I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to kick 2019 off with an exciting collaboration with Scheepjes, a make-along (MAL) with my favourite pattern of last year, the rainBOOM! Wrap!

Starting on the 1st of February and running through the entire month, we’ll make our rainBOOMs together, sharing the joy that it brings as the colours emerge. Feb also marks my 40th birthday, so this is extra special to me, celebrating with all of you in the most vibrant way possible!

I first made the rainBOOM! early in 2018, to celebrate the launch of the hugely popular Scheepjes Stone Washed and River Washed colour packs. I wanted to make something which used all 50 colours – something that I could enjoy every day and would be a celebration of all the colours.

I’m even more excited now, because Scheepjes has since added 8 new colours to the River Washed collection, and they’re launching a brand new colour pack to include them!

As a result, I’ve rewritten the pattern to include the new colours and I’m going to share it with you as part of this colourful MAL.

I’ve also recreated the pattern to include both UK and US terms, and with help from Kirsten, I’ve translated the pattern into Dutch as well.

Over the coming days, I’m going share some tips and tricks, along with the updated and translated patterns. Make sure you subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss the patterns as they’re (re)published.

Can’t wait for the posts to go live? The Dutch, US and UK patterns are all available as printer friendly pdfs on Ravelry. Get them here:


Facebook Groups

As this is a fun collaboration with Scheepjes, we’re going to be sharing our progress and all the relevant links in their Facebook CAL groups. If you’re not a member, you can join the international group (English language) here, or if Dutch is more your flavour, you can join that one here.

All the announcements and support will be via those two groups, and I will be around each day along with the fabulous unsung heroes which is the admin team to answer any questions and offer advice when needed. You can contact me directly via email, but the fastest response will be in one of those two groups.


Of course I want to see you share your beautiful rainBOOM wraps as they grow, and I also want to be able to share your creations with the world each day!

On Instagram, please follow me @miss__neriss and @Scheepjes and use hashtags #rainBOOMMAL, #missneriss, #obsessedwithcrochet and #scheepjes

On Facebook, use the same hashtags, and don’t forget to mention me @madebymissneriss and @scheepjeswol

Most importantly: don’t forget to share your project on Ravelry! Also use tags #rainBOOMMAL and #rainBOOM

Where to Buy Yarn

There are loads of fabulous retailers all over the world where you can buy your yarn packs. Scheepjes has a complete list on their website and I have a few recommendations for you too:
Wool Warehouse* ships all over the world
Deramores* also ships globally
Caro’s Atelier* is my local yarn shop here in Almere
Be Inspired in South Africa
Knotty House* in North America
Yarn Inspired, BelleMae Yarns and Knit Spin Weave in Australia

Or you could check out my designer store on Deramores.com* – where you can get your hands on the kit AND a pdf of the pattern at the same time. They also ship worldwide, so that’s a win-win!

Now this is a lot of information for one post! Check back in the coming days, when I’ll be sharing tips and tricks and gauge info.

Who’s with me?

*affiliate links


16 responses to “rainBOOM! MAL

  1. Will this pattern work with the stonewashed XL pack?
    Do any adjustments need to be made?

    • Hi, you can, but will need to make considerable changes due to the meterage difference. There are a few people in the CAL groups who have been able to make it, I’m sure you can get some tips there!

      Regards, Nerissa


  2. ielynke Ploeger

    Hallo Neriss,
    Ik heb het pakket in huis en wil graag de mal haken. Nu is het probleem dat ik niet uit het patroon van je site kom. Is er ook een patronen boekje van Scheepjes uitgebracht met je patroon? Ik heb geen PayPal en kan dus niet op ravelry een patroon kopen. Is er een andere manier om aan het patroon te komen?

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  5. I cannot wait to try this! It is out of stock but will keep checking. I am new to this site and excited

  6. Pattern question – in row 3 you drop the ch 2 – is this correct.
    As I’ve already started – but am going to frog – I found that side quite tight

  7. So excited to have a project for my box! But I purchased my box soon after they first started releasing them. I know I’m missing some River colours. Do you know how I can make sure I have all the River colours I’ll need? Thank you!!

  8. I’m also celebrating my 40th birthday in February…
    So can I Join for free? 😊😊
    I like the pattern and colors and love stone washed.
    Love Wendy

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  10. we are in!!!! and thank you for mentioning us as the store in SA 🙂

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