Last Dance on the Beach – Kick Off!

Here we are!  Finally, after what feels like years of waiting, we get to start the Scheepjes CAL 2016, Last Dance on the Beach!


Week one kicks off with the square by Esther from Happy in Red.


Esther from Happy in Red

Photo credit: Dedri Uys.


Isn’t this a beautiful square?!  If you click on Esther’s pic above you can visit her blog and read about her inspiration for this design.

Last Dance on the Beach Scheepjes CAL 2016 week one - square by Esther from Happy in Red

You can download the instructions here.

Esther from It’s All in a Nutshell has also made comprehensive left and right handed videos for each week, and you can see this week’s here:

The Dutch and left handed versions can be found by visiting Esther’s channel here: It’s All in a Nutshell . Esther will be your best friend for the next 14 weeks, believe me!

If you haven’t done so already, you absolutely must make a gauge swatch for this CAL.  As each square is created by a different designer, the gauge is different every week.  You may find in week one you need a 4mm hook, but in week two you need a 5mm (or vice versa).  The hook size may vary anywhere between a 3mm and a 6mm hook, depending on your own tension.  So by making the gauge swatch first, you’ll be able to compare your squares each week to that, to see how you are progressing and if you need to go up or down a hook size.

To help you with this, there is a Tips and Tricks document at the CAL home page, plus a great video, again by Esther here.

Do make sure you share your squares on social media so we can all see and comment on them.  Use hashtag #scheepjesCAL2016 or #lastdanceonthebeach all over the internet and I’ll be sure to find them on Insta or Twitter or Facebook.

All right.  I’d best be off, I have squares to crochet and post on Instagram!



7 responses to “Last Dance on the Beach – Kick Off!

  1. Super mooi dit patroon, ik ben benieuwd naar jouw inbreng 😉

  2. So glad I joined this CAL. I’ve done my first square while following Esther’s video and it went like a dream. Just seven more to go 🙂

  3. I just finished watching the tutorial and came to WordPress hoping to see some pictures! I can’t participate but I need to find a site to sell me this yarn brand in the USA.

  4. USA version of Scheepjes CAL 2016 ?

    • There are translation files added to the FB group. You only need to remember a couple of terms though. UK DC = US SC and UK HTR = US HDC. Easy peasy, you’ll pick it up in minutes. I think in US terms too!

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