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Flat Out Fabulous Shawl – Free Knit Pattern

I hope you have your yarn all ready to make this gorgeous squishy shawl, made from Scheepjes River Washed XL! I’m not going to beat around the bush, we’re going to get straight into it.


If you’d prefer a printer/e-reader version, you can purchase it for a small fee on Ravelry.  Extra bonus: you’ll be supporting an indie designer!

What You’ll Need

Colour A: 3 skeins of Scheepjes River Washed XL in 982 Steenbras
Colour B: 4 skeins of Scheepjes River Washed XL in 989 Yarra
7mm circular (80cm) needles
Blocking mats (or a spare bed) and pins
Tapestry needle to weave in the ends


190 (longest side) x 105 (shortest side) cm


14 stitches X 22 rows in pattern unblocked Although tension isn’t crucial, if you knit loosely you may not have enough yarn to match the repeats and pattern


CA (CB) colour A (B)
Rs right side
Ws wrong side
K knit
Kfb knit front back (increase)
K2tog knit 2 together (decrease)
YO yarn over
Slwyif slip one stitch, purl-wise with the yarn in front


This is a beginner friendly pattern, worked back and forth in rows, increasing at one side only. The shawl will become a large triangle.
Repeat instructions between brackets […] the instructed amount of times.
When alternating colours, carry the yarn up the side of the work. Make sure the non-working yarn is in front when slipping the working yarn onto the needle.



1. Cast on 3
2. K to end
3. Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end (4)
4. Ws slwyif, k to end (4)
5. Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end (5)
6. Ws sl1wyif, k to end (5)
7. Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end (6)
8. Ws slwyif, k to end (6)
9. Rs slwyif, kfb [YO, k2tog] to last 2, k2 (7)
10. Ws slwyif, k to end (7)
11. Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end (8)
12. Ws slwyif, k2tog, k to end (7)
*4 stitches increased


Working in sets of 10 row repeats:
13. Rs, slwyif, kfb, k to end (8)
14. Ws slwyif, k to end (8)
15. Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end (9)
16. Ws slwyif, k to end (9)
17. Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end (10)
18. Ws slwyif, k to end (10)
19. Rs slwyif, kfb, [YO, k2tog] to last 2, k2 (11)
20. Ws slwyif, k to end (11)
21. Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end (12)
22. Ws slwyif, k2tog, k to end (11)
*4 stitches increased

Repeat rows 13-22 a total of 16 times. Keep track easily by counting the rows with the holes made by the YO k2tog.

Now we will introduce the stripes. Don’t cut the yarn, instead carry it up the side.

1. CB (holding CA in front of the work) Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end
2. Ws slwyif, k to end
3. CA (holding CB in front of the work), Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end
4. Ws k to end
5. CB (holding CA in front of the work), Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end
6. Ws slwyif, k to end
7. CA (holding CB in front of the work) Rs slwyif, kfb, [YO, k2tog] to last 2, k2
8. Ws slwyif, k to end
9. CB (holding CA in front of the work) Rs slwyif, kfb, k to end
10. Ws slwyif, k2tog, k to end
*4 stitches increased

Repeat rows 1-10 a total of 5 times


Switch to CB, repeat rows 13-22 for a total of 8 times, or until running out of yarn.
Bind off loosely, weave in ends, wet block.


Make sure you add your project to Ravelry so we can all see your colour choices, and share your photos on Instagram with #scheepjes, #missneriss and #flatoutfabulousshawl so the entire Scheepjes community can also enjoy your progress!

Copyright © 2018 Nerissa Muijs


MissNeriss Goes to YARNDALE!

What a week I’ve just had.

Each year the amazing team at Scheepjes puts on a couple of yarnie days at their offices for our tribe to hang out together and learn new skills, and a few secrets if we’re lucky, but this year they surprised us all with a trip to YARNDALE!

