Pinspiration #6

The temperatures are dropping and it’s almost time to start getting rugged up for winter.  It only took three months for me to get a visible tan line on my feet from my Birkenstocks, so I’m not impressed about this change in the weather.

One plus point though, I get to make and be inspired by some of the coolest hats that you could imagine.  At the moment it’s all about themes.  I’ve been busy making hats similar to this Spartacus that I posted earlier:

This is Sparta! on

This is Sparta

On my list of orders are some quite cool ideas too, and of course my first stop as always, is Pinterest.

Angry Birds, missneriss.comAngry Birds is the gaming craze that just isn’t losing any momentum.  It’s great fun and frustrating, and kids love it!  I’m making something similar to this one in the next couple of weeks.

Princess Leia -


With all the Yoda hats that I’ve made in the last few months, I think it’s time to even it out with a super cute Princess Leia version.

Flower ribbon hat - missneriss.comI pinned this one months and months ago and have been looking for a reason to make it.  It’s one of those that just never makes it to the top of the wish list.

Newsboy hatI’ve made this adorable newsboy hat many times now, and it never stops being cute.

Granny hat with flower - missneriss.comThis is such an amazing example of how photography is so important!  This hat is so adorable it hurts.

Spiral hat - free pattern - missneriss.comI made my own version of this one for my mother in law last year and I wanted to keep it for myself.  Maybe I’ll make one this year.  Once I finish what I’m doing.  Or the next thing.  Or maybe for next year..?

These were all just tastes of some of the hat designs that I love.  Most of the hats I make I make the pattern up as I go along.  My big issue is sizing.  I do  have a chart that I work to, which is accurate, but sometimes I’m all over the place!  A hat for a small boy started out way too small, so I added an increase row.  Suddenly it was big enough to fit me!  So now I have a super cool Minion hat for myself and I had to start again.

Do you have any hat designs that  you love and keep going back to?  I’d love to see.







One response to “Pinspiration #6

  1. Molly @ The Move to America

    I love the slouchy knitted/crochet hats, but can never find them anywhere (will look in the US when I get there) but do find I do not have a face for hats 😦

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