Last Dance on the Beach – Week 12

Here we are.  It’s the last square in the Scheepjes CAL 2016.  How did you go with Annelies’ square?  I have to confess: I haven’t started it yet!  The week has just fallen through my fingers.

Week 12 brings us to Tammy’s square.  This is one of the most beautiful designs of them all.  It’s a challenging one, but worth the effort. I am also perhaps a little biased as Tammy is one of my dearest friends.  But I know a great design when I see one!

Tammy has made some astonishing projects in the past, and this year released her first knit design, the Mira River Wrap.

Tammy from Canadutch

Last Dance on the Beach CAL - week 12 by Tammy Canavan Soldaat

Click here to download the pattern from the Scheepjes website.  As usual, Esther has created a fantastic series of videos in English, Dutch and for us lefties.To help you with your gauge and tension, visit the Tips and Tricks document at the CAL home page, plus a great video, again by Esther here.


Do make sure you share your squares on social media so we can all see and comment on them.  Use hashtag#scheepjesCAL2016 or #lastdanceonthebeach all over the internet and I’ll be sure to find them on Insta or Twitter or Facebook.


What do you think?

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