Irresistible Owly Cat Toy – Tutorial

Ive been dreaming about this really cool project for a few weeks. As you already know, I’m a huge fan of A Morning Cup of Jo Creations and I’ve been making dozens of her mini owls (want one? Leave a comment or message me via my Facebook and I’ll be in touch ASAP). But aside from looking cute, what can these owls be used for?

A bouncy cat toy, of course!


Let me explain how I made it. That’s right, it’s my first ever how-to!

First things first. Go to Craftsy and download Josephine’s Baby Owl Ornaments pattern. It’s free!

You can see from her pattern that the owls are indeed very mini, but it’s very easy to upsize the owls by using a heavier yarn. For my toy I used Katia Nevada #27 (purple) and a 6mm hook (US 9-10).

Once you’ve finished your owl, added eyes (I used 8mm safety eyes) stuffed him and sewn him up, don’t tie off. Instead, chain 8, single crochet into the other end of the top seam. Then slip stitch through 4 stitches of the chain that you just made so that you are now in the middle of the chain.


Now chain 35, or as long as you’d like to make your bouncy chord.


To make the handle you will need to use a foundation single crochet. If you don’t know how to do this stitch, Tamara from Moogly Blog has a great simple video tutorial to show you how. FSC the right length to be able to wrap around your handle. I created 35 stitches, then joined with a slip stitch at the top of my chain.


Continue back down your chain, with 4 single crochet per chain, creating a bouncy spiral. Once you reach the beginning of the chain, slip stitch down the last 4 stitches to the body of the owl. Finish off and hide the loose ends in the body of the owl.

To make the Owly Bouncy Cat Toy extra irresistible, add a bag if catnip and a small bell and you’re ready to play!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  And if you spot mistakes, please let me know!

Apologies that the photos aren’t the best.  I plan to make this again very soon, so will add better photos.


10 responses to “Irresistible Owly Cat Toy – Tutorial

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  2. Kushy, the Crazy Cat Lady

    Made this tonight, and must say I had quite a hard time….. ONLY because by the time I got to the chain and the ball was dangling around, it became a constant game of tug of war between my Bengal, Kilo and myself… Not to mention that I had filled it with a noisy plastic bag ( as I was looking for a way to let him play with them without worrying about him ripping apart and eating the bag like he does ) Long story short he won after unraveling a 67 st chain 😐 Since its now 1 am I will be finishing it for him tomorrow! I would love to know how you got the bell on there so nicely?!
    Amazing toy, almost the best one I’ve found…. Your kitty will love it before it is even finished!!!!

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  4. I love this…I know my cats would too! ❤

  5. Hi, I love this, I wish I knew a cat I could make it for. By the way I just wanted to lt you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award 🙂

  6. Such a neat and creative idea! I really enjoyed your tutorial! 😀

  7. This is really, really clever. 🙂

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