Pinspiration #2

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at crochet jewellery. I had the idea together with my friend Stephanie, who is a jewellery making expert to combine our talents and make items to sell and split the profits.

So far our big success has been with making Owly Charms and keychains:

2013-03-15 13.55.20

Pinterest has been a fabulous source of inspiration, so I want to share my top five pins that we hope to be able to use for inspiration to design something in very much our own style.

Crochet and gemstone inspiration

This one has already inspired us, here’s an example of what we have done:

2013-03-15 16.29.58

Rainbow balls necklace

I just love this necklace. The colours are gorgeous and it makes me feel sunny.

Crochet keychainsI love the embellishments and this is just lovely. I would definitely love a key chain like this.

Mixed media necklaceThe combination of different materials used here just works.

bobby pinsWe have also started on something similar to this, a really simple yet effective accessory.

The biggest challenge we are faced with in getting these projects off the ground is time. We are both very busy with work and study and children and husbands that finding five minutes to sit together and work has been just about impossible. We must work harder on finding the time, we have so many ideas and are chomping at the bit to get on with it!

What do you think of crochet jewellery? Would you wear it? Do you have any inspiration of your own you’d like to share with me?


11 responses to “Pinspiration #2

  1. Really lovely pieces of jewellery, I love the necklaces! I crochet jewellery too, only in flax and silk for sewing.

  2. I love the owls and the hairpins. Really cute! That in mind, I have nominated you for a Leibster Award – I have mentioned you in my blog! 🙂 Take care!

  3. These are all stunning! I particularly love the little owl! So cute!!!

  4. There are some amazing pieces of crochet (and knitted) jewellery out there. You have found some great pieces but it is the tip of the ice burg! Good luck. 🙂

  5. Neriissa my darling girl, looking at this has given me a HUGE jolt. I would never have thought of jewelry as being anything but “serious” and “permanent” until just now, your fun and tasteful and delicate contributions are exactly what we are looking for in the 21st century and more importantly what I am looking foreword to as I my 6th decade rapidly approaches. Bring on the fun darling girl, and live it up. Xx RTrish.

    • I like to think of jewellery as serious and permanent too, but I need to pad out my collection with some fun. Missing you, hoping next year we can come to you x

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