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Secret Garden Crochet Pattern – WIP

Last week I told you about this gorgeous new yarn that had landed on my doorstep, and now I want to share a progress report with you.

Scheepjes Secret Garden in in 709 Lily Pond and 704 Lavender Beds

I’m making a new stool cover to be able to interchange with my Egyptian Star Flower Stool cover and it’s really coming to life in just the way that I imagined.  The katran inspiration was right on the money!

Scheepjes Secret Garden in in 709 Lily Pond and 704 Lavender Beds

So, do learn from a mistake that I made here: the stool was almost finished when I realised that I made it way too big, so had to frog it.  So, no matter how much I love the yarn, it’s not made for frogging.  It’s definitely not a yarn you can just rip out, you have to be careful and take it slow, otherwise you’ll destroy it.

Having said that, the effort is worth it.  Doesn’t it make a beautiful ball?

Scheepjes Secret Garden in in 709 Lily Pond and 704 Lavender Beds

So I have the final amounts ready, you’ll need three balls of Secret Garden in your favourite colourway.

Get the yarn from  Wool Warehouse for £4.39 (€5.39) per ball with global shipping.

In North America, Love Knitting/Crochet stocks it for $5.50 USD per ball.

In the Benelux, go to any one of the great Scheepjes stockists, and if you’re looking for a lovely day out head to Sparkelz-Creatief in Zuidhoorn, just outside Groningen.

Stay tuned for the big reveal next week!

*Just a note: this post contains a couple of affiliate links which, if you choose to use when feeding your yarn habit, will earn me a small commission.  This helps me keep up the freebies and doesn’t cost you a thing. Thanks so much! ♥




WIP: Cherry Blossom Crochet Shawl

I’m back with some progress pics of my Wanderlust project that I shared with you last week.

Cherry blossom shawl by Nerissa Muijs

Aren’t those colours just amazing?  I am gushing over here, I couldn’t be happier with the blend.

Cherry blossom shawl by Nerissa Muijs

I’m making a very simple shawl design, using a construction method you may not be familiar with, and will be wondering where it’s been all your life once you learn it.

The yarn is out now, so be sure to grab three balls from Wool Warehouse* globally and Scheepjes retailers in the Benelux so you’re all ready to go when the pattern is released in a couple of weeks!

*Affiliate link

Edit: See the finished shawl HERE.

Progress Update – Aquarel Crochet Project

I’ve been a busy little bee over the last couple of weeks since I last posted.  I’ve made great progress on my latest Scheepjes project, made with Softfun Aquarel.  It’s going to be a blanket, and so far it’s looking amazing!


That is a shot I took before I went on holiday two weeks ago, and the blanket has since travelled around Scandinavia and increased dramatically in size!

3D Chevron Blanket WIP by MissNeriss, using Scheepjes Aquarel: http://shrsl.com/?dhnl

3D Chevron Blanket WIP by MissNeriss, using Scheepjes Aquarel: http://shrsl.com/?dhnl3D Chevron Blanket WIP by MissNeriss, using Scheepjes Aquarel: http://shrsl.com/?dhnl

It’s actually grown even more since I took these pics!

The chevron is so fun to do, it’s lovely and soothing creating the zig zags and feeling the yarn come to life in all it’s squishy glory.

It won’t be finished in the next week, but I’ll be sure to post more progress shots as I go – make sure you check out my Instagram feed to keep updated.  As soon as I’m finished I’ll let you know exactly how much of each colour you’ll need to make this (so far it’s looking like about 6 balls of each colour except the purple, which will likely be 8).

You can get hold of the Scheepjes Aquarel at Wool Warehouse (they ship everywhere)* and Scheepjes retailers throughout the Benelux.  I can recommend my local yarn store Caro’s Atelier – look local first!

*This post contains affiliate links

WIP -Textured Chevron Crochet

Textured Chevron crochet pattern in Scheepjes Aquarel

Last week I showed you the yarn that I’m using for my next project series, and this week I’m showing you the progress.

