Ta-Da! It’s the Still Nameless Tapestry Stool!

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this one! Tapestry crochet stool by missneriss tapestry crochet stool cover | Tapestry haken krukje FREE pattern by missneriss  Tapestry crochet stool by missneriss

I just wish I had a name for it?  Can you help?

I bought this little stool at Action a few weeks ago with the sole purpose of crocheting a cover for it.  Here’s what it looked like before:

krukje, koop bij action.nlNot to my taste at all.  I love the look of the legs, but the brown faux-leather, not so much.

I ordered the Catona Denim yarn from Scheepjes as it was a yarn that I hadn’t used before, but I love the colour selection and so had been waiting for an excuse to try it out.

I really enjoyed the challenge of working on a tapestry crochet project, and I think this one worked out beautifully.  My daughter also loves it, here she is “modelling it” for me:

Tapestry crochet stool, modelled by RainaTapestry crochet stool, modelled by RainaTapestry crochet stool, modelled by Raina

The really great news is that I’ve finished writing the pattern, and I’m busy proofing it, and then I’m going to translate it into Dutch! OMG wish me luck, this one is going to be the challenge to end all challenges!  It won’t take too long, I hope…

Oh, and please help me come up with a name for this little stool, I’m scratching my head over it still!

What do you think?  Will you make one of these?  I’d love it if you did!

23 responses to “Ta-Da! It’s the Still Nameless Tapestry Stool!

  1. Deborah Hart-Curtis

    I immediately thought Sun/Sunflower and the lower portion reminds me of mountains. And, the sun/sunflower meets the mountains. So, how about Sunflower-Kissed Mountains.

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  3. The stool has a country, southwestern style to it.
    Maybe you should name it, the Southwest country stool?
    That’s a long name.

  4. It reminds me of the circus!

  5. Love it! What about this name: Sunny side up stool

  6. Danielle Borst-Simonis

    I really love this cover and would like to make one! Sunflower popped in my head when I saw the picture. Good luck with the translation in Dutch!
    Ik wil heel graag deze cover maken! Zonnebloem was het eerst waar ik aandacht. Succes met de vertaling in het Nederlands!

  7. I immediately thought of the Little Miss Muffett nursery rhyme so how about the Muffett top? I wasn’t sure if you could legally use Miss Muffett or not.

  8. Gaaf krukje zo! Succes met de vertaling!

  9. Would love the pattern!

  10. jeanine perkins

    I see a sunflower – but I see sunflower in everything (I’m obsessed) – it is a beautiful pattern and the stool turned out so nice!! As for a name, well……..how about pastel posy stool cover???

  11. To me it looks something like a blooming Lotus. maybe you can name it so? 🙂

  12. Very (very!) beautiful stool cover. Great job!! 🙂

  13. It is beautifull! What do you think of ‘sugar coated stool’?

  14. It is super-cute! My little miss would love one of those…. I will have to start looking for a cute stool in the charity shops.

  15. the pattern resembles a sunflower ( not colour-wise, just the pattern), so sunflower-stool? or in Dutch zonnebloemkrukje?

  16. Leo en Geerke Muijs

    Hi Nerissa,

    Als je vragen hebt over je vertaling: ik weet niets over haak steken maar kan wel beoordelen of de taal goed loopt en of er geen fouten in staan. Als je daar iets aan hebt?


    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

    > Op 30 sep. 2015 om 07:01 heeft MissNeriss het volgende geschreven: > > >

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