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Legacy Mandala – Free Crochet Pattern

Ready to start working on your Legacy Mandala pattern? Here we go!

Below is the pattern using UK terminology. You will be able to get your hands on the US version via a pdf from my Ravelry store or LoveCrafts. I’ll work on an NL translation too, but this will take time.


You’ll need two skeins of Scheepjes Legacy No. 6 in off-white (ecru) and a wire hoop. I found my 90cm hoop at Lampenkapmaterialen.com here in Almere, but there are places that you can find them everywhere; have a look to see what’s local.

For the yarn, Scheepjes has a full list of stockists on their website, you can search for one close to you.

In Europe head to Caro’s Atelier*
In the UK Black Sheep Wools*


Scheepjes Legacy Nr. 6 (100% mercerised cotton, 100g, 240m), colour 089 off-white x2 balls
90cm wire hoop.


90cm in diameter when stretched onto hoop


UK terms

ch chain
ch(1)-sp chain space
dc double crochet
dcblo double crochet back loop only
tr treble crochet
dtrcl double treble crochet cluster
rep repeat
ss slip stitch(es)
ssblo slip stitch back loop only
st(s) stitch(es)

Repeat Format

[(….)] x times Work the instructions between parentheses and brackets the total number of times stated.

Pattern Notes

This pattern is worked in rounds, slip stitching to join. The last ch round is worked around the hoop. You can increase or decrease the diameter by adding or removing a set of repeats between rounds 15-24.


Round 1 (tr, ch1) 11 times in a magic ring, ss to join
Round 2 ch1 (does not count as a st), 22dc (in each st and ch-sp), ss to join
Round 3 ch6, dc next, (dc, ch5, dc) 10 times, ss to join
Round 4 ss to top of ch, (ch5, ss to top of next ch) 11 times
Round 5 ch1, (5dc in ch5-sp, miss ss) 11 times, ss to join
Round 6 3ss, (ch6, miss 4, ss) 11 times
Round 7 3ss, (ch6, ss to next ch6-sp) 11 times (ss to first ss of the round to join)
Round 8 4ss (ch7, ss to next ch6-sp) 11 times (ss to first ss of the round to join)
Round 9 ch3, 2dtrcl in the first st, (ch4, ss to middle of ch7-sp, ch4, 3dtrcl in next ss) 10 times, ch4, ss in ch7-sp, ch4, ss to join
Round 10 (ch5, 3dtrcl in next ss, ch5, ss in dtrcl from prev round) 11 times
Round 11 ch3, 2dtrcl in the first st (ch6, ss to 3dtrcl from prev round, ch6, 3dtrcl to next ss), 10 times, ch6, ss in 3dtrcl, ch6, ss to join
Round 12 ch1 (does not count as a st), [dc, ch12, miss (ch6, ss, ch6)], rep 11 times, ss to join
Round 13 ch1, (miss dc, 12dc in ch12-sp) 11 times, ss to join
Round 14 (ch7, 6ssblo) 11 times
Round 15 4ss to top of ch, (ch6, ss to next ch) 11 times, ss to join
Round 16 4ss, (ch7, ss to ch6-sp) 11 times, ss to join
Round 17 4ss, (ch8, ss to ch7-sp) 11 times, ss to join
Round 18 5ss, (ch9, ss to ch8-sp) 11 times, ss to join
Round 19 rep round 9 (ch9-sp instead of ch7-sp, and 21 repeats instead of 10)
Round 20 rep round 10 (22 repeats)
Round 21 rep round 11 (21 repeats)
Round 22 rep round 12 (22 repeats)
Round 23 rep round 13 (22 repeats)
Round 24 rep round 14 (22 repeats)
Round 25-34 rep rounds 15-24
Round 35 rep round 15
Round 36 rep round 16
Round 37 rep round 17
Round 38 rep round 18

Now it’s time to work around the hoop. Each ch10 should loop over the hoop before slip stitching to next ch-sp.

Round 39 ss5, (ch10, ss to ch9-sp) to end, ss to join
Round 40 dc sets of 10 between each loop over the hoop all the way around the hoop. Ss to join.
Optional to create a loop to hang the legacy mandala: ch7, ss to next, tie off.


Please note, the chart shows only a segment of the full mandala and rounds 15, 17, 25, 27 and 29 slip stitch backwards on the chart. This is to keep the start and finish of the rounds in roughly the same place on the chart. You can ss forward, as normal.

Also note, the chart shows rounds 1-30, when the written pattern has a repeat of rounds 15-24. Please also repeat rounds 15-24 when working from the chart (unless making a smaller mandala).

The chart key has both UK and US terms (dc/sc)

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The Legacy Mandala is Here


You’ll need two skeins of Scheepjes Legacy No. 6 in off-white (ecru) and a wire hoop. I found my 90cm hoop at Lampenkapmaterial.com here in Almere, but there are places that you can find them everywhere; have a look to see what’s local.

