Bloom Flip Flops Free Pattern

Being Australian Flip Flops are my national footwear.  Except, we don’t call them “flip flops” in Australia, but instead their real, actual scientific name – Thongs.

Back when I lived in Alice Springs I had thongs for every occasion.  I had going out thongs, nipping to the shops thongs, doing the gardening thongs, masseur thongs, beach thongs. Remember that scene from Forrest Gump where Bubba mentions all the different types of shrimp (which are actually prawns, btw)?  Well that’s me and thongs.

However, it’s taken me until now to actually make a pair for myself, and they’re crackers!Bloom Flip Flops, free pattern using Scheepjes BloomAnd not only did I make myself a pair, I created a pattern for them too!

You can check out the fast photo tutorial on Instagram here:

I created a handy PDF pattern as well, with step by step instructions and loads of photos.  Click the heading below:

Bloom Flip Flops

I used Scheepjes Bloom for the design, which is a great woven worsted weight yarn, and is slightly mercerised.  It’s just perfect for this sort of project.  It won’t discolour, and nor will it break easily.  Plus it’s available in about a million colours. (Well, almost 60.  Australians are also prone to exaggeration.)

You can pick up Scheepjes Bloom at any Scheepjes retailer, Caro’s Atelier* in NL or Wool WarehouseDeramores* internationally.

You can pick up the Scheepjes Flip Flop soles at Deramores* too.

One great retailer in NL is Pera and Pasha (and they stock the Bloom too, so two birds, one stone!).

Now, which occasion do you think I should use these for?  Picking up the kids thongs?Bloom Flip Flops, free pattern using Scheepjes BloomBloom Flip Flops, free pattern using Scheepjes Bloom

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43 responses to “Bloom Flip Flops Free Pattern

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  3. OMG! Such a freaking cute idea! I can’t wait to make these! This stupid COVID-19 is hindering the process of me ordering anything internationally and it’s slowly killing my soul! I ordered yarn from Deramores and Hobbii almost 2 weeks ago and it hasn’t even left the warehouse yet 😭😭 But I WILL be ordering these soles anyways! Great job!

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  9. Kathy Kathy Kathy

    I live in the U.S. in Milwaukee (near Chicago). We used to call them thongs, but now they’re flip flops. I don’t know why.

  10. Why can’t I find the pattern for the bloom flip flops anywhere?

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  12. I just found these and OMGOODNESS how awesome..WOW!

    As for those of you with ‘Sandal Feet’, I have the same issue so have simply extended a dc strap from each side edge to go around the back of me ankle. With these you can do one better a do a gladiator wrap like many Barefoot Sandals have,and that would surely not only help hold them on your feet, but will also enhance/continue the design of the motif.

    I can’t wait to get me some more ‘Dollar Store’ flip flops and try this!!

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  14. Hello there,

    Can you send me the sizes of triangle (cm-s)? I can not crochet, I’d knit a similar…thanks a million, Suzy

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  16. I click on the big heading that says bloom flip flops but nothing happens…

    • Hi Jodi, I think it’s likely that you have a pop up blocker activated as the file opens for me. When you click the file, check the address bar and see if a warning appears on the right hand side. Let me know how you go.

      Regards, Nerissa


  17. Wondering if anyone can help me with where I can order the flip flop bottoms? Deramores doesn’t seem to have them. We call them slippers here in Hawaii. I have found bottoms but without the loops. Please help! I really want to make a pair for my daughter & myself. Thank you……

  18. They are cute. I hope I can make a pair soon. I have to find that type of yarn here in the U.S.. Thanks for your ideal and neat project.

  19. Hou van order de flipflops Ag Search with te name bandajanas 😀

  20. I don’t know if you got my previous post. I love these. Want the pattern. Can send me a link to your PDF file.

  21. Where can you find the thongs with the loops? I want to make some, but I am unsure of where to find these.

  22. Wow, these are so great -love them! Great colour combination too!

  23. Okay those look great. Now I just wish I had sandal feet. Any thongs I wear go flying if I take two steps quickly…

    Those look like they’d be great for any activity with the kids though! Maybe make some for them?

    • They would be brilliant for kids to make, I think kid sizes are coming soon!

      I know what you mean about sandal feet. Sometimes you have to really train your toes to hang on for dear life!

  24. Those are too pretty! I’m gonna make myself a pair – on the list this goes 🙂

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