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Colour Challenges

I love colour.  My wardrobe is full of pinks, blues, greens and oranges (obviously I have to have orange – I live in the Netherlands).  The trouble is, I don’t know how to put it together.  I tend to find one colour combo that works and stick to it because I just don’t have a clue if this colour will go with that colour.  I also have a tendency to buy what I like, forgetting to consider what I already have in my wardrobe that will match.

The problem has really spilled over to crochet.  I have hundreds of different shades of yarns, but struggle to put them together and make a colour palette.  It’s something that I’ve really been working on recently, trying to make easier, sensible choices.  And by sensible, I mean complementary!

Enter Kirsten.  We met at a blogger day in Tynaarlo of all places when we both went to visit the Scheepjeswol HQ in the summer (although it was the wettest summer day, ever).  Kirsten writes a beautiful blog: Haak Maar Raak and has just recently hit Publish on a post that I must share with you right now!

In the post there are four fantastic tips which will help even the most colour-challenged among us (myself, mainly), including – you gotta read it to get it – squinting!

Can’t wait to put all of the tips into practice!

Colours to base a project palette, via haakmaarraak.nl and http://www.towneandreese.com/

Image courtesy of Kirsten’s Pinterest Board, Pure Awesomeness. Originally from http://www.towneandreese.com/

Read the tips for yourself Here.

What are your favourite rules to live by when it comes to creating a colour palette?