We all congregated in the Old Swan Hotel in beautiful Harrogate on Thursday evening after most of us flew to Manchester. I could relive my tour guide days by playing bus chauffeur for the journey, although I didn’t force anyone to sing songs (this time).  After a lovely dinner we were all exhausted and most of us collapsed in bed by 10 pm!  This is virtually unheard of, most years the naughty kids (I’ll leave it up to you to guess who they are) stay up until all hours of the night gossiping, laughing and crying.


On Friday we all met in The Penthouse in the hotel for a day of chatting, and getting to know our newer additions (Matt and Christina), and waiting for poor Rachele who had been terribly delayed in the US.  At least this year she actually made it! Last year she was stuck in Texas because of flooding, so we were all very grateful she could be with us after her epic journey. In the afternoon we headed outside to enjoy the glorious Yorkshire weather (I bet that’s something you never read in a sentence).  It was almost hot in the sun!

First thing Saturday morning we all piled into our vans and zoomed off to Yarndale!  We stocked (and re-stocked) all the shelves, and suddenly the masses were pouring in!


I was able to sneak off and do a lap of the festival with Susan where we saw some of the most beautiful and colourful yarns (loads of pics on my insta) before heading back to the Scheepjes stand to meet all of the wonderful people who had come from far and wide to see us. And when I say far and wide, I’m not joking!  Much to my delight, I met no less than two fellow Australians!


For two amazing, energy-filled days, we all hugged and laughed and shared our passion for all things yarn and creative with every single person who dared venture in our direction.  It was a cool opportunity for the many people who have never been able to squish Scheepjes yarns to come in, and receive advice on the types of projects they could make, which colours they should choose, and to meet  yarn-celebs like Dedri, our very own megastar and British Knitting and Crochet Award winner, who’s smack in the middle of the Ubuntu CAL.


However, the real star of the weekend was Tammy!  I saw at least a dozen Read Between the Lines shawls getting around, and the makers were all so incredibly proud to be able to share their results with her.  And it’s no small feat, at 2km of yarn knitted on 3mm needles!


I felt so proud to see my dear friend shine – although I couldn’t really see her; she was constantly buried in a crush of fans.  It was just wonderful to be able to stand back and watch all my friends experience the love and admiration that the visitors were piling onto them.

I honestly couldn’t tell you what the biggest highlight was.  It was all amazing.  I so look forward to this weekend every year; we’ve become like a family now, fully invested in one another’s lives. And even though we all talk almost daily, there’s nothing like the energy of being in a room together for a weekend to lift your spirits.

All of this is thanks to Scheepjes, who make it all possible.  It wasn’t a small undertaking to get us all to Yarndale, that’s for sure! So, even though I think I said it a million times during the course of the weekend, here’s one more thank you.  This tribe truly brings meaning to my life.

Now, check out my Insta highlights reel from Yarndale, it’s the best!

Is it time for the next one yet?


Delicious Crochet Shawls – Book Review

I’m joining in on all the excitement surrounding the launch of Lisa Cook’s new book; Delicious Crochet Shawls, 21 stylish crochet shawls. Did you see the Peaches and Cream shawl that @angelala242 shared on Instagram yesterday? Gorgeous, isn’t it!

All of September you’ll have seen gorgeous photos and projects from instagrammers and bloggers all over the world sharing their love for this new book and I’m no different.


This book is Lisa’s first; you know her as @lisasattik on Instagram, and you likely have at least one of her gorgeous patterns in your Ravelry library.

You can buy the book on Book Depository (my favourite bookstore) here*, or Amazon here*.


I decided to make the cover girl shawl, Berry Lime Pie, using a skein from my stash (gorgeous 4ply yarn from one of my fave indie dyers, Vanessa at My Creative Garage).


Because this is a single skein pattern, it’s the perfect size for a small person, and I just happen to have the perfect small person on hand to model it!




C’mon, Vogue..?

