It’s a Minion!

I found this fabulous free pattern for Minion ats on Craftsy from Crochet by Jennifer a few days ago and couldn’t wait to make one. Isn’t it just the coolest hat ever?

Minion - free pattern

Check out the pattern here.

And if you’d like me to make you one, drop me a line for pricing info and delivery as I’d love to make you one.


5 responses to “It’s a Minion!

  1. I got tired of this joke before the movie ended, but I appreciate the gusto with which the filmmakers — particularly Coffin, with his nimble vocalizations — carried it out.

  2. Molly @ The Move to America

    This is so cool! Sharing this on FB!

  3. Love! I made the Amigurumi from WolfDreamer the other day. How can anyone resist the Minions!!??

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