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New Yarn – Scheepjes Whirl Fine Art

I’m interrupting regular programming to bring you a peek what might well be my new favourite Scheepjes yarn (big call) – Whirl Fine Art!

whirl fine art close up

Available in a selection of 12 colourways named and inspired by major movements in art history – you’ll be able to find one to match your most beloved moment in time.

whirl fine art shade card

Where to Buy?

Because the yarn is brand new, not all stockists have it listed yet, but Scheepjes has all of their stockists here.

Meanwhile, these shops have it up and ready to go already:

Wool Warehouse* ships to the UK and globally
Caro’s Atelier* ships to the Netherlands and Europe

Whirl Fine Art is a gradient yarn in the style of Whirl, Woolly Whirl and Whirligig.  It’s a composition of 50% Superfine Merino, 25% Microfibre and 25% Acrylic and has a recommended hook/needle size of 4-5mm. The yarn weight is DK and you’ll get 460m for your 515-225g cake. The yarn has an RRP of €33,95 / £29.99 / USD $37.95.

Also fun to know; Fine Art is a sister yarn to Merino Soft – another of my favourites – and Scheepjes has broadened their collection there to make sure that there will always be a perfect Fine Art partner. Scheepjes creative director Simy has shared an informative and inspiring post about pairing the colours, go check it out!

merino soft new shades

I was lucky enough to receive a cake in colourway Modernism from Scheepjes at our latest Bloggers Retreat and I’m squirrelling away on a new pattern which I’ll bring to you in the deepest darkest days of winter.

In the meantime, Tammy has been swatching, take a look: Whirl Fine-Art: A Closer Look. She’s also working on a knit project, so I’m super curious to know what will come of it!

whirl fine art close up

Keep an eye out over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing more pics as my project grows, I can’t wait to share it with you!

whirl fine art promo poster

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WIP – Winter Crochet Project – Your Last Crochet Slippers?

It’s so cold, I swear!  I’ve lost some weight this year and an unexpected side effect is that I’m cold ALL the time!  I bought a new winter coat, and had to buy a down jacket to go under it, and it hasn’t even frozen here yet!

So to that end, I’m making slippers.  I’m too cold and I need them.

Plus, they’re slippers I’ve been thinking about making as long as I’ve been crocheting. That might seem strange; why haven’t I made them before, you ask.  Well, I’ve tried.  But the truth of the matter is, I haven’t had the right yarn to do it.

Until now.

chunky monkey

This Scheepjes Chunky Monkey is the perfect yarn for the last pair of slippers you’ll ever need.  I raved about the yarn already, go take a look if you missed it.


Want to get your hands on Chunky Monkey for yourself?

Scheepjes has a comprehensive list of stockists so you can find one near you.
Netherlands and Europe: Caro’s Atelier*
UK and global shipping: Wool Warehouse*, Deramores*
Australia: Yarn Inspired*


My neighbour whom I loved as a grandmother knitted me slippers when I was a kid.  They were made with scrap yarn that was truly hideous, but I LOVED those slippers.  They lasted me years and years, until I eventually wore through them and I think my mum threw them away while I wasn’t paying attention.

But I’ve been looking for a replacement pair for literally twenty years!

And now I’ve cracked it.  The slippers are being made and they’re going to fit everyone.  Raina will have a pair, Maarten will have a pair, and we’ll be a family of matchy matchy dutchies.


Stay tuned, I’ll prove it to you in a few days!

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A New Winter Crochet Project

I have yarn for a new winter crochet project with Scheepjes Chunky Monkey – one that will also be a perfect last minute Christmas gift, especially if you’re on a budget!

chunky monkey

I love the Chunky Monkey, it’s a yarn I’ve been waiting for for YEARS!

It’s a good weight (aran/worsted) so works up quickly and is great for instant gratification freaks like me, it comes in about 11 million colours (well, 93, but I don’t like the truth to get in the way of a good story), comes in huge 100g balls, and is seriously cheap. Caro’s Atelier* stocks it for €2.95 which is a massive bargain, you have to agree.

It’s important to note however; cheap does not mean poor quality. The yarn doesn’t split easily, it’s soft – it feels a lot like Merino soft actually – plus it’s anti-pilling which very few acrylic yarns can boast.

