An itty bitty basket

An itty bitty basket

On Easter Saturday I had much of the day to myself. Well, as much to myself as I can with a 13 month old child… We were invited to my in-laws for Easter dinner on Sunday (which was delicious, as always. Thanks Geerke!) and I decided that instead of the usual bottle of wine I would whip up a couple of Easter baskets and fill them with chocolate eggs and handmade salted caramels, courtesy of my gorgeous friend Lori of Southern Charm Cupcakes.

These caramels are to die for. The family was lucky that any made it to the baskets; I was sneaking the odd one here and there, absolutely irresistible!

I used recycled t-shirt yarn for this project and the basket is about 10 cm high – perfect for itty bitty girls itty bitty fingers.

What do you think of the basket? Should I turn it into a pattern?


One response to “An itty bitty basket

  1. Yes make a pattern for it. Little girls always love a great little bag for carrying things and this is perfect. Thanks for the follow and congrats (if a little belated) on being featured on Moogly.

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