Wearing Flowers in My Hair

Today I had another post scheduled.  I was going to share the tutorial for the Colour Block Baby Blanket I knitted, but today is not the day for that.  Today instead I’ll be wearing flowers in my hair for Wink.

Today a family is laying their beautiful daughter to rest.  Their daughter who inspired thousands, no – hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.  Their daughter who loved colour and lived music.

Wink was one of the first crochet bloggers that I found when I first started out, and I was even more excited to discover that she lived close by (well, kind of).  I felt connected.  Like we were bound to be besties.  Just because we both crocheted, and lived within 100km of one another (I know, lunacy right?).

I was terribly nervous when I met her for the first time, expecting her to be aloof, too cool for me. Instead I discovered a girl who was warm, who’s smile and presence made a space come alive.  I expected to not know what to say to her as I was so dazzled, but I needn’t have worried.  Being with Wink was easy.  I felt we had known each other forever.  That we really could have become besties.  I think anyone who met Wink would have felt like that.

But then she slipped away.  I was busy up to my armpits in my own life dramas and hadn’t realised she wasn’t really present any more.  Then when she couldn’t make our recent blogger weekend I knew something was seriously wrong.  But still life got in my way.  Everyday I thought: I must reach out.  I must remind her how amazing she is.  But I didn’t.

And suddenly she was gone.

Today a family lays their beautiful daughter to rest.  I’ll be wearing flowers in my hair for Wink.

A fun selfie taken at an event last year.  That pic won Wink a rubbish bin, isn’t that hilarious?  I can still see her bemused face on stage receiving her “award”, wondering how to get it home on the train…

If you want to wear flowers in your hair for Wink today, here is a tutorial she created recently:  http://crafts.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-make-a-crochet-flower–cms-20976

Wink’s family have set up a beautiful memorial site where you can leave messages, post photos, share your love.  There are other social media events ongoing as well, via  #mandalasforwink, #mandalasformarinke and #wearingflowersinmyhairforwink


17 responses to “Wearing Flowers in My Hair

  1. Just saw this. I did not know her, but those who did loved her.
    In special dedication, I will share her work on my pinterest, crotchet something from her blog and maybe one day make time to blog about loneliness and loss for al those like her (I have seen it in people around me for a while now and it hurts, but it needs us all to not turn away but to do something…). I really do hope that all this loneliness we have in the world can end. Lots of lovely people taking their own lives or getting caught in the middle of all the hate and evil in the world. I always pray for Peace, Love and Unity in the world. Maybe one day……

  2. Reblogged this on citsme and commented:
    MissNeriss’ beautiful post honoring a fellow blogger who is no longer with us yet leaves her bright personality, beautiful memories and her amazing designs with all of us!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about Wink. She will always be with us – in our hearts, our memories and with her beautiful designs! ♥

  4. Beautiful! Nice pictures.
    I’ve also made a mandala for Wink and posted it on my blog, facebookpage and IG. I think it’s beautiful how many people are thinking about her and to everyone who loves her.
    Xxx Wendy

  5. louise grace

    It’s so easy for us to become absorbed in our day to day lives and forget out contact with others.
    She appeared to be a lovely young lady who clearly inspired the crochet world.
    I hope that you have a day with happy crocheting memories and not too much pain.
    Much love
    Louise xx

  6. We will al miss her dearly….

  7. This is a beautiful tribute to Wink- thank you for sharing. I had only recently discovered Wink’s blog (being new to crochet blogging myself) and I feel so sad that her colourful life has ended….

    • Thankfully Eleonora Wink was so prolific that you’ll be discovering and getting enormous pleasure out of her designs for years to come.

      It’s a truly sad event, and she is very dearly missed. ❤

  8. What a beautiful post, sweetheart…… I feel so terribly sad about this – like so, so many people. I keep wondering whether she was aware of how many lives she touched in a positive way, how many people she inspired to be creative…. I love that ig-photo of us – it’s connected to good memories and that’s what we need to hold on to…. Much love, Marianne xx

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