Shop the Yarn

Want to get your hands on Chunky Monkey for yourself?

Scheepjes has a comprehensive list of stockists so you can find one near you.
Netherlands and Europe: Caro’s Atelier
UK and global shipping: Wool Warehouse, Deramores
Australia: Yarn Inspired


What I have found to be handy when using Chunky Monkey is, to rewind the balls.  They don’t have the handy centre pull tabs that many other Scheepjes yarns have because they’re not wound tightly.

Because they’re not particularly tightly wound, the balls can start to collapse on themselves after a while rolling around in your project bag as they get smaller.  Do note: you shouldn’t store the yarn wound into cakes for extended periods as it’ll affect the tension of the yarn – this goes for most yarns actually.  They’re better stored in their “relaxed” state in which you bought them.

chunky monkey

Here are some stats on Chunky Monkey:

Meterage – 116 metres (127 yards)
Unit weight – 100 grams (3.53 ounces)
Tension/gauge – 13.0 to 18.0 sts = 10cm
Needle size – US 8 – 5.0 mm
Hook size – 5.0 mm (H)
Fibre – 100% acrylic

Now, what am I making?  Well to be honest, I’m making a lot of things with this yarn, I’m a huge fan!  But right now, for this project, I’m making the last pair of slippers you’ll ever want to wear.  Seriously.  I can’t wait to share them with you.

Come back in a few days, I’m anxious to get this one out!
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Reveal – Jan’s Scarf

Ready? Here we go! How’s this for a statement piece?



I’ve created a long, wide gradient scarf. Long enough wind around and around, and wide enough to wear around your shoulders.

IMG_1235.JPGThe cotton is soft and the blues are stunning. My mum would have loved this scarf.  She was all about blues and she would have rocked this.

So, I’ve decided to name the scarf for her. My mum was Jan (the English pronunciation, not the dutch man’s name) and because she would have quickly commandeered this one I’m calling it Jan’s Scarf.


For the design I’ve used three hanks of Scheepjes Skies light, in shades 109 Cirrocumulus, 110 Cirrus and 111 Cumulus.  You can also use a set of the minis, but the meterage is slightly less so you may have a scarf that is just a bit narrower than if you were to use three full hanks.


I’m busy working on the pattern right now, which will be ready for you this time next week.

Scheepjes has all the stockist listed on their website, so you can find one local to you.

Wool Warehouse* and Deramores* ship all over the world, Knotty House* is in North America, Black Sheep Wools* in the UK, and of course my local store is Caro’s Atelier* here in Almere.


New Crochet Design – Scheepjes Skies

I’ve been excited to use this yarn ever since it was released a few months ago, but it’s been so popular I had to wait to get my hands on all the colours I wanted!

Scheepjes Skies is a 100% cotton yarn available in 9 shades, died naturally with indigo.  It’s available in two weights; Skies light is 4ply/fingering, and Skies heavy is DK.

The yarn is also available in 100g hanks, or as a set of 9 28g minis which make beautiful gifts or collectables (or is that just me who loves collecting minis?).


It’s sold in hanks, so you get to have the pleasure of winding it into balls yourself.  It’s one of my delicious pleasures to sit quietly and wind a hank with just my arms and my nostepinne.


Even though I have all the blue shades, I’m going to be using three colourways for this project; the three lightest (cirrocumulus, cirrus and cumulus), but you’ll be able to substitute a single set of minis, as the meterage will be much the same.


I love this yarn.  It’s beautifully spun and the colours are rich and hand-dyed in their appearance.  You do need to take very good care of your hanks (and completed pieces) though – the natural dyeing process means that the colours are sensitive to light so be careful not to store them in direct sunlight.


If you want to get your hands on the 100g hanks for light or heavy, or the minis (both in light and heavy too), here are a couple of recommendations:

Scheepjes has all the stockist listed on their website, so you can find one local to you.

Wool Warehouse* and Deramores* ship all over the world, Knotty House* is in North America, Black Sheep Wools* in the UK, and of course my local store is Caro’s Atelier* here in Almere.

