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YARN Blog Hop: Chunky Knits for Christmas?

Last week I shared my excitement for the launch of Scheepjes YARN – Folk. Do you already have your hands on a copy?


Together with all the other designers who contributed to this issue, I’m joining in on a blog hop to tell you about how my Frida shawl came to life.  Kirsten at Haak Maar Raak posted about her adorable Christmas Cuddles on Monday; if you haven’t seen that, you must ooh and ahh over the adorable Santa and his elf.


You’ll have seen my Frida shawl by now. It’s a chunky grey knit with colourful floral embroidery and a buckle to close.


So how did I come up with it? Well, I love the look of embroidery on knit and crochet, and I love a chunky knit.  And last winter I saw these cool fleecy wraps which had a buckle to keep them in place and thought: what a great idea, that would work so well in knit/crochet!  You can relate I’m sure: I see crochet and knit designs in just about every piece of fabric I come across.

So I put those three ideas together and started knitting.  I knit the shawl well in advance, but then I came up against all sorts of head scratching moments when it came to the embroidery.  It just wasn’t working out for me. The yarn I had chosen for the embroidery was too fine (I had originally chosen Scheepjes Sweet Treat) and was getting lost in the bulky knit.

So I thought perhaps I should ditch the embroidery altogether and try felt appliques:


Again, it just wasn’t working.  The felt was all wrong, and I was starting to feel the stress of the idea not working out how I had intended.  In a fit of frustration I balled the shawl and threw it in a corner for a couple of weeks, while I did something else to reignite my creativity.

When I was ready to come back and try again, I decided to use a heavier weight yarn for the embroidery, and settled on Scheepjes Cahlista.  I also enlisted the help of a soluble stabiliser and they were a golden combination!  All of a sudden it all came together and the creative juices were in full flow.


(The above picture is courtesy of my friend Rebekka, who tested for me.)



After all the frustration and stress, I felt the most incredible feeling of relief and satisfaction to box this up and send it off. And now, seeing it out in the wild I just can’t stop smiling about it!


Do make sure if you plan on making the shawl that you share your project on Ravelry.  The pattern listing is here: Frida Shawl.


Now, Scheepjes is running a giveaway on their Facebook page!  You can be in with the chance to win a copy of this issue of YARN – Folk plus all the yarn you need to make your favourite design!

What you need to do is head to the Facebook post from Scheepjes, comment on that post with your favourite design (Frida, obviously!), then be sure to read all of the posts in this blog hop series to find the ‘secret symbol’ hidden in each blog post which will come together to create a secret message.  Once you you have the message, return to your original comment on the FB post and add a reply to your own comment with the message. The giveaway will run until 11 November, and a winner will be drawn on the 12th.  Good luck!

Tomorrow Jellina is sharing her experience (and her clue), so be sure to visit her blog to read all about it!

Lastly, don’t forget to order your very own copy of YARN (and all the back issues):

Online from:

Wool Warehouse*


Caro’s Atelier*


And your favourite Scheepjes retailers.

*affiliate links

Hygge – Girls Night In

Did you read Tammy’s post about the new Girl’s Night In colourway for Kirsten’s Hygge CAL together with Scheepjes?

Girl's Night In Colourway for the Scheepjes Hygge CAL 2017

The above image is courtesy of Tammy at Canadutch.nl

Scheepjes has released this very limited edition colourway for Kirsten’s amazing Hygge CAL and it will be available at retailers any moment now!

Girl's night in colourway for the Hygge CAL

The above picture is thanks to Claire Norden, you can download the free printable poster from her blog here.

Have you read all about Kirsten’s Hygge CAL?  You must have.  I mean, the entire world knows about or is participating in the CAL.  It’s the most fabulous design, so fresh and different and so totally, well, Kirsten.  This is most definitely my favourite colourway, I’m going to have to get my finger ready on the order button to get one too!


The colourway is bound to sell out in a heartbeat, so be sure to grab it quickly from your favourite Scheepjes retailer, or from Wool Warehouse*


*Affiliate link

Last Dance on the Beach CAL – Week 2

We’re already into week two of the Last Dance on the Beach CAL, can you believe it?

