Increasingly, amigurumi is the crochet genre that I’m finding the most joy in.

Here are a couple of mini-projects I’ve undertaken of late:

amigurumi whale

I came across these awesome whales on Pinterest and when I clicked through to the original post, I was ecstatic to discover a free pattern

I did make a couple of changes to the pattern, however.  As I prefer to use as few joins as possible, instead of creating and attaching the fins and tail, I integrated them into the body of the whale.

Fins:  Ch4 and join into the same stitch before continuing around.

Tail: Ch5, HDCin 2nd stitch from the hook, HDC, SC, slip stitch into the next stitch.  Repeat, but SC into the same stitch, then fasten off and change colour.

Baby Amigurumi PenguinThis baby penguin was found on Craftsy, and is of course by A Morning Jup of Jo Creations .  I keep meaning to make the larger penguins too, but as I say almost every day, time is not my friend!

Have you made mini amigurumis?  Do you have any patterns you’d like to share?


7 responses to “Minigurumi

  1. I love minis!! I actually blogged about some I made in March. There are links to the patterns I used in my post 🙂 I’ve made a hedgehog since then, too, but haven’t posted her picture on my blog.

  2. How mini is mini? I can’t work out the scale. They are cute anyway.

    • Not mini like those insane animals that sit on your finger that have been doing the Facebook rounds, but pretty small. The green whale would sit on the palm of my 16 month old daughter’s hand and the pink one’s slightly bigger. The penguin is also pretty small, the head’s about the size of a golf ball I would guess…

  3. Oh the cuteness overload! Amigurumi is great, it’s on my list of things to try (I, also, am short on time! 🙂 )

    • I just love it. I remember the first thing I made was a bird that my husband was crazy about and after that, I was hooked. I love the way projects come to life.

  4. They are the cutest!

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