Yarn Love – Wol Cafe

I’m on a self-imposed yarn buying freeze, but I’ve been lusting after this beautiful Limited By yarn from Wol Cafe ever since I saw it at Breidag in March.

I couldn’t make up mind on the day which colour combination I wanted, plus it’s quite pricey, but life’s too short for bad yarn, right?  Plus, ever since I saw Wink’s Shawl Wars posts about the colours she has, it has been niggling and niggling at me.  That little voice telling me to just get it.

I really need a project in mind so I can justify it.  Help me!

life's too short for bad yarn



4 responses to “Yarn Love – Wol Cafe

  1. That yarn is so beautiful, I’ve been thinking about buying a skein myself.. But it’s so hard to decide on a shawl pattern.. although I would probably go for a motive shawl like Wink. I really wouldn’t worry to much about the price 😉 If you saw a gorgeous knitted shawl in the stores, it would easily cost 30 euros, right?

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