Next week I’ll have some WIP pics, and be sure to keep an eye on my insta for more!

Life in the Slow Lane – Nederlands Translation

This one’s for the Dutchies.

Hoi hoi!

Vandaag, na een groot vertraging, is de Nederlandse vertaling van mijn Life in the Slow Lane omslagdoek. Met dank aan Carmen Jorissen voor de hulp met vertalingen.

Het printable versie van is ook verkrijgbaar op Ravelry voor een klein bedrag, met een schema. Engels en Duitse versies zijn er ook.

Heb jij de zin in?

Let’s go!



1 bol Scheepjes Whirl in kleur Dark Grape Squish of Coral Catastrophe, of eigen keuze
4mm (G) haaknaald


160 x 120 cm na opspannen


23 stn en 14 rijen in patroon meten 10 x 10 cm (4in) met een 4mm (G)  haaknaald, of andere naald om juiste stekenverhouding te halen.


L losse
SO sla een steek over
HST half stokje
2HSTcl 2 halve stokjes cluster (zie notities)
open opening(en)
Meerd 2 hst in een steek meerderen
gon garen om de naald
S(tn) steek (steken)


Dit is een beginnersvriendelijk patroon en wordt heen en weer in rijen gehaakt, met meerderingen slechts aan één kant.  Het wordt een grote driehoek.

Herhaal de instructies tussen haakjes het totaal aantal keren zoals aangegeven.

Aan het begin van elke rij haak je 2 lossen. Deze tellen niet als een steek.

In de laatste steek van elke 2e rij haak je een 2HSTcl. Om de 2HSTcl te maken: gon, steek naald in s, haal lus op, gon, haal door 2 lussen, steek naald in s, haal lus op, gon, haal door alle lussen.

Om het korter te houden zijn er geen stekenaantallen genoemd in het patroon.  Elke rij groeit met 1 steek. Let op: als je op een “fast lane” zit (HST, 1L, SO 1), heb je een oneven aantal steken. Op de teruggaande rij heb je weer een even aantal steken.

Stekenverhouding is niet heel erg belangrijk, maar als je een losse ha(a)k(st)er bent, gebruik dan een kleinere haaknaald.



Rij 1 3L, 2HST in de 3e l vanaf de naald, keer om.

Rij 2 2L (telt niet als een steek hier en verder), HST in dezelfde s, 1l, 2HSTcl in de laatste s. Keer om.

Rij 3 2L, HST in dezelfde s, HST in de l-open, Meerd in de laatste s, keer om.

Rij 4 2L, HST in dezelfde s, 1l, HST in de volgende s, 1l, SO 1, 2HSTcl in de laatste s, keer om.

Rij 5 2L, HST in dezelfde s, (HST in l-open, HST), herhaal tot je nog 1 s over hebt, Meerd. Keer om.

Rij 6 2L, HST in dezelfde s, 1l, (HST, 1l, SO 1) tot je nog 1 s over hebt, 2HSTcl.

Rij 7 2L, HST in dezelfde s, HST tot je nog 1 s over hebt, Meerd. Keer om.

Herhaal rijen 6 en 7 nog 5 keer.

Nu de “slow lanes”

Rij 18 2L, Meerd in dezelfde s, HST tot je nog 1 s over hebt, 2HSTcl Keer om.

Rij 19 2L, HST in dezelfde s, HST tot je nog 1 s over hebt, Meerd. Keer om.

Rij 20 2L, HST in dezelfde s, 1l, (HST, 1l, SO 1) tot je nog 1 s over hebt, 2HSTcl. Keer om.

Rij 21 2L, HST in dezelfde s, HST tot je nog 1 s over hebt, Meerd. Keer om.

Herhaal rijen 18-21 nog 2 keer.

lisl setup rows

Nu als volgt:

(Herhaal rijen 6 en 7 nog 7 keer, daarna:e herhaal rijen 18-21 3 keer). Dit maakt een set van fast en slow lanes.

Herhaal deze sets tot er alleen nog maar garen over is om met een slow lane te eindigen.

Eindig niet op een rij 6/7. Als de stekenverhoudig goed is, zal er alleen een klein stuk whirl over zijn.

