YARN 10 – The Colour Issue

You guys, have you seen it yet?!

Tell me that’s not just about the most beautiful issue of YARN you’ve ever seen?!

Get Your Copy

Some retailers have it available for sale already, isn’t that awesome?

Wool Warehouse* has it, and they ship globally as you know.
Habbedash also has it, they ship globally too (and sell all sorts of lovely luxury goodies for the yarn freak who has everything).
Scheepjes also have all their stockists listed on their website, and if your favourite doesn’t have it yet, ask them to order it for you.

This is the 10th anniversary special edition, and it doesn’t disappoint! Look how YARN has evolved over the last five years. Which was your favourite? I say every time: THIS is my favourite issue, they just get better and better!

I have a design in the bookazine, and it’s absolutely one of the most beautiful patterns I think I’ve ever created. I’m so proud of the result, and overwhelmed by the incredible styling.

It’s called Frozen Rose Shawl and is soft and delicate, with a beautiful open lace stitch pattern. My versions are made with whirl Forbidden Fuchsia* and also in Pink to Wink*, but I can’t wait to see what colour you choose for yours.

Another design that I can’t get enough of is Carmen’s adorable Chilly Billy polar bear. Can’t just just imagine snuggling that little guy and never wanting to let him go? I can see my daughter and I having words over who gets to keep him.

Chilly Billy is made with Scheepjes Furry Tales* and his outfit is made in Catona*.

Do make sure you pick up your copy quickly, I think this one is going to sell out. People are becoming collectors, with quite the hunt for some of the hard to find back issues going on…

If you’re a Scheepjes stockists and you have copies of The Colour Issue, please add direct links to the comments below so people can find you.

Please also do share your favourite projects, and don’t forget to tag me in your socials when you make my Frozen Rose shawl!

*Affiliate link


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