I love the open stitches and the shape.  This particular pattern worked up very quickly.  It could easily be done during a long car trip or a flight.


I thoroughly recommend this book, it is filled with patterns for beginner through to advanced crocheters, with extensive written instructions and outstanding charts and the sweet eats theme is just a lot of fun.

I also loved that I could stash dive to make my shawl; sometimes it can be so frustrating when you find a pattern you love, but are missing a ball or two, or just don’t have the right weight in the right colour.  As if I need an excuse to go yarn shopping, but still!

Up next in the blog tour is Sweet Sharna.  You know her from instagram, of course.  Be sure to follow her here and check out which shawl from the book she has been working on tomorrow!

And here’s another look at @angelala’s Peaches and Cream:

And check out the beautiful photo gallery on Instagram:


Now go, grab the book.  Here are the links again:

Amazon here*

Book Depository here*

Our Tribe, My Tribe – Shawl Reveal

Happy New Year!

I hope your start to 2018 have been as great as mine – we took an amazing family holiday to San Diego over Christmas, which was my first ever trip to North America, and I LOVED it! San Diego is a fantastic city, I could almost pretend I was in Australia.  We ate our Christmas dinner outside in the sunshine, the kids played in the pool (well, the heated jacuzzi.  It wasn’t that warm) and we just completely unplugged and enjoyed being together.

And now we’re back to reality, and it’s reveal time!

Just before Christmas I talked to you about the Our Tribe yarn collection from Scheepjes, and that I have my very own colourway, MissNeriss, and how proud I am.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the warm and positive messages and reactions, it was just the best way to close out the year.

I’ve finished working on my Our Tribe, My Tribe shawl, and have a couple of versions to share with you!

ETA: The pattern is live!  Get your copy here!

The first is the Original, using a single colour (MissNeriss, obviously):

Our Tribe My Tribe shawl by MissNeriss

And I’ve also created a fade version too!

Our Tribe My Tribe shawl (fade) by Nerissa Muijs. Colourways (from top): New Leaf, Look at What I Made, Jellina Creations

Our Tribe My Tribe (fade) shawl by Nerissa Muijs

For my fade I used New Leaf, Look at What I made, and Jellina Creations.  They’re three colours that to look at them in a ball you probably wouldn’t consider them as complementary, but they’re actually a great match, thanks to the common elements.

For something  bit different, I’m going to host a mini-CAL! So when the pattern launches next week, I’m going to start making a new one, and post progress pics as I go, and I want you to join me!  That way we can work on it together, chat about how much we love the yarn (obviously!) and I can help you through any parts where you might become stuck.

I’m going to host the mini-CAL on Instagram, under the tag #ourtribemytribe and to be the first to know about the pattern release (and to get a discount), make sure you’re signed up to receive my newsletter which will go out at the beginning of next week!

Ahead of the pattern launch and mini-CAL, make sure you get hold of the yarn!

For the single colour shawl you’ll need two skeins of Scheepjes My Tribe in MissNeriss (or another colourway should you prefer, and for the fade you’ll need three colourways, including New Leaf, Look at What I Made and Jellina Creations.  Or of course a three colour fade in your choice.  Be sure to choose colourways with similar elements throughout.

To get hold of the yarns, here’s a list of some of my favourite suppliers, in NL and beyond:

Wool Warehouse:* has you covered globally (including Australia and the US)

Caro’s Atelier*: my local yarn store here in Almere, with all the Our Tribe yarns, plus the entire Scheepjes range with great service!

Magnolia Tree Wools*: a small business, based in the UK, with a growing selection of Our Tribe yarns (including MissNeriss), plus lots of other scrummy things you didn’t know you need.

Of course there are also a bunch of other retailers across Europe, and a growing range in North America.  You can find all the stockists on the Scheepjes site here.

And to tide you over for a few more days, here are some more photos!

