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It’s the RainBOOM! Crochet Pattern Launch


If you’re here to access the rainBOOM! Wrap pattern today 21 January and the links below don’t work, that’s because I’ve been busy behind the scenes to update them.

The patterns will be available again Tuesday 22 January at 7 am CET.

Can’t wait? They’re all on Ravelry as pdfs for a small fee: rainBOOM! Wrap on Ravelry

Great news! I’ve updated this pattern to include both US and UK terms, and I’ve translated the design into Dutch!

The new patterns will replace this one, so as a result I’ve removed the pattern that you would ordinarily find here.

Instead, the new patterns can be found here:

UK Terms

US Terms


Rainbow Wrap made with Scheepjes Stone/River washed cutie pies: http://shrsl.com/ubkw





rainBOOM chart

Here it is, laid out on the ground to give you an idea of the size.  I didn’t have a $20 note for scale, so the bunny (who has serious FOMO and has to be in the middle of everything) will have to do 😉

RainBOOM Wrap - free crochet pattern by MissNeriss

Ta-Da! Rainbow Heart Tutu is Here!

Rainbow Hearts Tutu on missneriss.com - free tutorial availableRainbow Hearts Tutu on missneriss.com - free tutorial available And it’s beautiful.

It’s exactly how I envisioned it, and my daughter LOVES it!

When I tried snapping some photos of her yesterday, it was impossible to get a clear, smiling pic, she was far too busy twirling and twirling and twirling and twirling.Rainbow Hearts Tutu on missneriss.com - free tutorial available Rainbow Hearts Tutu on missneriss.com - free tutorial available Rainbow Hearts Tutu on missneriss.com - free tutorial availableShe’s just so happy to finally be able to wear her fabulous big princess tutu and flounce around the room like she’s off to a ball.

Rainbow Hearts Tutu on missneriss.com - free tutorial available

It’s just a shame that it’s January and freezing cold, because I imagine if she could, she’d be wearing this outfit 24 hours a day.  She did ask: “Mama, can we take this to Australia?” so I’ll have to find some space in our luggage to squeeze in the world’s poofiest tutu!

Aren’t the hearts just gorgeous?  I know I go on about it, but I just love the colour change of the Scheepjes Larra Batik.  I love that each row is a different colour and the beautiful stitch detail that the Larra gives. Rainbow Hearts Tutu on missneriss.com - free tutorial available

I hope I can find the time to take some better photos, I was much too busy enjoying the twirling to concentrate on how the photos would turn out!

And, coming soon: The tutorial!  You’ll be able to make this outfit for yourself, very soon!

Rainbow Hearts Tutu on missneriss.com - free tutorial available Rainbow Hearts Tutu on missneriss.com - free tutorial available

Rainbows in January

It feels like I don’t get to see many rainbows this time of year.  January is the month that most makes me miss Australia.  This time of year in Holland it’s dark, it’s cold, and the wind is almost too much to bear.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.  If you can’t get to a rainbow, bring a rainbow to you!Rainbow tutu a design in progress, by MissNerissI had hoped to have this tutu finished for you this week, but a friend of mine had her baby a few days ago and I had the tremendous honour of being her birth partner.  I can’t tell you how much I loved being a part of bringing someone amazing into the world, and I still find it difficult to believe that the entire world didn’t stop to acknowledge what had happened.Rainbow tutu a design in progress, by MissNeriss

But, the tutu.  It’s coming along nicely.  I’ve decided to go down the skirt and top route and the skirt will be a wraparound so it’s easy to get on and off and more durable than an elastic band.  I’m just hoping that I managed to buy enough tulle as I bought from a one-off market and I’m sure I’ll never find those exact shades ever again!Rainbow tutu a design in progress, by MissNeriss

I just love working with the Scheepjes Larra.  It’s such a smooth yarn to crochet, especially for a tight crocheter like me!  I think the outfit is going to look absolutely amazing.  I’m almost too scared to show my daughter the progress in case I never get it back to finish! Rainbow tutu a design in progress, by MissNerissI think I’ll have to make myself an adult version!

What do you think of the progress?  Any last minute tips for me?

Rainbow Tutu Progress

Rainbow Tutu progress reportAren’t these colours just amazing?  I’m so impressed with how they pop out.

I’m really enjoying using the Scheepjeswol Larra for this project.  It’s easy to work with and it works up really fast as a result.

The stitch I’m using is a Heart Stitch nested into a series of Double Crochets and I’m about halfway through making the top of the tutu.  I still haven’t decided how I’ll do the sleeves – I’m letting this just grow organically, jotting down the stitch count as I go so I can write the pattern once it’s complete.

Heart Stitch

I’m also considering how I’ll do the tutu part – should I make it a dress, or would it make more sense to make the tutu a skirt and then the top can be worn all the time.  Decisions decisions.

What would you do?