Move over Kim Kardashian, I’m in Simply Crochet!

Actually, I’m quite surprised I didn’t have to google how to spell Kardashian.  But then, some things are so ingrained in pop culture we learn by osmosis.

Anyway, Simply Crochet!

In the current issue of Simply Crochet magazine, there is an entire feature on the amazing Last Dance on the Beach CAL that I contributed to earlier this year.

Last Dance on the Beach feature in Simply Crochet issue 49.

If you’re not familiar with the CAL, my friend Marinke was in the process of designing a CAL for Scheepjes when she passed away in 2015, and so twelve designers (and friends) banded together to finish what she started.  The result was the Last Dance on the Beach CAL, with each week’s square created by a different designer, based on their own individual experience and inspiration.


Simply Crochet contributor Judy Darley has written a beautiful feature about the journey that the designers have been on during this CAL, and how Wink had impacted our lives through friendship and design.

Last Dance on the Beach feature in Simply Crochet issue 49.

I designed the square for week 5 of the CAL, taking my inspiration from the footprints that birds leave in the wet sand while they’re foraging for worms or snails left behind as the tide goes out.

Footprints in the Sand, image by Katharina Schuetz sourced from Dance on the Beach feature in Simply Crochet issue 49.

For the project, I came up with my own stitch, calling it the Seagull Stitch.  It’s a variation of the spike stitch, creating the shape of footprints.  I created a little video tutorial (for lefties) here:

It has been such a privilege to be involved in this project.  Marinke affected so many of us, in her crochet and even more so as herself.  It’s not too late to join the CAL either.  You can download all of the instructions here.

Issue 49 of Simply Crochet is available now, and image credits for the snapshot of Wink and the title, plus the extract of a quote from me are from Simply Crochet.



3 responses to “Move over Kim Kardashian, I’m in Simply Crochet!

  1. Thank you for doing this for Wink ♡ I am sure she would have loved it!
    It leaves us with this beautiful memorial blanket to keep us warm when we miss her.
    Her proud mom.

  2. You go girl! Well deserved & love your design 😀

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