For the yarn, Scheepjes has a full list of stockists on their website, you can search for one close to you.

In Europe head to Caro’s Atelier*
In the UK Black Sheep Wools*

At almost a metre in diameter, she’s found her perfect home above my daughter’s bed.

I just love it. The wall above her bed has been waiting for the perfect decoration, and I think this is just what the room needed.

The pattern is in progress. Right now it’s still a colourful chart in my notebook, but I’m going to turn it into a colourful chart on my iPad and a written pattern in the coming days, so it will be ready very soon!

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Legacy Crochet Mandala – WIP

Don’t you just love this curly, lacy mess on my lap?

It’s been perfect crochet weather here in the Netherlands. I look out the window and the beautiful trees on my street are all slowly turning a rich copper. I’m making the most of enjoying this time before the less-romantic phase where I spend a my days clearing leaves from my garden!

I’m really enjoying working with this Scheepjes Legacy yarn. It’s easy to crochet, my project is growing quickly and it holds up magnificently to frogging – which I do a LOT of while designing.


Scheepjes has a full list of stockists on their website, you can search for one close to you.

In Europe head to Caro’s Atelier*
In the UK Black Sheep Wools*

I’m nearly done, now I’m on the hunt for the right hoop to be able to stretch it. I think I might have found a stockist local to me which is a huge win. More on that next week!

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Legacy Crochet

I have a brand new crochet project on the go that I can’t wait to share with you!

I’m using the lovely Legacy yarn from Scheepjes which is a nostalgic delight.

close up of legacy yarn hanks

Doesn’t this yarn just trigger memories of years gone by, visiting an older relative, being fascinated by the cabinet filled with precious china and statuettes, all artfully arranged on delicate lace doilies?

Scheepjes has multiple weights of this yarn, mercerised and non-mercerised, in two colours, bright white and off white. I’m going to use the mercerised Nr. 6, with the following specs:

Hook size: 3.5mm
Ball Weight: 100 grams
Length: 240 metres
Gauge: 23 stitches x 30 rows to 10 cm on 3.5mm hooks

Get the Yarn

Scheepjes has a full list of stockists on their website, you can search for one close to you.

In Europe head to Caro’s Atelier*
In the UK Black Sheep Wools*

close up of legacy yarn

I absolutely love these hanks. The way they’re wound, they way they feel in my hands, I’m transported to another time by this yarn, which I’m sure was the intention of the Scheepjes design team.

With that feeling of a by-gone era in mind, I’m going to use this yarn to make a vintage-inspired lace mandala. I’ve been busy building a chart to work from, it’s going to be quite a challenge to write it all out line by line I’m sure, so this will be a great project to brush off the chart making skills!

Keep an eye on my blog and Instagram for more photos and progress to come!

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Tulip Mandala – Free Crochet Pattern

Hey there!  Today I want to share a design with you that I’ve been meaning to share for oh, about a year!

This is the expansion of the Spring Motif which I shared in 2017, so if you’ve made that already, this one will be a doddle. I love how mine looks in my living room.


Spring crochet motif by @missneriss using Scheepjes Catona, available from Wool Warehouse http://bit.ly/wwcatona

What you’ll need

1 ball each of Scheepjes Catona Cutie pies 10g balls. I used:
C1: 520 (lavender)
C2: 385 (crystalline)
C3: 222 (tulip)
C4: 101 (candle light)
3mm crochet hook
Blocking mat
Tapestry needle


22cm across


Not important


(UK terms)
Ch chain
Ss slip stitch
Dc double crochet
Htr half treble crochet
Tr treble crochet
Dtr double treble crochet
Dc3l double crochet in the third loop
2trcl two treble crochet cluster



This is a mandala aimed at confident beginners, worked in rounds, using your choice of Scheepjes Catona cutie pies. While tension is not important, if your tension is usually tight, consider going up half or a whole hook size to avoid curling.

When working round 7, work the stitches into the bottom of the post, between the loops (see picture under round 7 instructions).