Our Tribe My Tribe (fade) shawl by Nerissa Muijs

Our Tribe My Tribe (fade) shawl by Nerissa Muijs

Let me know what you think in the comments, and speak to you next week.  I’m off to choose a new fade for my next Our Tribe My Tribe shawl in time for the min-CAL!

*Affiliate link

Ready, Set, KREADOE!

Kreadoe 2017, see the info here:

I’m venturing back to KreaDoe for the first time in five years and I’m excited!

I’m going to be there together with Scheepjes at their fabulous stand, inspired by the Dutch Masters and featuring all the incredible designs from the most recent edition of YARN, including two of my own designs, the Almond Blossom Scarf and the Dutch Masters Vest:

I’ll be at the stand all day on Friday which is at 7.B056 and 7.0B58, right near the cupcake theatre, and you won’t be able to miss us!   Download the map here.

Now, as if you don’t need a reason to stop by and say hello, Scheepjes is running multiple giveaways over the course of the week.  10 times each day – that’s ten times a day – they’ll be giving away limited edition Whirl packs, and to be in it to win it you need to come wearing your favourite garment or accessory made from Scheepjes yarn and join in the fun by having your own professional headshot taken (with a mini makeover and everything).  Then you just have to share your pic on insta or FB to be in with a chance.

And alongside that awesome activity, Scheepjes is also giving away a bike with a basket full of yarn!  Seriously, the coolest omafiets with a basket full of yarn.  It doesn’t get more dutch than that.

So, will I see you there on Friday?  I’ll be the one with the biggest grin on my face, waiting anxiously to meet you!

Fade Out Shawl in Simply Crochet!

It’s so exciting to be able to come back from holidays and to immediately be able to share with you exciting news that my Fade Out shawl has been featured in the latest issue of Simply Crochet!

Well, I’m a bit late sharing the news, like I am with everything it seems!

In Issue 60 of Simply Crochet there is a gorgeous shawl supplement with designs by some of my fabulous blogger friends  and the yarn is all supplied by Scheepjes.  Take a look at the designs in the video slideshow below:

My shawl is called Fade Out and is designed to use a single ball of Scheepjes Whirl.  For this issue I used Popin Candy, but you can use any shade you want.  I’d love to make another in Lemon Cassis Cream or Fruity O’Tutty.

Fade Out shawl by Nerissa Muijs in issue 60 of Simply Crochet

Image courtesy of Simply Crochet on Ravelry

Fade Out shawl by Nerissa Muijs in issue 60 of Simply Crochet

Image courtesy of Simply Crochet on Ravelry

Here are peeks at the other designs:

Coastal Garden shawl by Rachele Carmona.

This is the Coastal Garden by Rachele Carmona.  Can you believe this is her first shawl design?

Petals Aplenty by Carmen Jorissen.

Petals Aplenty by Carmen Jorissen.  Can you imagine joining all those flowers?

Over the Moon by Esther Dijkstra.

Over the Moon by Esther Dijkstra.  This even has a lovely little collar.

Work of Art by Esther de Beer.

Work of Art by Esther de Beer. Those colours!

Simply Crochet Issue 60 is out now available online (also globally) or at your favourite UK retailer.

If you live in the UK, there is an absolutely bananas special offer on where you can get 6 issues for under 10 quid!

For us Dutchies, I’m not sure if it will be translated into Dutch, but if it is you’ll hear it from me!

I’d love to see your shawls, please tag me on Instagram or share your projects on Ravelry.


Here’s where you can pick up all the yarns to make the shawls in this special:
Wool Warehouse (UK and global shipping)
Knotty House (Canada and North America)
Sticks and Cups (Benelux)

*Just a note: this post contains a couple of affiliate links which, if you choose to use when feeding your yarn habit, will earn me a small commission.  This helps me keep up the freebies and doesn’t cost you a thing. Thanks so much!

My Five Faves – Crochet Books

Today I want to talk to you about crochet books.  Books that are in my library, and I think should be in yours, in fact.

