It’s the RainBOOM! Crochet Pattern Launch


If you’re here to access the rainBOOM! Wrap pattern today 21 January and the links below don’t work, that’s because I’ve been busy behind the scenes to update them.

The patterns will be available again Tuesday 22 January at 7 am CET.

Can’t wait? They’re all on Ravelry as pdfs for a small fee: rainBOOM! Wrap on Ravelry

Great news! I’ve updated this pattern to include both US and UK terms, and I’ve translated the design into Dutch!

The new patterns will replace this one, so as a result I’ve removed the pattern that you would ordinarily find here.

Instead, the new patterns can be found here:

UK Terms

US Terms


Rainbow Wrap made with Scheepjes Stone/River washed cutie pies:





rainBOOM chart

Here it is, laid out on the ground to give you an idea of the size.  I didn’t have a $20 note for scale, so the bunny (who has serious FOMO and has to be in the middle of everything) will have to do 😉

RainBOOM Wrap - free crochet pattern by MissNeriss


24 responses to “It’s the RainBOOM! Crochet Pattern Launch

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  4. Oh wow! This is the perfect evening project for me to do when I need crochet to unwind, but my brain has given up on counting things! Thank you.

  5. I’d love to make the wrap but as a beginner I’m a bit confused as how to increase do I just do two stitches each time it says increase?

    • Yes, an increase is working two trebles into one stitch. Enjoy, it’s worth the effort, just be mindful of your tension or you’ll struggle with the yarn.


    Hello, is it possible that the pattern will be translated into Spanish soon?
    Thank you.

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  9. Dora N Lenchuk

    Love this. How many rows for the first triangle?

    • Hi Dora, if you click the #rainBOOMMAL link on the menu bar at the top of my site, you’ll be taken to the page with all the info including the patterns.
      Good luck!

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  12. I love this. It’s the perfect travel project and a way to use my color pack. I laid out all the colors yesterday and found a typo. In Row 7 it should be 820 not 830. Is it correct that both Rows 34 and 36 use color 824. At the end, it says use 827 for repeat rows 37 and 37. And finally, are you supposed to inc at the beginning and end of each row? My stitch count went off starting in row 4 when you eliminate the beginning inc. I went back and added it and my count was ok. Maybe say something like “ increase in the first and last stitch of each row for X rows” to clear up confusion.

  13. Thank you for such a beautiful pattern! I’ve become obsessed with Scheepjes as of late. I was wondering, would there be a way to make this into a blanket?! The pattern and colors are so beautiful, but I don’t really use shawls so I thought maybe adapting it to something I would use.

    • Hi Betsy, there isn’t enough yarn in the sampler box for a blanket, but you could make a small throw by making the triangle bigger. Then it would become almost square. But it would possibly be too small.

      • Thank you for responding so quickly, I meant with more yarn, how would you use this pattern to make a blanket. I was thinking of buying the full size skeins instead of the pack. I guess I could make several of the pattern and seam them together. You said about making the triangles bigger, would I just add extra rounds?

  14. Hi! I really love this pattern and really want to make it as my mum bought me the colour pack for my birthday! But my colour numbers seem to be different? Do you know why this is? Would you be able to indicate on your pattern roughly what the colour is in a description so I can try to match mine as closely as possible? Thanks!

    • First: happy birthday!

      I don’t know how your colour numbers could be different, unless there is a mistake in the pattern.

      What I did to get the order was, I took all the colours out and put them in the best order I could from white to black. I’d recommend sorting them like that too, then you can easily substitute the numbers.

      • Thanks! I think I’ve discovered since writin the comment that the numbers are different because of batch no’s. But I’ve found something with your no’s and the names of the colours are the same (like moonstone). My other question is with the magic ring youdont state how many stitches to do it with …. or do you just do it with one stitch? Thank you so much!

      • Hey Katy, row 1 is all worked into the magic ring.

        I’m not quite sure what you mean about the colours. Have I listed batch numbers instead of Colour numbers?

        Regards, Nerissa


      • O brilliant thank you! No I think you have done colour no’s but in my set the colours all seem to be numbered 40 ahead. So your 801 is 841 in mine but they are both still called moonstone. So I wonder if they ran out of the original batch or something and then released with new numbers? But I’ve managed to figure out the order now so looking forward to getting started!

  15. Lovely! I really like the way you used the colors and made it different.

  16. Its just beautiful – rushes off to buy colour pack. Thank you so much for doing this.

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