Special Request: Pippi Longstocking

When I was contacted recently by an acquaintance to make a Pippi Longstocking doll for her daughter I did some digging around the internet to find a pattern, only to come up empty. I couldn’t find anything that I really loved. Lots of options, but nothing that that fit the brief.

So, I decided that now was the time to start designing my own Pippi! Something that was exciting and a bit nerv-wracking at the same time because I’d never even made a doll before. I’ve made loads of stuffed animals and characters, but never a doll.

Here’s how it turned out:

Pippi Longstocking, as seen on missneriss.com

Pippi Longstocking, as seen on missneriss.com

Pippi Longstocking, as seen on missneriss.com

I’m busy working on a pattern for the doll. Whether it becomes a Pippi pattern listed for free (due to copyright), or a general doll pattern remains to be seen. What would you prefer? A Pippi Longstocking pattern?


8 responses to “Special Request: Pippi Longstocking

  1. I love her and think you did an incredible job!! I don’t usually pay for patterns, but I’m sure if you sell this one you’ll have lots of buyers. Either way, free or not, she is a winner, and I’m sure her owner is in love 😀


  2. Fabulous! I used to LOVE Pippi.


  3. Wow! This is so great! Never really watched Pippi, but adore this creation!


    • I never watched it here either. I knew who she was, but had no clue about the show. I saw it when I first moved here and really don’t like it though. I don’t know what it is, but it makes me uncomfortable. The cartoon version of the character is super cute though!


  4. She would sale. Especially if you took pictures during construction. That makes a big difference to me.


  5. I LOVE this doll! I grew up watching her and loved Pippi. I dressed up as her one year for Halloween! Did you ever make a pattern?


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