So, in no particular order, here are some books I love.

Five Favourite Crochet books including: Ultimate Crochet Bible, Sophie's Universe, Puur Haken, Colorful Crochet, and Zoomigurumi. See more at

Ultimate Crochet Bible

by Jane Crowfoot

The Ultimate Crochet Bible by Jane Crowfoot, available on the Book Depository with free global shipping:

If you have no other books in your library, then this is the book you must have.  You’ll learn about the history of crochet, how to choose hooks and tools, fibres, yarn substitutions and how to read a pattern.  And this is all before you’ve seen a single stitch.

With sections on basics, motifs, lace, colour work, borders and much, much more, this is my single favourite resource when it comes to crochet.  You can see how much I’ve used it by all the pages I’ve marked!

The Ultimate Crochet Bible by Jane Crowfoot, available on the Book Depository with free global shipping:

I bought my copy from The Book Depository (in paperback here) which ships worldwide for free.

In The Netherlands it’s on and on sale right now!  It’s only in English though, but with extensive charts the language isn’t really very important.

Puur Haken

by Maaike van Koert

Puur Haken by Maaike van Koert available in Dutch from

This was the first crochet book I bought that was written by a friend, and it’s still one of my most thumbed books, three years later.

It was Maaike’s mission to create a gorgeous book filled with patterns only using natural yarns and to suit all crochet skill levels.  The Bloemdeken (flower blanket) is designed with future generations in mind; to become a real heirloom.  And it’s beautiful.

My favourite project is the Zomersjaal (summer shawl), and judging by the instagram photos I’ve seen, I’m not the only one who loves it!  I’ve made a couple, one of which is a regular in my shawl rotation.  The other was a gift to my great aunt on her eightieth birthday.

Puur Haken by Maaike van Koert available in Dutch from

Puur Haken is only available in Dutch, but for those of you who don’t speak or read Dutch it’s ok; there are extensive charts.  It’s available on  in the Netherlands.  Maaike has since published a couple of other books, one of which is in English – 9 Months to Crochet: Count down to the big day with crochet – which is full of fun baby projects.



Zoomigurumi - 15 cute amigurumi designs, from Book available at the Book Depository with free global shipping

Zoomigurumi is the first in a series of amigurumi animal patterns (get it – zoo-migurumi?) compiled by Belgian publisher Joke Vermeiren, in collaboration with 12 renowned amigurumi designers, including my all time favourite, Josephine Wu.

I’ve made at least half of the projects in this book.  Usually I would make two or three designs from a book, but this one is filled with so many great designs, I had to keep making!  I love Roary the Tiger the most.  I also have books 2 and 3 in my collection.  I just keep forgetting to order the others!

Zoomigurumi - 15 cute amigurumi designs, from Book available at the Book Depository with free global shipping

Zoomigurumi (and its five follow-ups) can be found on The Book Depository with global shipping. In the Netherlands you can pick it up in Dutch and English (and French!) on

Sophie’s Universe

by Dedri Uys

Sophie's Universe CAL by Dedri Uys, available at Wool Warehouse

It was only recently that I raved about the Sophie book, and for good reason. Everything about this book is beautiful.  From the photography, to the colour choices, to the notes pages, to the look into the community which surrounds Sophie.

The book will also work as a stitch bible, because there are so many new techniques and stitches, you will be a construction expert by the end.

Sophie's Universe CAL by Dedri Uys, available at Wool Warehouse

had planned on buying my copy from Wool Warehouse, until Dedri gifted it to me!  So now it’s even more special, I just love it.  In the Netherlands it’s also on (in English).

Colorful Crochet/Eindeloos Haken

by Marianne Dekkers-Roos

Colorful Crochet, with more than 20 crochet projects, by Marianne Dekkers Roos. Available at the Book Depository with free global shipping

This is another recent addition to my collection, and as Darryl Kerrigan would say: That’s going straight to the pool room.