Hecht af en span op naar afmetingen.

Vergeet niet: Deel jouw projecten op Ravelry en Instagram, en in de Scheepjes CAL FB groep.

Sheepjes Whirl is verkrijgbaar bij de winkel dicht bij mij in de buurt; Caro’s Atelier*

Of van een van de veel Scheepjes winkels overal te wereld.

Making Plans; a New Crochet Design


After the incredible month I’ve just had, now it’s time to slow down a bit and create something that’s meditative.

So I’ve ordered myself one of the glorious ombre whirls from Scheepjes, and have a great project on the go!


This colourway is called Coral Catastrophe, and although my crochet palette is usually all pinks and blues, I actually have a lot of coral clothes and accessories – it’s my favourite colour to wear!


I’m going to make a single skein shawl, one that will be big enough to really wrap yourself up in.

While I’m on the topic of whirls, have you seen the Whirligigs?  OMG. I’m in love and can’t wait to get my hands on one!

Here’s the latest design, launched this week:

It’s the Book Lover’s Wrap, a knit pattern by Margje Enting.  Check it out on Ravelry While you’re there, take a look at Margje’s other beautiful designs.

Have you seen all the Whirligig colours*?  They’re all to die for.

The Whirligigs are a DK weight yarn, 80% virgin wool and 20% alpaca.  So the softness factor will be off the charts.  I can’t decide which colour I want most, I think it will have to be Sapphire to Teal, or Teal to Yellow.  Sigh.

But in the meantime, I’ll have to satisfy myself with my own stunning ombre whirl – as if that could ever be a chore!  I can’t wait to show you progress next week.

If you’d like to test the pattern, do send me a message.  I have an amazing group of people I can call on, but I’d like to reduce the pressure on them a bit and work with some more people whom I’ll also love!

Buying options:

Scheepjes as always has the full list of whirly retailers on their website, plus you can check out some of the retailers I like to recommend:

Wool Warehouse* ships all over the world, and so does Deramores*.

Caro’s Atelier* is my local yarn store here in Almere.

Black Sheep Wools* is the largest bricks and mortar yarn store in the UK, and Knotty House* has North America covered.

In South Africa you can’t go past Be Inspired, and in Australia head to Yarnish.

You can also check out my designer store at – it’s where I stock some of my designs, and this one will be added when it’s finished too!

*affiliate link

The Last Row: #rainBOOMMAL

It’s been a busy month!  I’ve loved seeing everyone’s rainBOOM! wraps growing and being shown off all over the internet, and in real life.

Today I’m staring at my very last cutie pie ball of Scheepjes Stone Washed, hoping to finish it this afternoon.


Once I’m done, I will then tidy up the ends and evaluate the leftovers to create the tassels. I’m totally inspired by all the interpretations of the tassels, I’m excited to get on with it.

I think I’m going to go with the ombre look I’m seeing:

So I think I’m going to do that! But I’m also loving all the blended colours too:

View this post on Instagram

Nearly finished! #rainboommal #missneriss #scheepjes

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Now don’t forget: I have the most adorable set of rainbow blocking pins from KnitPro to giveaway. These are going to be invaluable when it comes time to block your rainBOOM!

The set contains two blockers of each colour; 12 with 6 pins and 8 with 4 pins. And they’re just gorgeous!

To be in with a chance to win the set, you need to share your rainBOOM! pics on Instagram or Facebook (or both for more chances), use the hashtag #rainBOOMMAL in your post, and follow MissNeriss and Scheepjes on the platform you choose to share. For an extra chance to win, tag your friends!

The giveaway will run for a few more days, and I’ll announce a winner on the 28th of Feb. Make sure you’re following me @miss__neriss for all the latest.

Still Need a Colour Pack?

I know that many places sold out of their colour packs very quickly, but they’re back in stock all over the place now, so if you missed out in the first round, you can catch one at one of these places:

Scheepjes has a complete list on their website of global retailers for you
Wool Warehouse* ships all over the world
Deramores* also ships globally
Black Sheep Wools* in the UK
Caro’s Atelier* is my local yarn shop here in Almere
Be Inspired in South Africa
Knotty House* all over North America
Yarn InspiredBelleMae Yarns and Knit Spin Weave in Australia

You can also shop the yarn via my designer shop on! From there you can also get your hands on kits for more of my patterns with yarn + patterns all in one place.

