Interview with a Scheepjes blogger (that’s me!)

Hey there!

Recently I sat down with Matt from Scheepjes and shared all about my crafty journey, from my humble beginnings growing up on a farm in rural South Australia to world domination as a Scheepjes blogger! Well, not quite world domination, but you get my drift.

Check out the full interview here:

If you want to jump to some of the different topics we chat about, here is the list of chapters:
00:00 – Meeting Nerissa
07:42 – Becoming a Blogger and designer
11:08 – Favourite Scheepjes yarn?
12:58 – Designing own Colourway for Our Tribe
18:26 – Designs in YARN Bookazine
28:11 – The RainBOOM Make-A-Long
33:46 – My Agile Way of Working
38:20 – Size inclusive design, the Olaf Shrug
41:25 – What’s Next?

It was a joy to chat to Matt, and it was really fun to reflect on some of my favourite designs and my thought process when it comes to design.


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