What I think I love the most about this book is the use of colour. (It’s not called Colorful Crochet for nothing!)  Only Marianne – and my aunty Sally – could take fifteen different colours and make them all work together.  And I’m not talking pastels, or shades of one colour, I’m talking brown, orange lime green, blue, yellow, pink, red, purple, the list goes on!

Colorful Crochet, with more than 20 crochet projects, by Marianne Dekkers Roos. Available at the Book Depository with free global shipping

I’ve already made the Ribbed Tartan Cushion, and next on my list is the Geometric Triangle Blanket. I already have the yarn ready…

Again, The Book Depository and have you covered globally and in the Netherlands, and if you would rather the Dutch version Eindeloos Haken, it’s available at

So tell me, do you think I might have helped you discover some new gems?  I’d love you to tell me about your favourite books too – add them to the comments so I can go take a look for myself!

Five Favourite Crochet books including: Ultimate Crochet Bible, Sophie's Universe, Puur Haken, Colorful Crochet, and Zoomigurumi. See more at

*Just a note: this post contains a couple of affiliate links which, if you choose to use when feeding your yarn habit, will earn me a small commission.  This helps me keep up the freebies and doesn’t cost you a thing. Thanks so much!

Explore Sophie’s Universe

The first time I met Dedri, the Sophie’s Universe CAL was almost finished.  She brought the completed blanket and I was able to see it before the rest of the world!  The first, and only thing I could keep saying to Dedri was: Game Changer.  This creation is a total game changer.  The crochet universe was never going to be the same again, and it’s only a matter of time before we see a Sophie draped over a couch in an American sitcom.

Sophie's Universe by Dedri of Look What I Made

Sophie has become so ingrained in the crochet vernacular now that nobody needs to even bother with the the “Universe” part; like Madonna, Sophie is enough. It’s already at the point where she’s referenced in a bodice ripper!

So it was totally fitting that Dedri should turn Sophie into a book, right?

Sophie's Universe, by Dedri Uys. Available from Wool Warehouse:

All of the installments are laid out in sections, the same way that the weekly pattern releases were and there is so much information, with recommended yarn and colour choices and tips and tricks.

Sophie's Universe, by Dedri Uys.  Available from Wool Warehouse:

But do you know what my favourite part of the Sophie book is?  It’s the window into Dedri’s universe, with anecdotes of her family and pictures from the CAL community, it’s just so inclusive, and so… Dedri.

Sophie's Universe, by Dedri Uys. Available from Wool Warehouse:'s Universe, by Dedri Uys. Available from Wool Warehouse:

And then I closed the book with a smile on my face, only to see my own face smiling back at me from the back cover!


I am so grateful to have received my copy as a birthday gift from Dedri.  I had asked to buy a copy from her (first rule of publishing a book: friends and family pay full price) and after a bit of discussion she agreed.  Only to wrap the bloody thing up and give it to me for my birthday with a smug little “I win” grin on her face.

So I can only say: get this book.  It’s like a beautiful stitch bible – you’ll learn so many new techniques.  I challenge you to make a Sophie and not learn something new.  I promise you’ll be a better crocheter for this book.

Get your copy from Wool Warehouse (with global shipping) where you can also order yarn packs in colours and yarns for every budget.  In the Netherlands Caro’s Atelier stocks it, in South Africa it’s at Be Inspired (of course).

This post contains affiliate links which help me to run this site and provide free patterns for you.  If you shop using my links, I will earn a small commission, at no cost to you.  

Thanks for your support!

YARN 3 – Tropical Issue (and a Giveaway!)

You won’t believe this, but in the latest issue of YARN, I have not one, not two, but THREE designs!

Can you guess which three are mine?

One is an idea that I had been playing with for about a year, and have been experimenting with construction, so was excited to be able share it with the world.