Check back in a couple of days to see if you’ve won!

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Olaf (the warm shrug) Free Crochet Pattern

Just in time for Christmas, I’m sharing my latest free pattern with you!

While I was making this, I kept wondering what I should call it. I was hoping for a yoga related name, as I’m using Scheepjes Namaste, but as soon as I tried it on it felt like a warm hug. And then because I have a young kid, all I could hear in my head (over and over again, omg) was “I’m Olaf, and I like warm hugs,” so I couldn’t call this anything but Olaf (the warm shrug)!

What you’ll need for this pattern is 7 balls of Scheepjes Namaste in your favourite colour and a 10mm hook. I used Warrior (614). I also deliberately made this a one size fits all design and the size that fits me (XL) fits my husband and several friends I asked to try it on for me. If you’re a very small person, it may well be too large for you, but there are some tips on how to resize it if you would like to make it smaller.

The pattern below is written in UK crochet terms, but if you prefer US terms I have a separate PDF for both versions for a small fee to download from my Ravelry store. That version is print friendly, and there is also a printer/e-reader friendly version for the UK terms as well for a small fee.


(UK Terms)
Ch chain stitch
Htr half treble crochet
Tr treble crochet
Trtcl treble crochet tiny cluster
Tr2tog treble crochet two together (decrease)
InV inverted v-stitch (see notes)
[…] (…) repeat instructions between brackets the required number of times.
Rep repeat
SS slip stitch


Olaf (the warm shrug) is designed to be one size fits most, but by adjusting the sleeve length, you’ll be able to make it smaller, or larger. There will be information on how to do that at the end of the instructions.

The shrug is created back and forth in rows, then the corners are folded in and stitched together to make the lapels and yoke, then we attach a collar and sleeves.

The InV stitch is an inverted V-stitch: YO, insert hook, pull up a loop, YO, pull through 2 loops, miss 1, YO, insert hook, pull up a loop, YO, pull through 2 loops, YO, pull through all loops.



  1. Ch 89 (84 +5), mark the 43rd stitch for later, and leave a 40cm tail for sewing the sides (you can roll this up and poke it in through some stitches to hold it out of the way).
  2. Trtcl in the 3rd ch from the hook, tr to last, trtcl. Ch 2, turn.
  3. Trtcl, tr [ch2, miss 2, tr next] to last, trtcl. Ch 2, turn.
  4. Trtcl, tr, ch 1 [miss 2 (tr, ch 1, tr in next tr)] to last 4, ch 1, miss 2, tr, trtcl. Ch 2, turn.
  5. Trtcl, tr, ch 2 [InV, ch 2] to last 2, tr, trtcl last. Ch 2, turn.
    Repeat rows 3-5 9 times
  6. Trtcl, tr, [2 tr in the ch sp, tr next] to last, trtcl. Tie off, leave 40cm tail.

Fold top and bottom corners into meet in the middle, and using the long tails, whip stitch the from the outside corners toward the fold for 10 cm. Repeat for the other side. Take care that you will be able to work 18 trebles into the opening (the gaps between rows) when making the sleeves.


Make 2

Join at the seam with a standing tr, ch1 (or ss to join and ch 4), [tr in the next space between rows, ch1] repeat around, ss to join. You should have 18 trebles. If not, adjust your stitch placement accordingly.

  1. Ss into the ch space, ch 2, tr next ch sp, ch 1 [tr2tog in same sp and next sp, missing the treble in between, ch 1] repeat to last tr2tog in the last sp and 1st sp, ch 1, ss to join.
  2. Ss to ch sp, ch 1, tr same sp, [ch 1, tr next sp], repeat to last, ss to join. Note, there is no ch between the last and 1st trebles, this is a decrease.
  3. Ss to ch sp, ch 2, tr next ch sp, ch 1, [tr2tog in the same sp and next sp, missing the treble in between], repeat to last ch sp, ch 1, tr2tog in the last sp and 1st sp, skipping 2 trebles. Ch 1, ss to join.
  4. Repeat round 3
  5. Repeat round 4
  6. Ss to ch sp, ch 1, tr, ch 1, [tr next ch sp, ch 1] repeat to end, ss to join.
  7. Ss to ch sp, ch 2, tr next sp, ch 1 [tr2tog in the same and next sp, missing treble in between, ch 1], rep to last, tr2tog last sp and 1st sp, ch 1, ss to 1st tr.
  8. Repeat round 7
  9. Repeat round 8
  10. Ss to sp, ch 1, 2 htr in the same sp, [2 htr in the next sp] repeat to last, ss to join.
  11. Repeat round 11. Tie off.

