Last Dance on the Beach CAL – Week 2

We’re already into week two of the Last Dance on the Beach CAL, can you believe it?

How did you go with last week’s square? I know the gauge threw a few people off, but it’s already a great learning experience, right?  All the pics I’ve seen so far look amazing, and the pleasure that comes across with the sense of achievement has been wonderful.

This week it’s Kirsten’s turn.  I’m sure you already know Kirsten’s blog Haak Maar Raak, and her beautiful designs, right?  Kirsten is a rising star in the crochet world, and it’s somewhat appropriate that she decided to use the Star Stitch for her square this week!

Kirsten from Haak Maar Raak

Last Dance on the Beach CAL, week two. By Kirsten from Haak Maar Raak

I love this square.  It’s simple and textured and although they are sea stars, they remind me of the succulent plants that grow out of the sand dunes along the coast of South East South Australia where I grew up.

You can download all the instructions here.

Esther from It’s All in a Nutshell has also made comprehensive left and right handed videos for each week, and you can see this week’s here:

For the Dutch and left handed versions of the videos, visit Esther’s channel.

If you haven’t already, just a quick reminder to make and refer to your gauge swatch.  We’re already noticing that crocheters are going up one or two hook sizes this week compared to last.  It’s important to make sure you pull up your loops high enough while making the stars, otherwise your tension will be tight and the square will be small.  Also, the square design is very flexible.  If your horizontal gauge is good, but the vertical gauge is too short or too high, you can easily add or remove an extra two rows.  It’s important that your square is square, so if adding two rows will do that for you, go for it!

To help you with your gauge and tension, visit the Tips and Tricks document at the CAL home page, plus a great video, again by Esther here.

Do make sure you share your squares on social media so we can all see and comment on them.  Use hashtag #scheepjesCAL2016 or #lastdanceonthebeach all over the internet and I’ll be sure to find them on Insta or Twitter or Facebook.

Have a great week, I can’t wait to see all the pics posted on Instagram!



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