Sunset Shawl, crochet pattern by Nerissa Muijs - YARN Tropical Issue

The inspiration for this one comes from my years tour guiding at Uluru, and the glorious colours that shoot across the sky during those golden minutes before the sun dips under the horizon.

The Pina Colada shawl is a semi-circle made with short rows, so it’s not it’s for the faint hearted, but once you get going the construction is intuitive and satisfying.  I used Secret Garden in Rose Arch and Summer House, and it makes the shawl deliciously snuggly.

Have you guessed the next design yet?

Pineapple Garland - crochet pattern by Nerissa Muijs - YARN Tropical Issue

A pineapple garland!

This one is super easy, each pineapple can be smashed out in 10-15 minutes and the leaves are made stiff and bendy by crocheting around pipe cleaners!  The pattern uses Softfun and you’ll only need a single ball of each colour.

And now for the last:

Espadrilles, crochet pattern by Nerissa Muijs - YARN Tropical Issue

Mojito Espadrilles!

These are such fun, I actually made these while I was on a beach holiday and while lounging under an umbrella drinking a cocktail, I just wanted to hurry up and finish them so I could wear them!

These are made with regular espadrille soles and using Sugar Rush triple stranded with my handy navajo plying method.  I shared a Youtube tutorial a few months ago because I just love this trick.  They’re easily customisable for any size, and look fantastic!

So, Wool Warehouse will have copies in English, or if you’d rather Dutch, there are a host of retailers who have it for you.

And exciting news: Love Knitting in the US will also be stocking YARN, along with loads of the best Scheepjes yarns!

YARN - Tropical issue. Available at Wool Warehouse

Now, to the giveaway!  Thanks very much to Scheepjes, I’m giving away an English copy of YARN, Tropical Issue away, plus the yarn to make my pineapple garland!  To be in with a chance to win, what you need to do is pin your favourite of my three projects on Pinterest, and mention me @missneriss with the following (or a variation of) text: “This is my favourite @missneriss design in Issue 3 of YARN, Tropical Issue from @scheepjes.”

Pin all three to triple your chances!

The giveaway is open to everyone, globally, so get to pinning!  I’ll announce a winner here on the blog next week, on the 12th of May.

The photos I’ve shared in this post are from Issue 3 of Scheepjes Yarn Bookazine – Tropical, republished with permission.

This post contains affiliate links which help me to continue to provide free patterns.  Thanks so much for your support!

Cast-On: Tank Stream

That’s quite the title, right?  I mean, what does it even mean?

A couple of weeks ago I was watching the Dingo Dyeworks video podcast on Youtube (it’s one of my faves, by the way.  Petah creates the most unbelievable colourways!) when I saw Petah showing off Meg Gadsbey’s new shawl design – Tank Stream – my eyes almost popped out of my head!

Tank Stream shawl, by Meg Gadsbey:

Image thanks to Meg Gadsbey

I immediately bought Meg’s design on Ravelry and then the mission began to find the right yarn.  Dingo Dyeworks have put together gorgeous packs that I really wanted, but I didn’t want to wait for the postage, and I didn’t want to be hit with customs charges at the door, so I went to Love Knitting and ordered some sweet georgia superwash DK in Mist.

sweet georgia superwash DK in Mist:

As soon as the yarn arrived I couldn’t wait to start.  It was one of those days when I was counting the seconds until I could finish work so I could wind the yarn and cast on.

sweet georgia superwash DK in Mist:

I just noticed that my needles match my yarn!  Those sorts of coincidences give me the warm fuzzies.  I do love my zings, especially the colours.  They’re all bright and colourful.

So now I’m busy listening to the S-Town podcast while knitting Tank Stream.  Life is good!

Tanks Stream is available on Ravelry

Get the sweet georgia yarns from Love Knitting/Love Crochet

And check the Dingo Dyeworks 20% off sale to get some glorious hand dyed Australian yarns.

Love Crochet


This post contains affiliate links.