Free Crochet Pattern – Jan’s Scarf

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I know you’ve been following the progress on my skies project over the last few weeks and today we’re launching the pattern!

The pattern below uses UK crochet terms. A pdf version of this pattern in your choice of UK or US terms is available to purchase on Ravelry for €2.50, with a Dutch translation to follow soon.

To purchase the yarn, head to one of the following sites:

Scheepjes has all the stockist listed on their website, so you can find one local to you.

Wool Warehouse* and Deramores* ship all over the world, Knotty House* is in North America, Black Sheep Wools* in the UK, and of course my local store is Caro’s Atelier* here in Almere.

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What You’ll Need

3 hanks of Scheepjes Skies Light*
Colour 1: Cirrocumulus 109
Colour 2: Cirrus 110
Colour 3: Cumulus 111
3.5mm (E/4) hook or hook to obtain tension
Tapestry needle
Blocking mats and pins


215 cm long (point to point) x 30 cm wide


26 sts and 13 rows to measure 10 x 10 cm over shell st


(UK terms)

Ch chain
Sts stitches
Yoh yarn over hook
Sp(s) space(s) between shell stitches
Tr treble crochet
2trInc two treble crochet in one stitch to increase
Tr2tog 2 treble crochet stitches decreasing into one stitch
Puff-st puff stitch (yoh, insert hook, pull up a loop, yoh, insert hook, pull up a loop, yoh, pull up a loop, yoh, pull through all loops. Do not ch1)
Shell 3 treble crochet stitches in 1 stitch
Ss slip stitch
Rep repeat


This pattern is worked back and forth in rows, increasing at one end and decreasing at the other.  The increases and decreases will always be worked at the same end each row, creating an oblong shape.

We also work puff stitches.  A great video tutorial can be found here: It’s important to note that often when completing a puff stitch, a ch1 is worked.  For this pattern, we do not work the ch1.

At the beginning of each row work a ch2. This does not count as a stitch.  The first instructed stitch is always worked into the very first stitch of the row.

It can be that the stitch pattern and count doesn’t exactly match up to the instructions; this is because it can be easy to add or lose a stitch at the decrease end if not careful.  Don’t worry too much, just keep an eye on it and don’t decrease over a couple of rows to get your stitch count back up (or down) to the right number.  Blocking and adding the fringe at the ends will disguise any “wonkiness.”

Take care using Scheepjes Skies, It’s a gorgeous, naturally dyed yarn using indigo.  It’s not colour fast, and if left in the sun the colour will fade.  Treat your wrap and yarn with extra special care.

You can also substitute the pack of Skies Light minis to complete this pattern, although there is less yarn in a full set of minis compared to three full hanks.  Note: I have not tested this pattern using the minis, but from a maths perspective I recommend skipping rows 5 – 6, and 36 – 37. You may also need to skip a shell stitch row in the middle section (colour 2 below) to have 4 rows instead of 5. There may not be enough yarn leftover to make a long fringe, so bear this in mind.



Colour 1

Row 1 ch 301 (299 +2)

Row 2 ch2 (does not count as a st here or throughout), 2trinc in the 3rd ch from the hook, tr into each ch to and into the 3rd last, tr2tog in the last 2 ch, turn.

Row 3 ch2, tr2tog, (puff-st, tr) to and into the 2nd last st, 2trinc, turn.

Row 4 ch2, 2trinc, tr to and into the 3rd last st, r2tog, turn

Row 5 ch2, tr2tog, (ch1, miss 1, tr) to and into 2nd last st, 2trinc, turn

Row 6 rep row 4

Row 7 rep row 3

Row 8 rep row 4

Colour 2

Row 9 ch2, tr2tog, miss 1, (shell, miss 2), rep to and into 3rd last st, miss 1, 2trinc, turn

Row 10 ch2, 2trinc, shell in each sp to sp before the last shell of previous row, miss shell, tr last, turn

Row 11 ch2, tr, miss 1st shell, shell in next and all sps to last sp, 2trinc last tr, turn

Row 12 ch2,  2trinc, shell in each sp to the last shell, miss the last shell, tr last st, turn

Colour 1

Row 13 ch2, tr2tog, tr to and into 2nd last st, 2trinc, turn

Row 14 ch2, 2trinc, (puff-st, tr) rep t and into 3rd last st, tr2tog, turn

Row 15 rep row 13

Row 16 ch2, 2trinc, (h1, mist 1, tr) rep to and int 3rd last st, tr2tog, turn

Row 17 rep row 13

Colour 2

Row 18 ch2, 2trinc, miss 1, (shell, miss 2) rep to and into 4th last st, miss 1, tr2tog, turn

Row 19 ch2, tr, miss shell, shell in each sp to last sp, miss 1 st, 2trinc, turn

Row 20 ch2, 2trinc, shell in each sp to last shell, miss last shell, tr last st, turn

Row 21 rep row 19

Row 22 rep row 20

Row 23 rep row 19

Colour 3

Row 24 rep row 4

Row 25 rep row 5

Row 26 rep row 4

Row 27 rep row 3

Row 28 rep row 4

Colour 2

Rows 29-32 rep rows 9-12

Colour 3

Rows 33-37 rep rows 13-17

Row 38 rep row 14

Row 39 rep row 13

Tie off, use the left over yarn to cut 20cm lengths to fold in half and knot into each row to create a fringe.

Block and enjoy!

Please add your projects to Ravelry, and if you use the minis for this I will certainly love to hear how you go and I can adjust the tips based on your feedback!

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12 responses to “Free Crochet Pattern – Jan’s Scarf

  1. Is row 16 supposed to be the same as row 14? And if not what does h1, mist 1 mean?

  2. Is row 11 supposed to be shell stitches?

  3. Thanks for a beautiful pattern. Could you tell me, is there a chain between the shell stitches?

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  5. Ooh would love to test with the minis too! Do you have any advice how I should arrange the colours or just follow the gradient order displayed n the box?

  6. Thanks for the pattern release! I’m going to make it from a box of minis I will give feedback on how it turns out when I’m finished.

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