Two Little Dickie Birds – finger puppets

Two little dickie birds sitting on a wall, one named Peter, one named Paul. Fly away Peter, fly away Paul. Come back Peter, come back Paul. – nursery rhyme

Dickie Bird finger crochet pattern, toddler and adult fingers on

This is a rhyme that my daughter and I say together every night. I’m not sure where it came from, but all of a sudden she’s mad about all the old nursery rhymes I heard as a child. It’s amazing what comes back to you when you’re operating on almost zero sleep…

Dickie Bird finger crochet pattern, toddler and adult fingers on
I thought it was a bit boring only playing with our fingers, so I thought it would be cool to crochet a couple of Dickie birds and surprise her at bed time last night.

Dickie Bird finger crochet pattern, toddler and adult fingers on

Huge hit! She loved them. So much so that I had to make some toddler size ones too!

Of course I had to write down the pattern and share it with you, so here you go.

Two Little Dickie Birds

What you’ll need:
4ply cotton yarn in two colours plus black and yellow*. I used a combination of Phildar coton 3 and Linie 163 because that was what was in my stash.
A 3mm hook
Fabric glue
Tapestry needle

Adult size

1: 6SC Into a magic ring
2: INC x 6 = 12 stitches
3-6: 12SC = 12 stitches
7: (INC, 3SC) x 3 = 15
8: 15SC = 15 stitches
9: (INC, 4SC) x 3 = 18 stitches
10-13: 18SC = 18 stitches

Making the face:

Before increasing at row 7, make the face. Cross-stitch the eyes using black yarn into row 4, with 3 stitches in between.
Attach the yellow yarn to row 5, between the eyes. Chain 3, slip stitch into the same stitch, tie off.

Wings (make two):

1: 6SC into a magic ring
2: (INC x 3), HDC, HDC and picot into the same HDC, HDC, SC, slip stitch and tie off. Hide all the ends and glue the wings to the sides of the body.

Toddler size

1: 6SC Into a magic ring
2: INC x 6 = 12 stitches
3-6: 12SC = 12 stitches
7: (INC, 3SC) x 3 = 15
8-10: 15SC = 15 stitches

Repeat face and wing instructions from the adult size.


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15 responses to “Two Little Dickie Birds – finger puppets

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  5. Peggy Maguire

    Thankya thankya very muuchhh for the pattern it was fun and easy .T.C.B.😄

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  7. peaceofcaake

    Hi, I’m really confused about the beak part.. How do I attach a yarn to row five and chain/slip from there? Sorry I’m a beginner so I can’t work around this.. I’m trying to make this for my friend’s toddler, would appreciate if anyone can help with this! Thanks!!

  8. creativelylani

    Thank you for this pattern..these are absolutely darling. I really appreciate the way you suggested putting in the eyes and beak before you get too far. Most people don’t mention it until afterwards when it is Way more difficult to add in that tiny space. That’s a great idea. I put my website down but it’s not quite open yet. Thank you for your inspiration and your gift of the pattern. I made it for my grandson. He will love it. Thank you again,

  9. hola me llamo Mª Angeles me a gustado mucho los pollitos pero tengo un problema y es que no entiendo de la manera q esta explicado q doy porecho q esta bien pero yo no lo entiendo si heres tan amable y me lo puede esxplicarlo de otra te lo agradecere

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  11. I wish you sold these-my daughter would love them!

  12. Thank you so much for the birdie finger puppets,they were a big hit with all three of my granddaughters, and now all their friends want them as well

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