I love the texture of this stitch.  It’s a 3D crochet stitch that I’ve adapted and looks absolutely wonderful.  The Scheepjes Aquarel is perfect for the stitch pattern, the colours really come to life.

Textured Chevron crochet pattern in Scheepjes Aquarel

This project will become a cushion, and I love how it’s coming together.

The front of the cushion will have the 3D textured stitch, and the back will be flat.

Textured Chevron crochet pattern in Scheepjes Aquarel

You can pick this gorgeous yarn up from Wool Warehouse in the UK and internationally.  In the Benelux you can find the yarn at any Scheepjes retailer.

Next week: the reveal!

Revisiting my First Love: Amigurumi. A Project begins…

It’s been ages since I made any Amigurumi.  There was a long time there where it was all I made.  I have a few favourite designers, including A Morning Cup of Jo Creations and Local Legend Dendennis.  I’ve also long been a fan of the Zoomigurumi books, with just about all of them in my collection.

But amigurumi and I have been on a break.  It was only recently when I posted a photo on Instagram for #ThrowbackThursday that the desire reignited.

So I got online and ordered myself a few of the brand new Scheepjes Catona minis so I could get cracking.

25g Mini Skeins of Scheepjes Catona - perfect size for amigurumi projects!

I ordered three, as usually one 50g skein of yarn is not quite enough and two is too many.  What a gap Scheepjes has managed to fill here, seriously!  I hate having leftovers.  I never use them and I always buy too many different types of yarn to be able to make a scrap project, so these mini skeins suit me right down to the ground.

I couldn’t wait to get started on my project, which is going to be a floppy-eared bunny.  I’ve already made loads of progress, with only the final touches to be made before I can show you the end result and share the pattern with you!

Ears, arms and legs for the flop-eared bunny made with Scheepjes Catona mini-skeins by MissNeriss

I’ve really struggled with the ears though.  I wanted them to be long and floppy, but not too wide and not too narrow.  I think I’ve finally nailed it (on the left).

Ears, arms and legs for the flop-eared bunny made with Scheepjes Catona mini-skeins by MissNerissAnd the assembly is easy, but sewing all the bits and pieces on takes the time and I have to be extra vigilant not to prick my finger and get blood all over the lovely vintage yellow.

Ears, arms and legs for the flop-eared bunny made with Scheepjes Catona mini-skeins by MissNeriss

So, wish me luck keeping my fingers prick-free, I’m off to sew him all together and makes sure the pattern makes sense for you in time to share this time next week!

If you want to pick up the Catona mini-skeins for yourselves, you can at your local retailer in NL and BE, or via Deramores.com, who ship worldwide.

Pinterest Loves The Peek-a-Boo!

Crikey, look at the repins on this baby!

In only a few short weeks it’s been pinned more than 1200 times! I’ve had a couple of other images that have been pinned a lot, but they took months and months to get to hit 1000, not a month!

Can you see me doing the happy dance over here?

Meanwhile I’m very busy dreaming up new projects and searching for the right yarns, alongside working on a couple of WIPs, including this gorgeous design which will become a cushion very soon:

Alize Bamboo cushion

I love the changing colours and the pixel effect that the tiny blocks have.  I’m using the Alize Bamboo which I LOVE.  Bamboo is without a doubt my favourite fibre to work with.  It’s so soft and so light, and can fold up to almost nothing.  AND best of all, it’s completely sustainable!  What’s not to love?

What are you working on?

WIP – Growing Fast!

Vest WIP using Scheepjes Stone Washed in GarnetI’ve only about four skeins to go, I’d say I’m nearly finished!

As with all the Stone Washed projects I’ve done in the last almost 12 months, I absolutely love the texture.  This yarn is just really, really great looking.  I love the fluff-factor too.  Look at the stitch detail:

Stitch Detail on the vest, using Scheepjes Stone Washed in GarnetI’m working a really very simple half double crochet into alternating front and back loops, and it just looks great.

