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Peek-a-Boo Button Wrap Video Tutorial, by It’s All in a Nutshell

I am SO excited to be able to bring this video tutorial to you!  When I first created the Peek-a-Boo Button Wrap I thought: I should make a video for this, but well, I talk a bit fast (thanks nerves) and I don’t have a video camera, so I didn’t.

But when the opportunity arose for Esther from It’s all in a Nutshell to do this for me I grabbed it!  Of course you would know Esther if you use videos with crochet, she’s the voice behind the Sophie’s Universe videos and the recent Flight of Fancy CAL videos.  Quite a pedigree, wouldn’t you agree?

Esther published the video today, and you can view it here:

There are also some insanely good tips and tricks on Esther’s site – tips that hadn’t even occurred to me, including her “No More Mistakes” chart here:

It's all in a nutshell

In the video Esther used Scheepjes Bloom which is a comparable weight to the Stone Washed XL and a great summer alternative.

Thanks so much for doing this for me Esther, I am grateful beyond words!

Be sure to check out all of Esther’s fabulous posts and videos, she has the coolest tutorial voice ever!

You can find my original pattern here, and the Dutch version here.  Enjoy!


Bloom Flip Flops Free Pattern

Being Australian Flip Flops are my national footwear.  Except, we don’t call them “flip flops” in Australia, but instead their real, actual scientific name – Thongs.

Back when I lived in Alice Springs I had thongs for every occasion.  I had going out thongs, nipping to the shops thongs, doing the gardening thongs, masseur thongs, beach thongs. Remember that scene from Forrest Gump where Bubba mentions all the different types of shrimp (which are actually prawns, btw)?  Well that’s me and thongs.

However, it’s taken me until now to actually make a pair for myself, and they’re crackers!Bloom Flip Flops, free pattern using Scheepjes BloomAnd not only did I make myself a pair, I created a pattern for them too!

You can check out the fast photo tutorial on Instagram here:

I created a handy PDF pattern as well, with step by step instructions and loads of photos.  Click the heading below:

Bloom Flip Flops

I used Scheepjes Bloom for the design, which is a great woven worsted weight yarn, and is slightly mercerised.  It’s just perfect for this sort of project.  It won’t discolour, and nor will it break easily.  Plus it’s available in about a million colours. (Well, almost 60.  Australians are also prone to exaggeration.)

You can pick up Scheepjes Bloom at any Scheepjes retailer, Caro’s Atelier* in NL or Wool WarehouseDeramores* internationally.

You can pick up the Scheepjes Flip Flop soles at Deramores* too.

One great retailer in NL is Pera and Pasha (and they stock the Bloom too, so two birds, one stone!).

Now, which occasion do you think I should use these for?  Picking up the kids thongs?Bloom Flip Flops, free pattern using Scheepjes BloomBloom Flip Flops, free pattern using Scheepjes Bloom

*Affiliate links.

Scheepjes Bloom Green Gate Inspired Poncho

I’ve had this beautiful selection of Scheepjes Bloom for a couple of months now, but haven’t had any ideas as to what I should do with it.  The colours are so vibrant, and there are so many, I honestly felt a little overwhelmed.  I mean, look at this colour selection:

Scheepjes Bloom Colour Selection

It wasn’t until this week that I was doing a bit of Facebook browsing of an evening when I saw this gorgeous poncho WIP by Meet Me At Mikes and realised that I had found the perfect project for my Bloom.  The only problem was, I didn’t have enough of one colour to be able to recreate this one exactly and nor did I have the patience to wait for yarn to arrive if I was to order it, so I thought I would do a bit of browsing for something similar and came across this fabulous poncho design by Sewchet.  And even better, it had a free tutorial!

It’s a really cool design, and although I didn’t follow the pattern to the letter, the idea is essentially the same.

Green Gate inspired poncho made with Scheepjes BloomAnd then of course I had to block it, which while absolutely necessary, is the most tortuous stage of any project.  The waiting, and waiting and waiting drives me bonkers!

But the wait was totally worth it.  My daughter is seriously irresistible in her new poncho.

Green Gate inspired poncho made with Scheepjes Bloom Green Gate inspired poncho made with Scheepjes Bloom Green Gate inspired poncho made with Scheepjes Bloom

I’m still lusting after the vibrant colours of Meet Me At Mike’s poncho, and I reckon if I dig through my stash I’ll be able to find the yarn.  But first I need to finish about six other projects. As usual!

What’s on your hook?