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Revisiting my First Love: Amigurumi. A Project begins…

It’s been ages since I made any Amigurumi.  There was a long time there where it was all I made.  I have a few favourite designers, including A Morning Cup of Jo Creations and Local Legend Dendennis.  I’ve also long been a fan of the Zoomigurumi books, with just about all of them in my collection.

But amigurumi and I have been on a break.  It was only recently when I posted a photo on Instagram for #ThrowbackThursday that the desire reignited.

So I got online and ordered myself a few of the brand new Scheepjes Catona minis so I could get cracking.

25g Mini Skeins of Scheepjes Catona - perfect size for amigurumi projects!

I ordered three, as usually one 50g skein of yarn is not quite enough and two is too many.  What a gap Scheepjes has managed to fill here, seriously!  I hate having leftovers.  I never use them and I always buy too many different types of yarn to be able to make a scrap project, so these mini skeins suit me right down to the ground.

I couldn’t wait to get started on my project, which is going to be a floppy-eared bunny.  I’ve already made loads of progress, with only the final touches to be made before I can show you the end result and share the pattern with you!

Ears, arms and legs for the flop-eared bunny made with Scheepjes Catona mini-skeins by MissNeriss

I’ve really struggled with the ears though.  I wanted them to be long and floppy, but not too wide and not too narrow.  I think I’ve finally nailed it (on the left).

Ears, arms and legs for the flop-eared bunny made with Scheepjes Catona mini-skeins by MissNerissAnd the assembly is easy, but sewing all the bits and pieces on takes the time and I have to be extra vigilant not to prick my finger and get blood all over the lovely vintage yellow.

Ears, arms and legs for the flop-eared bunny made with Scheepjes Catona mini-skeins by MissNeriss

So, wish me luck keeping my fingers prick-free, I’m off to sew him all together and makes sure the pattern makes sense for you in time to share this time next week!

If you want to pick up the Catona mini-skeins for yourselves, you can at your local retailer in NL and BE, or via Deramores.com, who ship worldwide.


Crochet Cake Pops

Cake pops…. I love cake pops.

My friend Anel has a business where she gets to make beautiful, delicious cake pops all day long and I’m not jealous at all.  Not one little bit.  There’s no way I’d be able to let that deliciousness out of my sight, I’d gobble it all up.  All of it.  But when Anel asked me to make her some crochet cake pops I jumped at the chance!  I could have the best of both worlds, the cuteness without the sugar come down.

The brief was broad: no theme, just whatever you want.  I love and hate these challenges.  I always spend half a day staring at my hands, inspiration-less.  But I’m doing some preparation for the first King’s Day in more than 100 years, so making something Dutchie was pretty much a given.

Happy Dutch Spring crochet cake pop collection on missneriss.com

Tulips are so perfectly Dutch, that it was obvious that I included one.  Perhaps I’ll even make a collection for myself.

Tulip crochet cake pop on missneriss.com

Spring has really kicked into gear here in Holland, and flowers are peeking out from every patch of grass and garden, it’s probably the most beautiful time of the year here.

Spring Bloom crochet cake pop on missneriss.com

Pharell has taken the world by storm, simply by being Happy.  Can’t be a bad thing, right?

The original smiley face crochet cake pop on missneriss.com

Miffy (or Nijntje as we call her), is one of my favourite kid’s characters, and my daughter loves her.  It’s going to be a fight to get this one out of the house.

Miffy crochet cake pop on missneriss.com

With King’s Day and the World Cup fast approaching, national pride is about to go completely mental here in Holland.  Flags, Orange, and the Conga line all feature very heavily in times of celebration, so I have to be ready!

Dutch Flag crochet cake pop on missneriss.com

I loved making these for Anel, but just looking at the photos makes me want one of the real things.  Do pop over and visit Little Cakes, the creations are amazing and delicious. Don’t believe me, look at some of these, you’ll change your mind!

Told you so.

Meet Luci Bunny

Meet Luci Bunny at missneriss.comHi there!  Meet Luci Bunny, the newest addition to the MissNeriss Collection.  I made Luci for very special order from a woman from my former life as a tour guide in Australia. She was looking for something similar to her own Mouse; the cuddly toy from her own childhood, who is too fragile for her toddler to play with.  We exchanged emails and ideas until eventually we settled on something similar to what you see here.  However, we were still undecided if we should make a mouse or a bunny.  So I left it to the hook to decide.

Luci Bunny at missneriss.com

As the mouse/bunny evolved, I just wasn’t feeling that she could be a mouse, so a bunny started to appear instead.  I spent ages trying to get the ears and eyes just right, but in the end I think she looks perfect.

Luci Bunny at missneriss.comAs is always the case, I’ll be very sad to wave goodbye as Luci Bunny packs her bags and leaves home today, but I’m still happy because she has fuelled some serious creative juices in me.  I want to make another one.

Luci Bunny at missneriss.com


The original pattern is by Sidrun on Craftsy, although I used heavier yarn and I altered the pattern quite a bit.

I’ve also started sharing my inspiration on Tumblr, so pop over and take a look at all the gorgeous images and patterns that I’m finding and sharing over there.  missnerisscrochet.tumbler.com




Squishies Rule

Squishies Rule

One of my absolute favourite crochet designers is Jo from A Morning Cup of Jo Creations and recently she released this pattern for free!

Along with the adorable squishy bunny, you can get your hands on a duck, a chick and a sheep (I’m dying to get started on the sheep).

The absolute best thing about these patterns is that the possibilities are endless! I don’t have to restrict myself to making squishies from her patterns, now I want to create my own! When I can find a spare moment, I’m going to whip my daughter up a little piggy squishy, because we love snorting together (too much Peppa Pig, perhaps?).

I thoroughly recommend you check out Jo’s Facebook page and look her up on Craftsy (click the picture, it will take you straight there).

But while I have you, who’s your favourite pattern designer? It’s ok to say yourself, by the way. A bit of horn tooting never hurt anyone!