love

You know how much I love social media.  Facebook was my first love (well, I did have brief fling with Myspace back in the day), and now we’ve evolved into an old married couple, comfortable and predictable.  Twitter and I had a brief but intense relationship until one day I realised it just wasn’t for me and walked away.  These days I’m in love with Instagram.  I love the photos by people I’ve never met and I love the way it has brought some wonderful talented photographers into my life.  And the yarn porn!  OMG, it’s an addiction.

But through it all is Pinterest. Pinterest is my Great Love.  And Pinterest loves me too.  Over the last year, it has driven more traffic to my website than all other social media combined.  Isn’t that mad?  And now the analytics have improved, it’s incredible to see how far the reach actually goes.

What I also love is that with Pinterest you can engage easily with beautiful images and projects from people all over the world; the concept of Six Degrees of Separation is alive and well on Pinterest.  Last week a friend told me about a project of mine that appeared on her Facebook feed via a friend that had pinned one of my images, all the way across the world in Melbourne!

But today, I want to share some Local Love.  Some designers that I’ve come across via the Internet, and since had the enormous pleasure of meeting in person.

Flower Stole by creJJtion

Flower Stole by creJJtion

I love everything that Maaike makes.  I love her style and I love her colour choices. I love her ethos and how her projects make me want to be a more conscious crocheter.

Win a Furls Yarn bowl on

Win a Furls Yarn bowl on

Wink is a blogger I discovered about a year ago via the tuts+ website.  I was looking to make a rug (which never eventuated), and she created a tutorial for one on the site.  I spent the rest of the day devouring her website.

Happy in Red's love affair with Istanbul's yarn district

Happy in Red’s love affair with Istanbul’s yarn district

Even though Esther is a crochet blogger, it wasn’t via crochet that I first came across her work – it was thanks to this bag that she designed.  I love it!

Haak Maar Raak's Vintage Ripple Blanket

Haak Maar Raak’s Vintage Ripple Blanket

I can’t get enough of this vintage ripple blanket.  Kirsten is a blogger that I only recently discovered while I was expanding my blog horizon into Dutch language blogs.  Both Kirsten and Esther write in Dutch and English, a feat I’m yet to attempt!

Canadutch's Lopi cardi

Canadutch’s Lopi cardi

You already know how much I love Tammy.  She knits as well as she crochets, and she’s just generally awesome.


Taking Over

This is my “Office”.

I have so many projects on the go at once I’m a bit buried in yarn and, well, stuff.

Oh how I’d love one of those Pinterest Perfect studios, but alas, I have 115 square metres of house and most of it is taken up by toys, records and more toys!

What does your crochet space look like?

I saw This on Pinterest Today

I want one (all) of these so badly!
Candy Shop Crochet Hooks: Choose from Sizes F, G, H, I, J, K and L

I saw This on Pinterest Today

I absolutely love these. Am so making some #crochet #garlands to go in my display cabinet thingimajig.

I saw This on Pinterest Today

#crochet – bunting