Last Dance on the Beach CAL – Week 10

You’re going to love this week!

Sarah identifies as a knitter, rather than a crocheter, but for the last wee while she’s been moonlighting; indulging in her secondary craft: crochet.

Sarah was also very close friends with Wink; do read her post sharing her love for Wink. Her post this week will inspire you, in ways only Sarah can do.

Sarah from

Sarah has created a beautiful crochet that looks knitted!  Isn’t that just the coolest idea?

Last Dance on the Beach CAL - week 10, by Sarah Knight from Crafts from the cwtch

Click here to download the pattern from the Scheepjes website.  As usual, Estherhas created a fantastic series of videos in English, Dutch and for us lefties.To help you with your gauge and tension, visit the Tips and Tricks document at the CAL home page, plus a great video, again by Esther here.


Do make sure you share your squares on social media so we can all see and comment on them.  Use hashtag #scheepjesCAL2016or#lastdanceonthebeach all over the internet and I’ll be sure to find them on Insta or Twitter or Facebook.


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