Say Hello to the Peek-a-Boo Button Wrap

Crochet body warmer

Finally!  But, it was worth the wait, right?

Peek-a-boo Button Body Warmer

I picked up a mannequin from Xenos just to be able to show this off to you properly, and the form is just perfect.

peek-a-boo Button crochet body warmer

And so is the peek-a-boo button.  Better than I ever could have imagined.  I’ll be honest, when I first ordered the yarn and the button, I hadn’t really calculated the size of the button correctly, but now I couldn’t imagine having chosen anything else.

Standing collar on the crochet body warmer

I love how there is just enough strength in the stitch to hold the collar up at the back.  It’s always surprising just how soft and supple the Scheepjes Stone Washed is after blocking – I wasn’t sure if the collar would keep standing!

The back of the body warmer

Most of all, I adore the texture of the stitch I used.  It’s a very ordinary Half double Crochet, but in alternating front and back loops, giving the design just that little bit extra texture.  Plus the stitch allows just enough stretch for the top to really mold to the shape of the figure.

Can you tell how happy I am with the result?

Coming very soon, the pattern!  I’m drafting it in multiple sizes.  So we’ll have sizes from S through to XL next week!

The pattern is now live!  You can pick it up here: Peek-a-Boo Button Wrap.  Coming soon: pattern in Dutch! OMG that’s going to be tough 😀


34 responses to “Say Hello to the Peek-a-Boo Button Wrap

  1. Gorgeous design and love the colour!


  2. Would love to have this pattern! Beautiful!



    Please notify me when the pattern is available


  4. Rosemary Lencheski

    Love the pattern and the color


  5. Wow, it is stunning, I like it very much, wonderfull shape, and you are so right : that button is really an eye-catcher !


  6. I love this, it is beautiful and so original. Congratulations.


  7. I’ll be sure to check back next week – this is stunning!


  8. Beautiful! Love the simple design. Looking forward to the pattern!!


  9. Loving that stitch pattern and the button is perfect. Xx


  10. geweldig mooi. Ik kan niet wachten op het patroon,super.


  11. Ow wauw wat een mooie!!! Ik kan niet wachten op het patroon! 😀


  12. I love it!! Will you possibly do the pattern for a XXL?


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  14. Really pretty. Love the color.


  15. I need to make this…. Pattern PLEASE


  16. were did you find the button? I can’t find anything larger than a 6cm. please help I am making this for a christmas present!


  17. Beautiful. I will order the yarn.


  18. Beautiful pattern and color!


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