Stash Storage

A couple of weeks ago I shared an image of my creative workspace, and how it is slowly taking over our living room and this last week I needed to find a colour for a project I’m working on and this happened:

Yarn pouring out of the cubpoard

It sparked a curiosity into how we all store our yarn.  I’ve of course seen a million Pinterest Perfect images, but how do we store it in real life, and not just for taking pictures for our #socalledfacebooklife.  So I’m sharing mine.

Here’s where I store my yarn:


Isn’t it just a beautiful cupboard?  I bought it from a friend with the intention of moving it upstairs to be a wardrobe for my daughter now that she has graduated from baby furniture, but it’s so heavy and a bit of a tight squeeze to get up the stairs that after an argument on the first morning my husband and I abandoned the idea.  It’s a deep corner cupboard and I just love it.

Meanwhile, here’s what my stash looked like last week:

stash1 Not particularly organised, is it.  Every few months I go through and sort it all out, but as the collection grows (and grows) I don’t seem to be able to keep on top of it.

I had a bit of a tidy up last week, so here’s how it looks today:

stash2 Better.  Not great, and not ideal, but better.  Ideally I’m going to update an upstairs storage room into a craft/escape room.  Right now it’s my husband’s computer room, but he rarely uses it any more, so I’d like to add shelving and a nice workspace for us both to be able to use.  It’s one of those never-ending discussions though.  He has a desk that was his fathers and made by his grandfather that he’s very attached to, but I hate.  Not because it’s ugly, but because it doesn’t fit the space *at all* but he won’t part with it.

So until the desk issue is resolved, here’s how my yarn will have to stay.  I store it by brand and weight.  I love the pretty pictures of the colours all being together, but I need to know how much of one yarn I have.  Everything is in zip lock bags and perched on top of one another in the cupboard, ready to topple at any moment.  Kind of like my life, I guess.

How do you store your yarn?  I’d love to see, post some pics to my Facebook page!  Do you have any ideas how I can improve this, bearing in mind that it’s a corner cupboard, so is a triangular shape?


2 responses to “Stash Storage

  1. Looks pretty organised to me, at least you gave similar types together!!

  2. You can at least see all your yarn. Mine is in a huge plastic storage box under my desk. I have to dive in head first, and rummage 🙂

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