I’m actually almost at the stage where I need to think about working in the button.  Now, this button is huge.  Like the size of a slice of orange.  I’m hoping that it’s the right choice, but only time will tell!

huge button and Stitch Detail on the vest, using Scheepjes Stone Washed in GarnetHopefully by this time next week I’ll be able to show you the finished product, won’t that be fun?!

What is this Baby Project..?

So here it is.  A work in progress.  Wooden beads, blue yarn, what will it be?


I love working with this Scheepjes Cotton 8, it really is becoming one of my favourite yarns.  Although, for it to be perfect, it would be DK weight. I just like to use a bigger hook and heavier yarn, so projects work up quicker. But that’s just my instant gratification personality shining through!


I’m busy covering the wooden beads with the yarn.  In the past I’ve just made balls and stuffed them with filling, but the roundness was just lacking a bit, and by using a wooden bead it just adds the right amount of weight and shape.


And look who I caught trying to run steal one as I was taking pictures.  Isn’t that chubby little hand delicious?  No wonder she’s always covered in kisses and cuddles!

IMG_1847.JPGIt’s nearly finished and ready to be shipped to its new home in America, but you’ll have to wait until next week to see the end result!



Project Monday

This is what I’m up to this week.  Can you guess what it’s going to be?

An Ever Evolving Love Affair with Stone Washed

Last week I shared the beautiful Scheepjes Stone Washed that arrived in time to start my next project and today I’m showing you how beautiful it is as a garment.

But first, look at the texture.  The colour is just beautiful and the way the stone washed effect works is just ingenious.  The colour is wound around a white core and it really needs to be used in a project where texture is the hero.

The texture, I love it! #scheepjes #scheepjeswol #stonewashed #missneriss #crochet

Originally, it was my goal to make a hoodie for myself, then to write down and share the pattern with you, for free. As the top has evolved, it became very clear to me that a hoodie is not the way to go this time.  I definitely think that it’s worth exploring in th future, but the Scheepjes was just telling me that it needs to become a classy v-neck, not a summer hoodie.

I made the top all in one piece, starting at the bottom of the front, then working up, over the shoulders, and then down the back.  It makes for a great, almost seamless effect and I’m really happy with it.

Having said that, it wasn’t all roses – there was also a lot of frogging involved trying to get everything just right!  The Stone Washed isn’t the best for frogging either.  Luckily it’s nice and strong, so bears up nicely, but because it’s nice and fluffy sometimes the yarn gets stuck.  But that’s a common problem, not anything particular to the Stone Washed.

Soaking in Eucalan, waiting to be blocked #scheepjes #stonewashed #missneriss #crochet

I think I’ve finally finished the bulk of the work; the edging looks great.  Here it is, soaking in Eucalan and smelling wonderful – I’m on the home stretch!

Right now the top is all pinned out on the blocking board.  I managed to score a set of Knit Pro Blocking Wires last week when I visited the Scheepjeswol HQ so I’ve used them for the first time on this project.  They could not have arrived at a better time to be honest.  I could just thread the wire through the edges of the top and lock it in place with the blocking pins instead of using about ten thousand pins around the outside.On the blocking board, using my new Knit Pro blocking wires - what a cool idea! #scheepjes #stonewashed #missneriss #crochet #scheepjeswol

Making sure the V sits just right... #scheepjes #scheepjeswol #stonewashed #missneriss #crochetAnd the beautiful V-neck, which has become my favourite feature of the top.Wasn't this supposed to be a hoodie? Not any more! #scheepjes #scheepjeswol #stonewashed #missneriss #crochet #freepatternNow I expect this to take a couple of days to dry properly, considering the weather outside is dark, grey and wet (welcome to summer in the Netherlands) so stay tuned for the big reveal next week (if it’s dry)!