Welcome to the rainBOOM! Wrap Make-along!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the rainBOOMMAL in February, it was so much fun!

That doesn’t mean that the fun is all over though, you’re still able to join in and make your rainBOOM whenever you like.  Here in this space you can find tips and tricks, the patterns in English (US and UK),Dutch and Czech, and loads of general info to help you in your journey.

Here is where you can find all of the basics, including how to join in, share and ask questions:

Intro to the rainBOOM! MAL

Find the Yarn

Once you have all the info, you’ll need to get your hands on the yarn.

There are loads of fabulous retailers all over the world where you can buy your yarn packs. Scheepjes has a complete list on their website and I have a few recommendations for you too: 
Wool Warehouse* ships all over the world
Deramores* also ships globally
Black Sheep Wools* in the UK
Caro’s Atelier* is my local yarn shop here in Almere
Be Inspired in South Africa
Knotty House* in North America
Yarn InspiredBelleMae Yarns and Knit Spin Weave in Australia

Or you could check out my designer store on Deramores.com* – where you can get your hands on the kit AND a pdf of the pattern at the same time. They also ship worldwide, so that’s a win-win!


OK. Now you you have your yarn, it’s time to decide which version of the pattern works best for you.

As I noted above, the pattern is available in two languages, English and Dutch. I’ve created patterns for both US and UK/AUS terms in English, so you can choose whichever you prefer:

rainBOOM! Wrap in English UK/AUS

rainBOOM! Wrap in English US

rainBOOM! Wrap in Dutch

rainBOom! Wrap in Czech

Or, you can download all three patterns in a printable or e-reader friendly format from ravelry for a small fee. By choosing to buy the pattern, you’re helping to keep the lights on here at MissNeriss HQ and it gives me the freedom to be able to host events like the #rainBOOMMAL at no cost to you. Plus, I extend my endless gratitude to you for making the choice.

Tips and Tricks

In my tips and tricks post, you can find all the info for the little things that you might find tricky, but before that goes live I want to re-iterate the importance of making a gauge/tension swatch.

Tips and Tricks and some video help

I cannot overstate how important it is to match tension in this project. We’re working with teeny tiny balls of yarn, and we need to make the absolute most of them. So by the time you get to making the diagonal rows between the triangles, if you don’t have the right tension you will run out of yarn!

You really are going to be playing yarn chicken, and the pattern calls for a hook that is 1.5-2mm larger than what the yarn calls for, so we have plenty of wriggle room to go down hook sizes if you need to. The drape will be the same if you use a smaller hook and match the tension, so play around to get it right. For your swatches, I recommend using either colour 801 or 803.

Now, there’s one thing left to do, and that’s to CROCHET! 

Big hug XO