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The Carolyn – A Crochet Hat Reveal

Close up image of woman wearing crochet hat

Introducing The Carolyn – a celebration of Autumn.

Close up image of woman wearing crochet hat


You’ll need two skeins of River Washed and one skein of River Washed XL (or Stone Washed, choose your favourite).

Scheepjes has a complete list of stockists on their website. Most of their retailers stock Stone Washed and River Washed, but if not, don’t be afraid to ask them to get it in!

Wool Warehouse* stocks both River Washed and River Washed XL and ship all over the world.

Black Sheep Wools* in the UK also stocks River Washed and River Washed XL

Here in the Netherlands, Caro’s Atelier* has River Washed and River Washed XL, plus they’re my LYS (and awesome).

In the US check out DotsYarnDen who also stocks River Washed, plus a bunch of other Scheepjes yarns.

In Australia Little Woollie also stocks Stone Washed and Stone Washed XL.

Close up image of woman wearing crochet hat

The Carolyn is a completely different design and construction to most usual hats.

We have a double brim for warmth, which is also shaped in a way so that the crown sits perfectly on your head and snuggles into the back of your neck and keeps your ears covered.

We make the brim first, and then work upwards, decreasing as we go. The puff stitches add a textural dimension and interest, without losing warmth.

The River Washed is warm enough to wear all through the winter, but still breathes so you can wear it on days when there is just a bit of a chill in the air.

Can you sense that I’m a bit obsessed with warmth? Seriously, before I moved to Northern Europe I didn’t even own a proper winter coat, let alone a scarf or hat! Now these three items make up half my wardrobe.

But why Carolyn?

Well. Carolyn is a good friend of mine. She’s a north American who LOVES Autumn and she was the inspiration for the shape of this hat. I like to choose the names of people who are dear to me to name my designs, and Carolyn was the obvious choice. We walk our dogs together and I love her excitement when October rolls around. She’s always extolling her love of this time of year while I’m too busy complaining about the cold 😀

The pattern has been tested, and I’m adding the finishing touches. I plan to launch it in the coming days, so do get your yarn order in. This will make a fantastic Christmas gift for that one person in your life who complains about the cold as much as I do!

Close up image of woman wearing crochet hat