The Pin That Keeps on Pinning

The power of Pinterest just keeps on amazing me. I pinned this image months and months ago and it is still being pinned multiple times every single day.

It’s easily my most repinned image

This pin from the same post is also doing pretty well for itself:  

Pinterest has been the most rewarding of all the social media channels that I use.  It drives the most traffic to my website, and has brought me the most amount of followers. It has also pushed me to take better photos, and to label and tag ALL of the photos that I add to this site, because let’s face it, what value does an image with (12958.jpg) as a title have?

Little tips from me: I always label pins with what they are, and a short description.  I always add my website, and am also starting to use hashtags as well.

And a big tip: to get your pins noticed and repinned, join community boards with lots of followers.  Someone else has already done the really hard work of attracting followers and you can reap the rewards in terms of pins and traffic back to your site.

And just because, here is another favourite that I see alerts for almost daily:

How do you use Pinterest? Do you find it adds value and is worth the effort?


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