A Tech Tip on Tuesday

I’ve discovered that you love little tips, tricks and hacks almost as much as you love crochet and yarn, and honestly, who doesn’t?  I certainly love little helpful snippets that make my life easier, or just more fun and today I have a little Instagram tip that I use a LOT!

It’s how to make sure you never miss a post from an Instagrammer that you love!  Now, I follow around 500 people on Instagram, and I think it’s a manageable amount.  But, sometimes life gets a bit busy, so  I don’t always have time to check Instagram my preferred thirty times a day.  When that happens some of my favourites get buried in my feed, and I miss important posts. (Like when Maike from CreJJtion announced she had had her baby.  Totally missed it!)

I also know that some people like to limit their feed to certain numbers of people, like say, 300.  And if someone is very interesting and they want to follow them, somebody in the existing 300 gets the chop.  I get that, but I don’t want to miss any beautiful photos, so instead I just prioritise them.

Here’s how:

On my iPhone (this hack is for iPhone – I’m not sure if Android or Windows Phone work the same here or not, sorry), I choose the person or account that I never want to miss a post from and touch the three little buttons on the top right of the screen.  (Do you follow @craftastherapy? You should!)

Activate post notifications for Instagram

That will then lead you to the following screen, where you choose Turn on Post Notifications: 

Activate post notifications for Instagram

Then, whenever your selected IGer posts a new photo, you’ll receive an alert, depending on your device’s notification settings of course.  Here’s an example of @craftsfromthecwtch:

Activate post notifications for Instagram

Don’t forget to activate your post notifications for Miss__Neriss now, will you 😉

Do you like these tips?  Would you like more?  Tell me what you want to learn about and I’ll see what I can come up with.

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2 responses to “A Tech Tip on Tuesday

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  2. yes, thank you ! You rock 🙂

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