Monday Coffee Morning – Recovery

Not in the health sense, but more in the B&S Ball sense (if you have never heard of a B&S Ball, you need to check these photos out for some feral goodness.  Not that I’ve spent the weekend at a B&S Ball (I’m way too old for that!), but I have just travelled an epic distance, celebrated a fabulous wedding and then returned home to have about zero sleep thanks to my lovely daughter who decided play time was 2 am.

The wedding at the weekend was fabulous.  That’s the only way to accurately describe it.  The champagne (as in, real champagne) was free-flowing and the food was spectacular.  I’m talking foie gras for starters followed by four or five courses during the evening.  I think we finished with dessert (two stunning profiterole towers) after midnight.  I went from being the anti-foodie to trying just about everything on the menu and loving it!

cheese table

The cheese table. Forgive my fuzzy photo, it was about midnight when this rolled out!

The couple were gorgeous of course and I was so honoured to be invited.  We zoomed down on Friday morning.  Well, zoomed is a complete lie.  We sat in massive traffic jams all day Friday and spent a lovely day visiting Langres before joining the celebrations in the late afternoon on Saturday.

After stuffing ourselves on food all night, doing the macarena, and being coaxed into reviving the Big Johnny Stag dance (you don’t want to know.  Really), we fell into bed some where in the early hours of the morning, only to leap out a few hours later to zoom home again.

Now it really is a task to recover for the week.  Thankfully I haven’t a lot scheduled.  A trip to Heerenveen for work and going out for dinner with some lovely friends before celebrating one of my dearest friend’s birthday on Saturday.

Oh, crochet!  Of course.  I’m still working on more Yodas, and a lovely little unicorn headband for a four year old’s birthday.  It will look something like this:

Unicorn Applique from One & Two Company

Unicorn Applique from One & Two Company

What do you have planned?

Join Molly from The Move to America’s Monday Coffee Morning and tell us all about your plans.


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4 responses to “Monday Coffee Morning – Recovery

  1. By the way, i admire you with your weekenf. I feel shattered just reading about it!

  2. Umm not sure really. Surviving the first few days of school holidays. Trying to find a new rhythm to the days xx

  3. Molly @ The Move to America

    Thanks for joining in again!

    The food you mentioned sounded absolutely awesome! The pic of the cheese selection has made me jealous as I love cheese!

    It sounds like you’ve got a nice week ahead – I look forward to seeing how the headband progresses (love the Yoda hat too) and hope you have a productive week!

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