Pinspiration #4

Neon. Right now I’m all about neon. Can’t get enough. I’m loving that I get to enjoy this trend for the second time in twenty years. I remember summer was all about neon zinc cream for a few years, even before Shane Warne made it iconic.

When I was in Rotterdam at the weekend celebrating a friend’s birthday (which you can read all about here) I couldn’t resist walking into a yarn store and jumping out at me was a big ball of neon pink yarn that was dying to be turned into a pair of leg warmers for my daughter (more about that coming up soon).

Here are some of the awesome neon crochet pieces that I’ve seen around Pinterest this week:

This one blows my mind. I’m so in love with the heart and arrow necklace it hurts. I need one of these.


Next on my project list: neon owls to accompany my ombre version


Perfection. That’s all.


Although not strictly crochet, this one certainly could be used in a beautiful scarf. Fingers crossed we’re still into neon when the weather cools down. Wait. It still hasn’t warmed up!


Aren’t these beautiful? And available in the sizes I use most… Thanks goodness it has sold out on Etsy.

How do you feel about neon? Are you as enthusiastic as I am? Stay tuned to see how the leg warmers turned out, my daughter could have been an extra on Fame!


3 responses to “Pinspiration #4

  1. themovetoamerica

    As a redhead, I find neon does not suit me at all, but I do remember the neon socks I used to have as a child!
    I definitely like the heart necklace!


  2. Ummm ok so long as it is not one of each colour sock!

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