How did you go with last week’s square? I know the gauge threw a few people off, but it’s already a great learning experience, right?  All the pics I’ve seen so far look amazing, and the pleasure that comes across with the sense of achievement has been wonderful.

This week it’s Kirsten’s turn.  I’m sure you already know Kirsten’s blog Haak Maar Raak, and her beautiful designs, right?  Kirsten is a rising star in the crochet world, and it’s somewhat appropriate that she decided to use the Star Stitch for her square this week!

Kirsten from Haak Maar Raak

Last Dance on the Beach CAL, week two. By Kirsten from Haak Maar Raak

I love this square.  It’s simple and textured and although they are sea stars, they remind me of the succulent plants that grow out of the sand dunes along the coast of South East South Australia where I grew up.

You can download all the instructions here.

Esther from It’s All in a Nutshell has also made comprehensive left and right handed videos for each week, and you can see this week’s here:

For the Dutch and left handed versions of the videos, visit Esther’s channel.

If you haven’t already, just a quick reminder to make and refer to your gauge swatch.  We’re already noticing that crocheters are going up one or two hook sizes this week compared to last.  It’s important to make sure you pull up your loops high enough while making the stars, otherwise your tension will be tight and the square will be small.  Also, the square design is very flexible.  If your horizontal gauge is good, but the vertical gauge is too short or too high, you can easily add or remove an extra two rows.  It’s important that your square is square, so if adding two rows will do that for you, go for it!

To help you with your gauge and tension, visit the Tips and Tricks document at the CAL home page, plus a great video, again by Esther here.

Do make sure you share your squares on social media so we can all see and comment on them.  Use hashtag #scheepjesCAL2016 or #lastdanceonthebeach all over the internet and I’ll be sure to find them on Insta or Twitter or Facebook.

Have a great week, I can’t wait to see all the pics posted on Instagram!


Pinspiration – Local Love

You know how much I love social media.  Facebook was my first love (well, I did have brief fling with Myspace back in the day), and now we’ve evolved into an old married couple, comfortable and predictable.  Twitter and I had a brief but intense relationship until one day I realised it just wasn’t for me and walked away.  These days I’m in love with Instagram.  I love the photos by people I’ve never met and I love the way it has brought some wonderful talented photographers into my life.  And the yarn porn!  OMG, it’s an addiction.

But through it all is Pinterest. Pinterest is my Great Love.  And Pinterest loves me too.  Over the last year, it has driven more traffic to my website than all other social media combined.  Isn’t that mad?  And now the analytics have improved, it’s incredible to see how far the reach actually goes.

What I also love is that with Pinterest you can engage easily with beautiful images and projects from people all over the world; the concept of Six Degrees of Separation is alive and well on Pinterest.  Last week a friend told me about a project of mine that appeared on her Facebook feed via a friend that had pinned one of my images, all the way across the world in Melbourne!

But today, I want to share some Local Love.  Some designers that I’ve come across via the Internet, and since had the enormous pleasure of meeting in person.

Flower Stole by creJJtion

Flower Stole by creJJtion

I love everything that Maaike makes.  I love her style and I love her colour choices. I love her ethos and how her projects make me want to be a more conscious crocheter.

Win a Furls Yarn bowl on acreativebeing.com

Win a Furls Yarn bowl on acreativebeing.com

Wink is a blogger I discovered about a year ago via the tuts+ website.  I was looking to make a rug (which never eventuated), and she created a tutorial for one on the site.  I spent the rest of the day devouring her website.

Happy in Red's love affair with Istanbul's yarn district

Happy in Red’s love affair with Istanbul’s yarn district

Even though Esther is a crochet blogger, it wasn’t via crochet that I first came across her work – it was thanks to this bag that she designed.  I love it!

Haak Maar Raak's Vintage Ripple Blanket

Haak Maar Raak’s Vintage Ripple Blanket

I can’t get enough of this vintage ripple blanket.  Kirsten is a blogger that I only recently discovered while I was expanding my blog horizon into Dutch language blogs.  Both Kirsten and Esther write in Dutch and English, a feat I’m yet to attempt!

Canadutch's Lopi cardi

Canadutch’s Lopi cardi

You already know how much I love Tammy.  She knits as well as she crochets, and she’s just generally awesome.