Note: to make the shrug smaller, you can make the join seam longer. This will make the lapels and collar wider, and you will need to work fewer rounds on the sleeves (skip rows 9 and 10).

Your stitch count in round 1 will also be less, but the instructions for rest of the rounds will work if you have fewer trebles as well.

If you like, you can omit the sleeves altogether, and instead work rows 1, 11 and 12 to make a cuff.


Starting at the marker from the very first row, count and mark the 18th stitch in each direction. This is the bottom of the shrug. Note: Make sure you check to hold the work the right way out, so the sleeves won’t be inside out.

  1. Join at middle marker with a standing tr (or ch 3), ch 1, tr in the same st, [miss 2, (tr, ch 1, tr same)] to marker, remove marker, [miss 1, (tr, ch 1, tr same)] to marker, remove marker, [miss 2 (tr, ch 1, tr same)] to last, ss to join.
  2. Ss to ch sp, ch 1, [tr, ch 1, tr same] in the same space, [tr, ch 1, tr same] in the next ch space, and to the last, ss to join.
  3. Repeat round 2, mark the join, tie off.
  4. Count 16 V-stitches (tr, ch1, tr) and join with an ss to the next ch sp. Ch 2, [dc, ch 1, dc] next ch sp, [htr, ch 1, htr] next ch sp, [tr, ch 1, tr] next 46 spaces, [htr, ch 1, htr] next ch sp, [dc, ch 1, dc] next ch sp, ch 2, ss in the next ch sp, tie off.

Weave in ends, block gently if desired.

Feel free to add an oversized button where the sleeves are seamed if you want to close it like a jacket.


What do you think? Do you like warm hugs? I’d love you to make this, and you can purchase the yarn from a bunch of great retailers. Scheepjes lists all the shops on their website, and if you’re in the Netherlands I recommend my local yarn store, Caro’s Atelier*.

For those of you across the globe, you can order from Wool Warehouse*, and Deramores*, who both offer world wide shipping, Knotty House* is a great retailer in North America, and I’ve just discovered Belle Mae Yarns in Australia! Plus of course if you’re in South Africa Be Inspired has the entire Namaste collection.

While you’re here, have you seen my other Scheepjes Namaste pattern? It’s the Matchy Matchy Hat, which works up in under an hour!

Merry Christmas, and have a warm hug from me! XO

WIP Wednesday, and a Sneaky Reveal!

It was the golden hour when I took pics to show you this latest WIP; that moment when you just want to bask in the glow.

Recently I showed you the yarn I’m using for a new free pattern project, using Scheepjes Namaste, and this is how it’s working up.

It’s going to be an oversized, chunky, open stitched cardigan which will envelop you and feel like a warm hug.  It will be one size, but I’ll also add information to make it smaller if you desire.  

But in the meantime, I also have a sneaky reveal for you!  I made matching hats for my daughter and myself, each using one skein of Namaste!

It is so deliciously warm and soft.  Not so warm that you start to feel the prickles of sweat, it’s just perfect for when it’s a bit too chilly to go out uncovered, and the open shell stitches keep it breathable.  Plus, as Namaste is a wool/acrylic blend, it’s always going to be lovely and soft!

I’ve written two sets of instructions for this (kid and adult sizes), and I’ll share those in the next week or so, so stay tuned for that, AND for the cardigan reveal!

In the meantime, get your hands on the yarn! It’s available at all the usual fabulous Scheepjes retailers, along with my LYS Caro’s Atelier* here in Almere, Deramores* and of course Wool Warehouse*.