A New Winter Crochet Project

I have yarn for a new winter crochet project with Scheepjes Chunky Monkey – one that will also be a perfect last minute Christmas gift, especially if you’re on a budget!

chunky monkey

I love the Chunky Monkey, it’s a yarn I’ve been waiting for for YEARS!

It’s a good weight (aran/worsted) so works up quickly and is great for instant gratification freaks like me, it comes in about 11 million colours (well, 93, but I don’t like the truth to get in the way of a good story), comes in huge 100g balls, and is seriously cheap. Caro’s Atelier* stocks it for €2.95 which is a massive bargain, you have to agree.

It’s important to note however; cheap does not mean poor quality. The yarn doesn’t split easily, it’s soft – it feels a lot like Merino soft actually – plus it’s anti-pilling which very few acrylic yarns can boast.

Shop the Yarn

Want to get your hands on Chunky Monkey for yourself?

Scheepjes has a comprehensive list of stockists so you can find one near you.
Netherlands and Europe: Caro’s Atelier
UK and global shipping: Wool Warehouse, Deramores
Australia: Yarn Inspired


What I have found to be handy when using Chunky Monkey is, to rewind the balls.  They don’t have the handy centre pull tabs that many other Scheepjes yarns have because they’re not wound tightly.

Because they’re not particularly tightly wound, the balls can start to collapse on themselves after a while rolling around in your project bag as they get smaller.  Do note: you shouldn’t store the yarn wound into cakes for extended periods as it’ll affect the tension of the yarn – this goes for most yarns actually.  They’re better stored in their “relaxed” state in which you bought them.

chunky monkey

Here are some stats on Chunky Monkey:

Meterage – 116 metres (127 yards)
Unit weight – 100 grams (3.53 ounces)
Tension/gauge – 13.0 to 18.0 sts = 10cm
Needle size – US 8 – 5.0 mm
Hook size – 5.0 mm (H)
Fibre – 100% acrylic

Now, what am I making?  Well to be honest, I’m making a lot of things with this yarn, I’m a huge fan!  But right now, for this project, I’m making the last pair of slippers you’ll ever want to wear.  Seriously.  I can’t wait to share them with you.

Come back in a few days, I’m anxious to get this one out!
*affiliate link

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