Rainbow Cozy

Mug cozy - links to a free pattern

Here’s something I whipped up the other evening on the couch.  I’ve been so in love with this rainbow yarn from Hjertegarn since I stumbled across it in my local yarn store last year.  But it was one of those yarns that looked beautiful as a ball, but terrible when made into anything.  In the end I managed to make a woolly hat for myself, and some gorgeous ombre owls, and finally the yarn has found it’s place in my heart as this beautiful mug cozy.

Beautiful mug cozy - links to a free pattern

The colours work wonderfully together, and it was just the right length that I could miss out the mustard section of the yarn.

If you’d like to make this one for yourself, you can find all the instructions (for free!) here.


5 responses to “Rainbow Cozy

  1. What a nice idea!


  2. Gorgeous colours, love it 🙂


  3. Sammie Pressler

    Would love the pattern


  4. Sammie pressler

    Please email me your rainbow cozy mug pattern


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