Spirits of Life CAL – by Lilla Bjorn Crochet

I have no words.  None.

Well, of course, that’s not true – I have plenty to say today.  And most of it begins with the phrase “OH MY GOD…”

Tatsiana (Lilla Bjorn Crochet) has launched her latest CAL, called the Spirits of Life, and it’s going to blow your freaking mind!

Spirit of Life CAL by Lilla Bjorn. Photography by Oleg Ignatovich

Photo credit: Oleg Ignatovich

Tatsiana is a truly amazing designer.  You’ve seen her previous CALs of course.  There’s the Circles of the Sun and the Peacock Tail Bag, and she designed squares for both the LDOTB and the Nuts About Squares CALs.

She specialises in overlay crochet and there are some pretty impressive examples in this CAL, along with mosaic crochet and some other techniques which are guaranteed to make you a better crocheter!

There are three colourways, including Spirit of the Lake, Spirit of the Volcano and Spirit of the Orchid.  The yarns used are a mixture of Scheepjes Catona and Scheepjes Spirit.

The Spirit of the Volcano is my favourite.  It’s calling me.  Making me want to break into song, even!  I’m seeing Tatsiana in a couple of weeks, I do hope she brings this with her so I can steal it snuggle it.

spirit of the Volcano colourway for the Spirit of Life CAL by Lilla Bjorn. Photography by Oleg Ignatovich

Photo credit: Oleg Ignatovich

The CAL is being hosted by the Official CCC Social Group on Facebook and it will run for nine weeks.  Each week Tatsiana will post a new section on her blog: Lillabjorn’s Crochet World and there will be loads of support within the group, so make sure you join the 60+ thousand others!

You’ll also be able to join the fun on Ravelry, so add the project to your queue, and join Tatsiana’s group here.

The CAL will begin on 18 October, so you’ll have plenty of time to order your colours from your favourite spot, including:

Wool Warehouse (global shipping)
Knotty House (Canada)
Love Knitting (US)
Benelux Retailers like Sticks And Cups

The kits go on sale at the end of September, and are going to sell fast.  If you can, I recommend pre-ordering so you don’t miss out.

*Just a note: this post contains a couple of affiliate links which, if you choose to use when feeding your yarn habit, will earn myself, and Tatsiana, a small commission.  This helps keep up the freebies and doesn’t cost you a thing. Thanks so much! ♥


4 responses to “Spirits of Life CAL – by Lilla Bjorn Crochet

  1. It’s so beautiful!! I’m definitely in

  2. Ohhh Nerissa, thank you so much! Actually yes, I was going to bring Volcano wrap to the Bloggers Days, but now after I read your post – I doubt, haha. Ok, I will bring it but will keep an eye on it! 🙂

  3. Does this mean that the Official CCC Group will reopen? I have been unable to access it for weeks.

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