Rainbow Tutu Progress

Rainbow Tutu progress reportAren’t these colours just amazing?  I’m so impressed with how they pop out.

I’m really enjoying using the Scheepjeswol Larra for this project.  It’s easy to work with and it works up really fast as a result.

The stitch I’m using is a Heart Stitch nested into a series of Double Crochets and I’m about halfway through making the top of the tutu.  I still haven’t decided how I’ll do the sleeves – I’m letting this just grow organically, jotting down the stitch count as I go so I can write the pattern once it’s complete.

Heart Stitch

I’m also considering how I’ll do the tutu part – should I make it a dress, or would it make more sense to make the tutu a skirt and then the top can be worn all the time.  Decisions decisions.

What would you do?


9 responses to “Rainbow Tutu Progress

  1. I love the colours!
    Make two, then you can do it both ways! 🙂

  2. What a lovely combination of colors – I love it too. Are you making a sort of tutu dress and will you be sewing the tutu part on to it? I guess that’s how I would go about this …. Good luck – looking forward to seeing your progress, Nerissa! Marianne xx

    • Thanks Marianne! I originally thought I would add a row to the waistband and attach the tulle, but I’m thinking of making it into a cute little skirt and then she has a cute little set of separates.

  3. So cute! I have no idea if I would make the tutu a dress or two separate parts… will you be crocheting the skirt too?

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