Lastly, don’t forget to block! Stretch the points out to 22cm


  1. C1, ch2, 12 tr into a magic ring, ss to join.IMG_0159
  2. Ch3, tr same, 2tr in the next and the next 10 stitches, ss to join.IMG_0160
  3. C2, ch4, tr same, skip 1, [tr, ch1, tr] next. [skip 1, (tr, ch1, tr)] 10 times, ss to join.IMG_0146
  4. C3, join in a ch space, ch2, [tr, ch1, 2trcl] in same ch space, [ch2, (2trcl, ch1, 2trcl) next ch space], repeat 11 times. Ch2, ss to join.IMG_0144
  5. C4: join in ch1 space between 2trcl, ch2, [tr, 3dtr, tr] in the ch2 space, [htr in the ch space between clusters (tr, 3dtr, tr in ch2 space)] repeat 11 times, ss to join.IMG_0147
  6. C1, join to an htr, [dc, ch3, skip 2], repeat 24 times ss to join.IMG_0148
  7. C2, join to a dc two rounds above the clusters from round 4, ch4, tr into the bottom of the same stitch, ch2, skip chain stitches, dc into the bottom of the next dc, ch2, skip chain stitches, [(tr, ch1, tr), ch2, skip ch stitches, dc into the bottom of the dc, ch2], repeat 11 times, ss to join.IMG_0149IMG_0150
  8. C3, join to ch1 space, ch2, tr, ch1, 2trcl in the same ch space, ch8, skip to next ch1 space, [(2trcl, ch1, 2trcl), ch8, skip to next ch1 space], repeat 11 times, ss to join.IMG_0151
  9. C1, join to a dc from round 6, ch4 (counts as 1st dtr), [3dtr in ch2 space from round 6, ch3, skip clusters, 3dtr next ch2 space from round 6, dtr in dc] 10 times, 3dtr in next ch2 space, ch3, skip clusters, 3dtr in the next ch2 space, ss to join.IMG_0153From the back:IMG_0154
  10. Ch5, dtr in the same, tr, htr, dc next 3, htr, tr, [(dtr, ch1, dtr), tr, htr, dc next 3, htr, tr], 11 times, ss to join.IMG_0155
  11. C4, join to ch space, [(dc, ch1, dc) same space, dc next 4, skip 1, dc next 4], repeat 12 times, ss to join.
  12. Ch1, dc3l same, [ch2, skip ch space, dc3l next 10], 12 times, ss to join. Tie off.IMG_0157IMG_8441




I hope you enjoy, don’t forget to share your pics on Instagram with hashtag #obsessedwithcrochet!


Wink’s Summer Hearts Mandala

If you only follow one new blog this year, you must make sure it is A Creative Being.  Everything about Wink’s blog is beautiful.  The projects, the colours, the photography, everything.  It’s just one amazing package of crochet goodness. I have a few of her patterns, including the Design Wars shortlisted entry Dancing Hearts Wrap and most recently, the Summer Hearts Mandala which is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I wanted to create the mandala in line with the Crochet Collective’s Mandala Crochet Along, but I’m just useless at sticking with timelines, my life is just too busy, plus I really wanted to make this mandala as my first, and it wasn’t on their schedule (but there are some extraordinary ones, so check it out). So, I decided to sit down one night and smash it out.  And smash it out I did.  It’s a seriously fast pattern to work up, and it looks amazing.  I had the yarn and colours that Wink used (or close enough to) on hand and I couldn’t imagine using anything else. The finished mandala with the tension being too tight But I had a problem.  It’s difficult to see above, but instead of lying flat, the mandala has curled edges.  See what I mean? Mandala, tension too tight on missneriss.comSo I decided to leave it for the night as it was late and I was tired, and I wanted to fix it in the morning when I was feeling fresh again. The problem I have is that although I was using the exact same yarn, and the exact same hook as the pattern, my tension is far tighter than Winks, so the edges curled up on me.  This is a result of all the amigurumi projects I’ve been focusing on – you have to crochet tight so as to keep the stitches close together (I usually use at least one hook size down than what the yarn calls for). Here’s how I hold my yarn, how do you hold yours?  See how tightly wrapped around my little finger it is? Here's how I hold my yarn, super tight tension after so many amigurumi projects.But instead of frogging the entire project, I decided to just rip out the last couple of rows, to where it started to curl. The offending rowThis is the row that was causing the problem, before that I was progressing beautifully. I decided that because it’s difficult for me to loosen my tension (old habits die hard, right?), I would go up half a hook size and try my best. Changing from a 4mm to a 4.5mm hook to complete the projectI love my Clover hooks, they are the single best crochet related purchase I’ve made so far. And here we go!  The finished mandala! Summer Hearts Mandala by A Creative Being on missneriss.comSee how beautifully flat it lies now? It has a slight curve, a bit like a saucer, but I think that’s the intention, and I love it. See how it lies flat?  Perfect Summer Hearts Mandala on missneriss.comThe Summer Hearts Mandala was a beautiful project to make, I’m definitely going to be making more, and will experiment with different colours. Would you like me to make you one? By all means feel free to get in contact, I’d be honoured. Have you made any mandalas?  Which pattern is your favourite? There are so many to choose from and they’re all beautiful.


Wednesday WIP

One of this week’s works in progress:

I still love minions, can’t ever get enough of them.

Meanwhile, I’m also working on another Spring Shawl, plus a kangaroo and red panda from the third Zoomigurumi book and have received the amazing Alize bamboo yarn from yarnstreet.com to make my Convergence top.  Busy busy.

Oh, and I’m about to start a Mandala Crochet-along with the Creative Crochet Collective on Facebook and I’m going to make this mandala:

What are you doing on this lovely Wednesday?